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Rain ends drought in Western Washington, federal monitors say

The U.S. Drought Monitor reports that drought has receded with Western Washington awash in precipitation. More

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ISU facility testing new food-safety technology

A high-tech company based in Atlanta aims to address irridiate food to improve storage life, reduce pathogens and control pests, conducting its... More


Idaho’s wine industry receives second AVA designation

Idaho's wine industry has received its second American Viticultural Area designation. An AVA is a federally designated wine grape growing region that... More


Eleven months later, U.S. finally free of bird flu

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has informed the world that America has purged itself of bird flu. Meanwhile, the USDA stockpiles vaccine in case... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Beef, long tops in Malheur County, now No. 1 in Oregon

Ranchers running cow-calf pairs have done well recently because there have been fewer animals on the market. More

daho officials OK implementation of sage grouse plan

The Idaho Land Board voted 5-0 to have the Idaho Department of Lands move forward with actions set out in the 82-page Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan. More

Washington project ensures forest stores carbon for decades

For every metric ton of carbon dioxide that the forest stores, project developers can sell a certificate for the same amount to willing buyers. More

Fresh food nutrition on industry’s radar

Crop breeders say they've noticed a trend toward a greater emphasis on developing new varieties with enhanced nutrition in mind. More

EPA nixes approval of new weed killer for genetically engineered crops

Enlist Duo was originally approved a year ago and is designed to be used with new strains of genetically modified corn and soybeans. More

Urban farmers find that success leads to eviction

Urban farms are being evicted from center cities across the nation. More

Deere’s profit tops forecasts even as its sales fall sharply

Deere has been hurt by weak commodity prices, which have made farmers less likely to buy new equipment, and falling oil prices has hurt sales of its construction equipment. More

New wolf pack confirmed in northcentral Washington

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has documented Washington's 17th wolf pack. More

Loan approved for IGWA to purchase trout farm

Idaho groundwater users will have to pay considerably more to the state to buy a trout farm as part of a mitigation plan than they originally budgeted. More

UW study: Climate change good for grapes, not so hot for berries

Climate change may have an upside for Western Washington agriculture, according to a University of Washington study. More

Oregon landowner finds ‘Catch 22’ in federal conservation program

An interpretation of rules governing conservation payments will prove costly to an Oregon producer. More

Bird flu, drought boost tab for Thanksgiving meal 70 cents

This year's traditional Thanksgiving meal at about $50 for 10 people will only cost consumers 70 cents more than last year, and farmers will receive less than 20 percent of those food purchases. More

Washington ecology signals softening on manure rules

Washington Department of Ecology moves away from presuming that clay-lined manure lagoons lead to groundwater pollution. More

Oregon’s water demand to grow by 15 percent by 2050

Oregon's water demand will grow 15 percent by 2050, water regulators project. More

House panel hears ways to finance water projects

House task force hears lots of ways to raise money for irrigation and other water-releated problems. All involve raising or creating taxes and fees. More

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