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Apples to flow between U.S., China

It likely will take time to reach any volume, but greater trade of apples between the U.S. and China is being allowed after years of efforts. More

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West Coast dockworkers union ratifies 5-year contract

Longshoremen have approved a deal with the association representing ports, ending a labor dispute that has hobbled operations at the ports. More


Report calls for investment in ‘Ag of the Middle’

A study by Ecotrust, a Portland non-profit, says a more cohesive regional food system will support middle-size producers. More


Organic farmers, processors struggle to meet demand

The need for additional organic food production is widely recognized, but increasing production on the farm presents significant challenges. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Idaho ranchers report dry range

Idaho's range land conditions are extremely dry in many parts of the state, especially in the vast Arco Desert in Eastern Idaho, prompting many ranchers to leave their spring allotments early. More

Experts: Grocery industry disruption will profit farmers

Food retail is expected to be disrupted to the benefit of producers, experts say. More

Ag school graduates face bright job prospects

The USDA study predicts nearly 58,000 job openings annually through 2020 in food, agriculture, natural resources and environmental fields – and not nearly enough college graduates to fill them. More

Irrigators cope as streamflow forecasts drop

A large irrigation district in Washington's Yakima Valley has started a temporary shut down, is trying to lease water and use emergency wells as summer streamflow forecasts continue to drop. More

Forest thinning could boost Sierra water yields, researchers say

University of California researchers assert that better forest management could increase water yields from the Sierra Nevada by as much as 10 percent. More

Shellfish farmers lick wounds, hire PR help

Oyster and clam growers on Washington's southwest coast weren't ready for hostile public reaction to spaying for burrowing shrimp. More

Dairies, environmentalists settle lawsuit

A long legal battle between three dairies in the Sunnyside, Wash., area and citizen and environmental groups over ground water contamination has ended with a pre-trial settlement. More

Opposition to Oregon canola bill continues in Senate

The controversy over an Oregon canola bill is continuing in the Senate now that the House has passed the legislation. More

Agreement reached to stabilize Snake aquifer

The Surface Water Coalition and groundwater users have come to an agreement that delays potential curtailment under a water call this season while implementing a long-term solution to help stabilize the aquifer. More

Export, import picture helping apple sales

More exports and less imports are helping Washington apple shippers as they are pressed for time to sell the rest of the 2014 crop. More

Extension Service plays a new role

University researchers and extension agents are re-inventing their role within agriculture with limited resources. More

Record low streamflows forecast for parts of Washington

The summer streamflow outlook for Washington state continues to drop, concerning irrigators in the Yakima Basin and other watersheds. More

Oregon farmer named National Farm Mom of the Year

Farming's "Mom of the Year" runs a grass seed, wheat, hazelnut and radish operation in Oregon with her husband and three daughters. More

Researchers study biological controls for stinkbugs, other pests

Researchers are working on targeted biological controls for pests attacking some of the state's most valuable crops. More

Idaho irrigation shortages predicted after dry April

Idaho's water outlook has deteriorated following a dry April, according to the U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service. More

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