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Bull trout lawsuit dismissed as moot

A environmental lawsuit over 26 Northwest dams and their potential impact on bull trout lawsuit has been dismissed as moot. More

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Idaho memorial seeks equality on food safety standards

A joint memorial introduced in the Idaho Legislature asks that foreign food imports be held to the same food safety standards as products produced by... More


Quota value a top priority for California dairymen

California’s quota system came about in the late 1960s to gain support for a state marketing order that would blend milk prices for different... More


Pessimism on immigration reform

Labor association leaders from Washington and North Carolina are not optimistic about immigration reform clearing Republicans divided in the House... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Downturn in farm economy complicating new farm bill efforts

Work is beginning to draft new legislation amid daunting challenges confronting farmers in the era of President Donald Trump More

Western Innovator: Telling ag’s story on social media

Farm girl and “food translator” Michele Payn encourages farmers to engage people on social media and share their farming stories on a personal level rather than “bash them over the head” with science. More

Natural resource groups skeptical of science panel proposal

Natural resource groups are skeptical of a proposed Independent Science Review Board that would analyze controversies facing state agencies. More

Ranchers oppose cuts to wolf compensation, predator control

Ranchers oppose proposed budget cuts to the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s wolf compensation and predator control programs. More

Washington commission confirms What’s Upstream stayed within state law

What's Upstream may have been sophisticated and well funded, but it wasn't grassroots lobbying, according to Washington Public Disclosure Commission More

ICE arrests of criminal illegal immigrants spark concerns

Workers and to some degree employers are concerned about ICE arrests of criminal illegal aliens, say some at a labor conference. More

USDA extends comment period for organic checkoff

The checkoff is strongly supported by the Organic Trade Association and staunchly opposed by the No Organic Checkoff Coalition. More

Lawsuit seeks to keep Columbia, Snake rivers cool for salmon

In addition to climate change, the groups point to dams throughout the basin as a factor promoting high river temperatures. More

wilderness plans draw fire from New Mexico ranchers

Ranchers from some rural communities fear the new designations will amount to another layer of bureaucracy aimed at pushing them from the land. More

Rural California levees besieged by pounding wet winter

Massive flood projects have eased the fear of levee breaks around California's capital and other cities, but government workers are joining farmers with tractors battling round-the-clock to stave off any chain-reaction failure of levees in rural areas More

Environmental group appeals SW Idaho power line approval

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management last month issued a formal decision approving a plan by Idaho Power and Rocky Mountain Power to build and operate 321 miles of 500-kilovolt transmission lines on public land in Idaho. More

Advocates urge judge to keep injunction on Yellowstone dam

In court documents filed overnight Wednesday, the groups urged U.S. District Judge Brian Morris to reject the government’s request to start construction this year. More

Utah lawmaker’s resolution reaffirms push for public lands

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Days after the outdoor recreation industry yanked a lucrative expo from Utah to protest the state’s public lands policy, state lawmakers are reaffirming their push to gain control of public lands from the U.S. government. Lawmakers are set to consider a. More

Different kind of farmer combines learning with good times

Jeff Smith has designed his 200-acre farm around teaching people about agriculture, history. More

Washington dairies, environmentalists appeal Ecology’s manure rules

Washington dairy industry and environmental groups file separate legal challenges to Department of Ecology's new rules for storing and spreading manure More

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