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Tight supply to bolster soft white wheat prices

Wheat marketing experts say tight soft white wheat supplies will keep prices in the $7 per bushel range, then possibly increase in the spring. More

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Beef supply to tighten in 2015, while general protein supply rises

A beef analyst predicts beef supply will be tighter next year, but increased pork and poultry production will lead to an overall increase in animal... More


New water rule raises property-rights concerns

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency begins examining the more than 13,000 comments on its proposed "Waters of the U.S." rule, some landowners... More


Idaho wolf depredation down

Wolf predation of livestock is down for a second consecutive year in Idaho. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Wet December on tap for California

Californians can expect a wetter-than-normal December throughout the state, according to the National Weather Service. After that, weak El Nino conditions are expected to boost precipitation south of Sacramento. More

U.S. dairy exports slow significantly in third quarter

U.S. dairy exports slowed significantly during the third quarter of 2014 compared to the first half of the year and they are expected to slow even more during the fourth quarter. However, global dairy demand remains strong and U.S. cheese exports are still a bright spot for the industry. More

New GMO potato avoids USDA regulation

A new potato that's engineered with gene deletion doesn't have to be regulated by USDA. More

Port slow downs bite apple industry

Already reeling from low prices due to oversupply, the Washington apple industry now is losing important overseas sales due to the longshoremen's union work slow down. More

Farms fight DOL bid to broaden ‘hot goods’ case

A federal judge is scheduled to hear oral arguments on Jan. 13, 2015, about whether U.S. Department of Labor can expand its allegations of "hot goods" labor law violations against Oregon blueberry farms. More

Celebrated weatherman: Dry winter, wet spring

Weatherman Art Douglas, a popular speaker at the Spokane Ag Expo each year, says El Nino may have a dry winter but a wet spring in store for farmers in the West, and may help California farmers facing drought. More

Fruit growers to renew Parma research funding

A coalition of groups representing fruit growers in Idaho will renew a five-year agreement with the University of Idaho that will provide UI's Parma research station $30,000 a year. The money has helped the station continue its fruit orchard trials. More

Opinions differ on impacts of sage grouse deals

It's unclear whether voluntary conservation agreements signed by farmers and rancher will keep the greater sage grouse from being listed as threatend or endangered. More

Calif. navel oranges small but flavorful

As the holiday season approaches, navel oranges from California are smaller than usual because of the drought. But their sugar contents and utilization rates are high, industry insiders say. More

Farm labor keeps tightening, industry says

It's hard to get a real handle on it, but agricultural labor sources say the shortage of farmworkers, particularly seasonal, continues to worsen. A big part of it, they say, is people leaving fields for more appealing work. More

County attorney changes mind on forcing public access

The Bannock County Commission has once again tabled a vote to forcibly validate a public access to national forest land across private property, including a farm. More

GOP must act on immigration, Nassif says

A leader in negotiating the agricultural portion of the 2013 Senate immigration bill says Congress must reassert its constitutional authority to make and pass immigration reform. More

Recount likely on Oregon GMO labeling measure

With a margin of less than 1,500 votes, it appears an automatic recount is likely in the campaign over Measure 92, a ballot initiative that would require labeling of many genetically modified foods sold in grocery stores. "No" votes still lead "yes" votes as election officials count contested... More

Washington agriculture exports rise again

Washington agricultural exports rose for a fourth-straight quarter over the previous year, the state's Economic and Revenue Forecast Council reports. More

President could act in event of port shutdown

In the event of a container terminal lockout, President Barack Obama can order ports to re-open. More

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