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Hulbert named interim associate dean of research at WSU

Scot Hulbert recently took over as interim associate dean of research and director of the Agriculture Research Cener at Washington State University. Hulbert says his priorities include working with incoming agriculture college dean Andre-Denis Wright and serving farmer interests.
Matthew Weaver

Capital Press

Published on May 15, 2018 10:26AM

Last changed on May 15, 2018 12:11PM

Scot Hulbert


Scot Hulbert

Scot Hulbert, a professor of plant pathology, is the new interim associate dean of research in Washington State University’s agriculture college.

Hulbert takes over from Jim Moyer, who retired the week of April 30.

Hulbert will be in the interim position for a year, he said.

His top priority is helping Andre-Denis Wright, the new College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences dean, come on board, Hulbert said. Wright begins June 1.

“We have to help him get up to speed and he has to decide how he wants to manage the college and utilize his associate deans,” Hulbert said. “We’re looking forward to making a long-term plan with him.”

The department is also working on building a new USDA Agricultural Research Service building, initiatives for research prioritization and research funding.

Hulbert said he would like to visit with industry members as much as possible. He’s been focused on cereals and been a department chairman for plant pathology, but would like to connect with tree fruit, vegetable, livestock and other producers.

Hulbert welcomes feedback from farmers about research priorities.

“We’d like to be in sync with what they need and what we think we can provide and what we can get funding for,” he said. “Our long-term plan is to serve the industry as best we can and focus on areas where we can have an impact.”

Hulbert said he’d be open to extending the position beyond one year.

He hopes to continue Moyer’s approach, spending time with industries and maximizing federal research grants on cutting-edge projects.

“I thought he had a pretty big impact and I liked the way he got out and understood Washington agriculture,” Hulbert said. “I think that’s a pretty good model for how I’d like to work.”

Hulbert joined WSU in July 2006 as the R. James Cook Endowed Chair in Cropping Systems Pathology.


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