Government out of control

Government has gotten too big and powerful, writer says.

Published on July 25, 2014 11:38AM

Your July 11 Capital Press commented on several issues, like “Trust, but verify,” “Agriculture must stick together,” “Why we’re singing ‘That’s Enough’ on EPA’s water rule” and “Group protects property rights.”

It appears (to be) a slow awakening to the fact we have allowed government to get too big.

Some are aware of Agenda 21, which is part of the 2000 U.N. millenium development goal to implement a one world government under its control. They have and are implementing Agenda 21 with our government’s help.

This group is composed of the world’s elite and powerful, CEOs, bankers and many in our own government plus corporations like Monsanto that are pushing their GMOs with life and environmental effects. ...

You find the Environmental Protection Agency and other unnecessary departments implementing laws and rules that eventually cause loss of property ownership. Constitutionally, Congress should be the lawmakers, but these departments are making and enforcing these laws and we, through the years, have accepted this rather than using the law of the land and telling them to ship out.

Through the years they are preventing us from making a living off the land and confiscating it, and so much more.

Many years ago, the Oregonians in Action group held a public meeting showing how these and other departments were implementing rules and laws to get us off the land, into cities and high-rise buildings so they could get control of our every move.

If we don’t fight for our rights, hold our government and legislators accountable or remove them from office, we will be destroyed. There will be no America without freedom.

How many realize that it is your hard earned money that is keeping our nation afloat, pays the salaries of all the officials and yet we allow them to ignore us.

If you don’t have a copy of the Constitution, get it, read it and use it. Start with demanding to cut off all funds to the U.N. and get out of it, abolish the unconstitutional Federal Reserve and their collection agency, the IRS.

It’s up to all of us to stand up and fight for our rights and freedoms for which our forefathers gave up their lives to achieve for us.

Are we patriots defending our country and rights? Or are we so brainwashed with political correctness that we allow them to put a chain around our neck and ball and chain on our leg?

What say ye? Research and stand up.

Mrs. M.A. Novak

Yamhill, Ore.


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