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Oregonian named Northwest Farm Mom of the Year

A woman from Albany, Ore., has been named Norwest Farm Mom of the Year by Monsanto and American Agri-Women. She is the first Oregonian to win the honor in the award's six-year history. More

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Grant furthers ISU, Simplot drone research

Idaho State University has obtained a sizable grant through the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission to research how to diagnose crop diseases in... More


Oregon farmers stunned to see wolf in Malheur County wheat field

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife officials confirmed that a lone wolf has been hanging around Adrian in Eastern Oregon for more than a week. It... More


Inslee signs farmworker training bill

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee signs bill to set up a training program for farmworkers. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Dozens view first legal UAV ag flight in Southern Idaho

The first legal commercial flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle for agricultural purposes in Southern Idaho took place April 22 at Bitner Vineyards near Caldwell. Representatives of several Idaho farm commodities were on hand for the demonstration. More

Agritourism bill overcomes trial lawyer opposition

Legislation that would reduce the exposure of agritourism operators to lawsuits has passed a key legislative committee in Oregon. More

Craft brewers boost demand for hops

Continued growth of small craft breweries across the country is putting the squeeze on hop growers. They're planting more acres, even in states where it's just been a hobby, but it may not be enough. More

Inslee makes Earth Day pitch for climate change legislation

Gov. Jay Inslee makes Earth Day pitch for climate change legislation. Republicans say it's politically impossible. More

GMO control area proposal dies in Oregon House

Legislation in Oregon to create control areas for increased regulation of GMOs has died in a key House committee. More

FDA provides evidence of milk safety

FDA testing underscores safety of U.S. milk supply, effectiveness of regulatory sytem and high rate of compliance. More

Water managers respond to deepening Yakima Basin drought

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has started drawing down Yakima Basin reservioirs and an irrigation district is rationing water — two signs the drought has taken hold. More

Idaho ag fared well during 2015 legislative session

The 2015 Idaho Legislature was a relatively quiet one for agriculture but the industry fared well on the issues that did surface, according to farm sector leaders. More

Two-job scenario raises conflict concerns

The manager of a state tree fruit research commission pitches himself to faculty he would oversee if he becomes director of the Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center. More

Idaho well users owe large surface call obligation

Groundwater irrigators owe 89,000 acre feet of water by May 1 to satisfy the Surface Water Coalition's call this year. More

Water supply shrinks again in Yakima Basin

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation forecasts that Yakima Basin growers with junior water rights will receive 54 percent of their normal supplies during the irrigation season. More

Almond investors get roasted in debate over California water

The strong Asia market is producing up to 30 percent returns for investors, prompting agri-businesses to expand almond planting in the state by two-thirds in the past decade. More

Forecast bodes well for Southern Idaho

With Idaho irrigators drawing water earlier than ever before, Idaho water managers see hope for relief in a long-term weather forecast that has raised the chances of moisture. More

Owyhee Irrigation District farmers face another tough year

The Owyhee Irrigation District has set the 2015 water allotment for its irrigation customers at 1.5 acre-feet and this year's water supply situation could be as bad and maybe worse than last year. More

Gov. Inslee extends drought declaration

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has expanded the drought emergency declaration to almost half the state. More

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