Letter: Carbon tax only politically correct politics

My advice is that we be cautious before we do a carbon tax.

Published on January 24, 2018 6:06PM

Farmers are always concerned about the weather, so it is proper for the Capital Press to have weather news. The recent push by Oregon and Washington to tax carbon to slow down the effects of “Global Warming,” excuse me, “Climate Change” is a clear case of politically correct politics.

I remember when scientists warned us about “Global Cooling.” Why do the advocates of global warming start their graphs after 1965? Earlier weather history indicates that warming and cooling periods are normal while carbon continually rises. Our present experience is not abnormal!

Those advocating global warming point out that 2016 and 2017 are the warmest years on record. But closer examination shows those two years hardly outdo 1997 through 1999. Now we hear that 2017 is cooler than 2016! From 1999 till 2015 there was a “pause” in the rise of global temperatures, so the recent two years of higher temperatures don’t prove “global warming.” Recent scientific studies have scaled back the alarmist warming scenarios of the past.

But that does not hinder the politicians in Oregon and Washington from pushing a carbon tax. For the politician that is anxious to find more money, this carbon tax is wonderful! But the question is, how much will it reduce “global warming?” And what happens if the next couple of years there is “global cooling?” Are they going to drop the carbon tax? Ha!

So my advice is that we be cautious before we do a carbon tax. Why not wait a few years to truly establish a pattern of “global warming?” If the carbon goes up while at the same time the temperatures remain constant or go down, then why the carbon tax? Patience at this time could save us lots of trouble.

Finally, I want to say that I am in favor of “global warming” because I ride motorcycles!

Bruce Einspahr

Burbank, Wash.


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