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Ag groups cheer as appeals court puts hold on WOTUS regs

A panel of the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati put the regulations on hold nationwide until the court decides whether it has jurisdiction to consider lawsuits against them. More

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Commodity groups urge extension of looming rail safety deadline

Several lawmakers and agricultural organizations from the Northwest are advocating for a bill to extend a deadline for railroads to implement safety... More


Groups signal plan to sue feds over effort to save bull trout

The proposal to aid the fish’s recovery violates the Endangered Species Act, the groups Alliance for the Wild Rockies and Friends of the Wild... More


ZomBee Watch helps scientists track honeybee killer

Researchers have more than 100 confirmed cases, most all of them on the West Coast and some isolated cases in Vermont and New York. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Research beefing up steaks, hamburgers with healthy omega-3s

Researchers at Kansas State University have been trying to determine whether the steaks and hamburgers from cattle fattened on algae pass on healthy omega-3 fats. Other producers are feeding flaxseed to cattle to produce omega-3s. More

Idaho ranks No. 2 in West in net farm income, behind California

Idaho ranked No. 2 among the 11 Western states in 2014 for net farm income, behind only California. More

USPB promotion aims to restore Japanese fry demand

The U.S. Potato Board has come up with a plan to restore declining demand for frozen U.S. french fries. More

Judge: EPA can scrap livestock database proposal

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency lawfully scrapped plans for a national database of concentrated animal feeding operations. More

Otto top wheat variety planted in Washington

A relatively new variety of soft white winter wheat tops the list of varieties raised by Washington growers. More

Report: Truck driver shortage getting worse

A recent study by the American Trucking Association shows a national shortage of truck drivers is growing mroe acute. More

Collective vision a different agricultural model

Oregon's small farmers, especially those in or clustered around the Portland area, could change the face of agriculture. In fact, that's what they're hoping. More

California governor wants renewable energy for half state’s power by 2030

State regulators say they already hit 25 percent last year, as huge solar farms sprouted in the desert and towering windmills went up along mountain passes. More

Judge sends Oregon ranchers back to prison

A federal judge in Eugene, Ore., gave the father and son credit for time served but ordered them to serve the remainder of their mandatory five-year sentences for burning BLM rangeland. More

Hemp grower encouraged by cross-pollination experiment

An Oregon hemp grower believes that varietal differences between the industrial crop and marijuana may reduce unwanted cross-pollination. More

Monsanto to eliminate 2,600 jobs following 4Q loss

Monsanto has struggled in recent quarters to deal with slumping corn prices in the U.S., which have reduced demand for its best-selling product: genetically enhanced corn seeds. More

EPA official deflects criticism over new pesticide rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency official in charge of crafting the new pesticide regulations unveiled Sept. 28 deflected criticism over the agency's perceived cozy relations with the advocacy groups that were pushing for the rules. More

Biotech developers may have duty to prevent export disruptions

Biotech developers may have a duty to prevent export disruptions from GMO crops, even if the products are approved by USDA, according to a court ruling. More

Idaho reports variable Burbank quality

Idaho potato industry sources say there's a high degree of variability in the quality of the state's Russet Burbank crop this season. More

WSDA studies how to keep waste from spreading apple maggots

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has hired three experts to study how to keep organic waste from spoiling the state's $2 billion apple industry. More

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