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Western Innovator: A laser look at apple skin cells

Loren Honaas has been at the Agricultural Research Service Tree Fruit Rearch Laboratory in Wenatchee, Wash., for one year and is embarking on possibly the first laser dissection of apple skin cells to better understand post-harvest disorders. More

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Cherry growers hear about new varieties

Cherry growers in the Northwest were encouraged at a recent meeting to consider planting new varieties to offer retailers something new. More


Dairy organization petitions for immigration reform

Idaho dairy producers are gathering signatures on a petition to hasten federal legislation for an effective visa program for dairy workers. More


Bob Lindsey recognized as Nut Grower of the Year

nut grower More

This Week's Top Headlines

Researchers program drone to hunt PVY in potatoes

Researchers say they’ve accurately detected potato virus Y using cameras mounted on drones. More

Washington Ecology shakes up dairy regulation

The Washington Department of Ecology's new rules for dairies may provide some protection from lawsuits, but come with uncertain costs More

Spud equipment sales remain steady

Potato equipment manufacturers at the Agricultural Expo in Pocatello have reported continued strong sales, despite a generally poor agricultural economy. More

Ag industry welcomes USDA nomination

Sonny Perdue, Trump’s long-delayed pick to head the USDA, is greeted with favor and no small amount of relief. More

Oregon’s hazelnut boom gains momentum

Enthusiasm for hazelnuts is high due to healthy prices and the availability of new cultivars resistant to eastern filbert blight. More

Idaho Senate committee votes to introduce field burning bill

A bill to amend Idaho’s crop residue burning program to avoid a large reduction in the number of allowable burn days has been printed. More

Election provides fund-raising windfall for environmental organizations

Environmental organizations say money has been rolling in since the election of Donald Trump. More

Trump can scale back monument designations, experts say

Antiquities More

APHIS deregulates Roundup Ready creeping bentgrass

Last month APHIS released a final Environmental Impact Statement that recommended deregulation of the genetically engineered creeping bentgrass because it “is unlikely to pose a plant pest risk....” More

Calif.’s State Water Project increases allocation to 60 percent

The California Department of Water Resources announced that State Water Project contractors will get at least 60 percent of normal supplies, an increase from a 45 percent allocation a month ago. More

Experts: Farm machinery sales to level off after steep drop

farm machinery More

What’s Upstream ramped up spending for 2016 legislative session

EPA records reveal website development costs for What's Upstream More

Washington’s small railroads seek relief from oil-spill rule

Bills introduced to exempt railroads that carry only vegetable oil from spill-response rule More

Cold winter may knock out pests, diseases

A longer stretch of cold temperatures may hold Spotted Wing Drosophila in check on Central Washington cherries this year and may hinder Little Cherry Disease. More

New perennial grain species offers farmers flexibility

Researchers have developed a new perennial grain species, a combination of wheat and wheatgrass. More

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