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Heavier loads can make trucks less safe

Allowing heavier loads makes trucks less safe, letter writer argues.

Published on May 29, 2014 8:13AM

Sorry to read Idaho is considering increasing the maximum truck weights, and what is especially troubling is the published comment by Rep. Mike Simpson, R-Idaho, that states it would transfer goods “without impacting safety.”

If Mr. Simpson was knowledgeable about tractor trailer stability he would not include safety to promote increased weight limits. Increasing weight limits of tractor trailers will elevate the center of gravity and create a more unstable and prone to rollover combination vehicle at lower change-of-direction speeds, and they are not always the driver’s fault.

The only benefit for increasing weight limits for tractor trailers is payload profitability. It is a well-researched fact: tractor trailer rollovers are the No. 1 killer of tractor occupants throughout the country. That includes men, women and children.

I hope you provide your readers the other side of this truck weight increase issue that will create a more unstable and unsafe combination vehicle for the tractor’s occupants as well as for those that travel the road with it.

I’ll ask you to share with your readers my research submission to the Transportation Research Board at www.deformablekingpin.com that is intended to mitigate the destruction, harm and deaths when tractor trailer rollover accidents are imminent.

Donald Kaleta

Rome, Ohio


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