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Outlook murky for port productivity proposals

Doubts have been cast on the outlook of federal legislation intended to prevent port work slowdowns. More

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Opportunity knocks for U.S. dairy exports

The world will need an additional 45 billion pounds of milk by 2020, offering a lot of opportunity for U.S. exporters. Consistency and the ability to... More


Cranberry harvest hinges on fall rain

Washington cranberry growers are enjoying the sunshine, but keepin their fingers crossed that rain is coming. More


USDA expects to pay farmers $191 million for birds lost to flu

Of the 211 U.S. commercial poultry barns affected by the bird flu, 90 have been cleaned and disinfected and nearly 70 are ready to bring in new birds. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Program aims to retain flood irrigation

A grant aims to help producers in important wildlife areas in Idaho improve their flood-irrigaiton systems to benefit habitat. More

Calif. navel orange production meets expectations

Navel orange production in California finished the 2014-15 season at close to the 79 million cartons predicted in the National Agricultural Statistics Service's revised estimate. More

Washington agriculture weighs impacts of piece-rate court ruling

Washington's tree fruit industry and other labor-intensive agriculture are grappling with a state Supreme Court ruling requiring piece-rate workers be paid separately for rest breaks. The industry fears civil litigation may make it retroactive, costing millions of dollars. More

More wildfires, less area burned in California

So far this year, state firefighters have responded to nearly 3,900 blazes — a 41 percent increase from the same period last year. The fires have burned 28 percent less area than last year. More

Worldwide strengthening El Nino giveth and taketh away

Every few years, the winds shift and the water in the Pacific Ocean gets warmer than usual. That water sloshes back and forth around the equator in the Pacific, interacts with the winds above and then changes weather worldwide. More

Egg industry struggles to recover from bird flu

Egg prices continue to rise as industry tries to recover from bird flu epidemic. More

Mid-year cattle inventory confirms expansion

USDA's July 1 cattle inventory report verifies beef herd expansion with increases in beef cow and heifer repplacement numbers. More

Pheasant hunting as a successful ranch enterprise

Columnist Doug Warnock discusses the latest topics in ranch management. More

Committee mulling PCN program alternatives

An Idaho State Department of Agriculture pale cyst nematode advisory committee is mulling eight options to change its current program to erradicate the regulated pest. More

Late blight continues to spread in S. Idaho

Late blight has been discovered in three potato fields in Idaho's Minidoka County and may be widespread in that area, according to crop expert Jeff Miller. More

Scavenger hunt teaches kids the source of their food

At the Canyon County fair in Idaho, children learn about agriculture by collecting the ingredients for their breakfast. More

Co-op’s huge riverside terminal handles wheat harvest

The McNary terminal, located just above McNary Dam in the Port of Umatilla, allows the co-op to blend different varieties of wheat into one package for customers, and load the product onto barges. More

Summer jobs on the farm offer more than a paycheck

Grass seed harvest means jobs for youths, who learn about agriculture and much more, they say. More

Irrigation ends in some Yakima tributaries

Water for some pre-statehood water right holders in two Yakima River tributaries is curtailed because of drought. Likely means no crop for some apple orchards. More

E. Oregon camelina trials look more promising during persistent drought

Oregon State University field trials have shown that camelina can be grown at a small profit in Eastern Oregon, with no irrigation water. More

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