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WTO panel rules COOL detrimental to Canada, Mexico

A WTO compliance panel on Monday ruled an amended U.S. country of origin labeling measure has a detrimental impact on imported Canadian and Mexican livestock. More

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Carlton fire victims file claims

Landowners who lost homes and property last summer in Washington's largest wildfire have filed claims against the state alleging negligence. More


Idaho second in West for net farm income

Idaho ranked second in the West, behind California, for total net farm income in 2012, and outpaced No. 3 Washington despite trailing that state in... More


Crisis group addresses Idaho grain losses

A crisis response group convened by Idaho's Speaker of the House is trying to find ways to help growers in Southern Idaho deal with the huge losses... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Irrigators, state launch water improvements

The Methow Valley Irrigation District and Washington Department of Ecology are improving river flows for fish and the district and town of Twisp are more certain of water with a project that ends years of disputes. More

New guidelines aim to prevent bee die-offs

An industry group has suggested best-management practices to protect bees from pesticides during the almond blossom. Bee experts are lauding the effort, which follows a massive bee die-off at the end of the bloom earlier this year. More

Study predicts damage of Idaho water call

University of Idaho researchers have analyzed how a water call by the Rangen, Inc., trout farm in Idaho's Magic Valley would influence the economy if curtailment were implemented. More

Idaho Wheat Commission faces revenue cut

Losses to Idaho wheat and barley production caused by heavy August rains will have a significant impact on the budgets of the state's grain commissions. More

Even normal rain won’t end Calif. drought, expert says

California will likely remain in a drought this winter even if most areas receive normal rainfall, according to an expert from the federal Climate Prediction Center. The center issued its annual winter outlook, which predicts warmer weather throughout the West and less winter rain than normal in... More

Commodity groups turn to science to help shape federal nutrition policy

To help shape the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, U.S. commodity groups consider it a top priority to promote and advance science demonstrating the health attributes of their crops and products. More

$7.5 billion question faces California water users

Under California's proposed $7.5 billion water bond, it could take years before growers see any water from new storage projects, if they ever do. But farm groups say the measure would still provide a boost to existing water supplies. More

Onion growers grapple with proposed produce rule

Oregon State University researchers have started new trials designed to help onion growers meet minimum standards for bacteria levels in irrigation water contained in the FDA's proposed produce safety rule. More

Oregon wolf count could trigger delisting process

Look for stormy public hearings if Oregon considers removing wolves from the state endangered species list in 2015. More

Washington game managers criticized for wolf shooting

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a meeting in a Seattle suburb and heard the shooting of a wolf to protect sheep criticized. More

Apple Commission reps wary of GMO apples

Genetically modified Canadian apples may soon be approved by the USDA and Food and Drug Administration for production and sales in the U.S. Overseas promoters of Washington apples say that will make their jobs more difficult. More

Jewell: Sage grouse problems not insurmountable

Federal land managers face a deadline as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is under court order to decide next year whether the bird should receive federal protection. Experts told Jewell that wildfire, habitat loss due to development and invasive species are the main threats to sage grouse. More

Cattleman band together against new checkoff

Cattlemen are banding together to fight Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack's intention to resolve a stalemeate in the beef industry over amending the national beef checkoff by establishing a supplemental, secondary beef checkoff under a 1996 generic promotion act. More

Opponents seek to overturn Missouri right to farm

The legal challenge hinges on the ballot description presented to voters about Constitutional Amendment 1. More

Whole Foods to roll out rankings for produce

Whole Foods said suppliers will submit compliance information through an internal website. If the applications raise any red flags, the company may ask for more documentation or perform on-site audits. More

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