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Nurseries recruit pest predators

Nurseries are increasingly recruiting predatory insects for biocontrol of pests due to public wariness of insecticides, increased regulatory scrutiny and the decreasing efficacy of some chemicals. More

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Farming sector driving Idaho’s gross state product growth

Agriculture is driving growth in Idaho's gross state product. More


New survey shows far less snow than last month in California

The latest survey makes it likely that the drought will run through a fourth consecutive year. More


Bird flu strikes game bird farm in Washington

Highly pathogenic bird flu has broke out game bird farm in Okanogan County in north-central Washington. More

This Week's Top Headlines

New farm bill program benefiting Idaho farms and ranches

Idaho has received USDA grants to help Blackfoot River ranchers improve diversions and to implement programs to stabilize the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer. More

Environmental groups pose billion-dollar challenge to ag

Standard farming and ranching practices are challenged by well funded environmental groups. More

‘Dryland’ makes waves across region

The agriculture-themed documentary, "Dryland," about two Lind, Wash., farmers coming of age, screens Feb. 6 at the Spokane International Film Festival. That's one of the latest stops for the film around the Pacific Northwest. More

Wolf survey results ease restrictions for some Oregon ranchers

The survey result gives Eastern Oregon cattle ranchers a bit more leeway in protecting livestock. More

December feedlot placements down 8 percent

Analysts view the latest USDA cattle on feed report as moderately bullish and as showing signs of heifer retention for herd rebuilding. More

2 farm reps added to Idaho ag dean search committee

University of Idaho has added two more representatives of the state's agricultural industry to a committee that is advising the university in its search for a permenant dean for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The original committee list included only one ag industry representative. More

Water panel begins process of considering bond projects

The California Water Commission is beginning the lengthy process of deciding which projects will be funded under the water storage portion of the $7.5 billion water bond passed by the state's voters in November. More

Public support for grazing strong in Idaho

A University of Idaho survey of Idaho residents shows a 90 percent approval rating for livestock grazing on public lands and a high level of trust in Idaho's public lands ranchers. More

Oregon’s wine industry packs a surprising economic punch

A new study says Oregon's focus on high-quality wine has paid off in the form of a $3.3 billion economic impact. More

U.S. milk production up, prices down

U.S. milk production continues to increase, and milk prices continue a downward trend from record highs seen this fall. Analysts don't look for rmarket recovery until mid year but are forecasting continued moderate feed costs. More

Pasteurization expected to shield hazelnut farmers

Pasteurization equipment recently installed at the Hazelnut Growers of Oregon processing facility is expected to shield suppliers from on-farm food safety regulations. More

Raisin ruling may impact crop volume controls

A farmer's legal challenge to USDA's marketing order for raisins will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court and could have an impact on other volume controls for crops. More

Lawmaker: Oregon farm industry vulnerable in 2015 legislature

Speakers at the Dunn Carney law firm's annual Ag Summit provided an outlook for Oregon's upcoming legislative session. More

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Washington lawmakers poised to present $3.5 billion water bond

Washington voters may be asked to approve a statewide per-parcel fee to irrigate crops, control floods, and prevent stormwater pollution. More

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