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After 15 years, ranchers, government defeat anti-grazing lawsuit

An environmentalist lawsuit filed 15 years ago against livestock grazing in Oregon’s Malheur National Forest has been dismissed by a federal judge. More

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NOAA sees warm months ahead for Northwest

La Nina leaving, El Nino may be coming More


Ramaswamy to oversee Northwest colleges, universities

National Institute of Food and Agriculture director Sonny Ramaswamy’s six-year term ends May 5. He will next be president and CEO of the... More


Farm groups divided over House farm bill

Most major farm groups support the House draft of the next farm bill but note needed improvements as the process moves forward. Others, however, are... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Asparagus farmers balance bigger yields, higher costs

Washington asparagus farmers have to balance labor and seed costs with bigger yields and higher prices. The industry won’t feel the effects of paid sick leave until next year, says farmer Gary Larsen, chairman of the state asparagus commission. More

Western Innovator: Understanding cattle genes

UI researchers combine genetics, physiology research on beef cattle More

Wolves’ presence in SW Oregon changes everything for ranchers

Experts say OR54 will probably form a pack and wildlife services would be limited. More

Potato stocks on par with previous year

Potato shrinkage and loss, disappearance are down from a year ago due to a smaller crop. More

Temperature swings throw ‘curveball’ at SW Oregon tree fruit

January’s temperatures were slightly warmer than normal and early February featured eight days of spring-like weather that was followed by a hard freeze. More

High court grills Washington lawyers on tribal treaty rights

Supreme Court tries to pin down what consittutes "substantial degradation" of fish runs More

Snohomish Conservation District honors farmers

Snohomish Conservation District hands out awards More

OSU names new extension cereals scientist

Ryan Graebner will work out of the Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center in Pendleton, Ore. More

Producer targets big-ranch market by using genetics

Widely available genetics data can benefit cattle producers large and small. More

Last call for Willamette Valley canola planting

Canola may be planted in Oregon’s Willamette Valley for the last time under a 500-acre legislative limit that expires next year. The legal territory for the crop remains uncharted in the region beyond 2019. More

Audit faults Forest Service’s marijuana procedures

Unrehabilitated marijuana grow sites in national forests are prone to being reactivated by illicit producers, an audit found. Illicit marijuana production is blamed for depleting waterways and contaminating the environment with pesticides. More

Brown marmorated stink bug reports increase

Washington State University entomologists are receiving increasing reports of brown marmorated stink bugs, mostly from Western Washington. More

Washington farmers get sympathy over elk problem

Washington Fish and Wildlife commissoners sympathize with frustrated Skagit County farmers over elk damage More

Western Innovator: A new market for landrace grains

Palouse Heritage co-founder Don Scheuerman is working to bring ancient grains to urban customers. More

Livestock groups pleased with first draft of farm bill

Beef and pork producers say first-year funding to establish a vaccine bank for foot and mouth disease is a good first step. Dairy producers say the bill improves risk management but more needs to be done. More

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