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EPA misuse of credit cards shameful

Reader says she's "ashamed" of how EPA officials misused charge cards.

Published on May 8, 2014 12:41PM

I was disheartened and ashamed when I read the article entitled, “EPA charge cards misused, auditors say.” These are EPA employees that are of high enough rank to be allowed a credit card that are abusing the privilege of having one. These are people that are trusted to carry out environmental regulation. We all know that plenty of training was received regarding what was a legitimate work-related expense.

These folks already get generous travel funds, payment for nice lodging, often much more expensive than they would use were their own funds involved. They receive a hefty per diem for meals — I’m guessing $50-$100 a day — reimbursement of travel expenses such as 55 cents a mile when using their own vehicles.

This has been going on since 2008 and the EPA officials still have not enforced their own policies. I guess when you have a president that takes 900 individuals — can you believe this? — with him to world gatherings then anything goes. Why not? The boss is flagrantly abusing his power to bring an obviously overabundance of staff on lavish trips at the taxpayers’ expense. Why should we toe the line?

How can we trust individuals that purchase gym memberships, etc., which we all know they knew was inappropriate, to ensure the EPA’s policies are fairly adhered to? I’m so tired of a bloated government spending our tax dollars in a careless manner. Every time I pay my taxes — I love being taxed on what I make and then on what I spend — I feel sick knowing it won’t be handled in the manner I handle my own expenses.

Vicki Shidell

Benicia, Calif.


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