Oregon seed keeps World Cup soccer fields green

DFL Pickseed growers in Oregon and Manitoba, Canada, grew the grass seed used on the World Cup fields in Brazil.

By Rob Manning

Oregon Public Broadcasting

Published on July 9, 2014 8:50AM

The world’s largest grass seed company — DLF Pickseed — says that Oregon growers are largely to thank for supplying the World Cup fields with 300,000 pounds of seed.

Pickseed growers in Manitoba, Canada, also claim some of the seed used in Brazil came from there.

“The majority of the seed would’ve been here from Oregon for sure,” said Richard Meyers, vice president of professional turf and retail, based in Halsey, Ore.

Meyers said Canada’s contribution to World Cup grass may have been limited to particular varieties.

“If there was something that was from up there, it probably would’ve been something along the lines of one of the rye grasses that we had to produce up in Canada, that was based out of the United States as far as where we produced the varieties and everything,” he said.

Meyers added that the North American rye grass augments a base of Bermuda grass, to protect against cooler temperatures.


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