Thanks to all you environmentalists...

No one will tell you what the total cost is for this disaster.

Published on October 10, 2017 2:39PM

...For burning up our forests rather than log, or graze and the Forest Service for total mismanagement of our forests! No chainsaws, no road maintenance, no clearing of trails, no spraying for pine beetles or bud worm and now they do not even fight the fires as they will not endanger firefighters if it is too dangerous!

Why do we even need these people? Even the Indians log and graze and they shoot wolves on their reservation. We now have a clean air authority to fine us if we use a fireplace or a burn barrel or a wood burning stove, but they can have a forest fire and then if you want to harvest wood, you have to have a permit and cut where they tell you to.

The environmentalists love wolves and grizzlies! However, they do not want them in their backyard. You have to live in the city for that to make any sense.

No one will tell you what the total cost is for this disaster. Such as hiring a helicopter to shoot wolves, as well as the manpower to handle this project and the extra costs to the rancher plus loss of income.

Why do we not hear of Weyerhaeuser burning up their forests? When the enviros or the government are going to help you, you should ask what is your track record? You could also ask a deer or an elk, would you prefer to die with a bullet, or would you prefer to be eaten alive piece by piece by wolves?

Don Young

Sunnyside, Wash.


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