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Yields vary as Calif. stone fruit harvests near end

As the harvests of stone fruit in California are wrapping up, growers say the quality of the fruit is excellent but some varieties' yields are down. The picking of other summer fruit is ongoing. More

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OSU looks at possible remediation for water rule

Oregon State University researchers are experimenting with different ways to help onion growers in the Treasure Valley area deal with possible new... More


Giving triticale a chance

A handful of farmers in the Pacific Northwest are raising triticale for forage and for grain. If crop insurance were available for the blend between... More


Judge rules against county GMO regulations

A court ruling on genetically modified organism regulations in Hawaii's Kauai County may have implications for other litigation over biotech crops. More

This Week's Top Headlines

USDA launches new dairy insurance program

The new insurance pays farmers when the difference between milk prices and feed prices shrinks to a certain level. More

Ross withdraws controversial Calif. milk marketing bill

Following criticism and lack of support from California dairymen, California ag secretary has withdrawn her legislative proposal for sweeping reform to the state's milk marketing requirements for Class 4 milk. More

Pacific Northwest pear forecast increases

The Pacific Northwest pear crop is about 1.5 million boxes larger than forecast in May but still smaller than last year's record which should offset loss of exports to Russia. More

Late blight continues spread in Eastern Idaho

More cases of late blight have been reported in Southern Idaho. More

Idaho’s bean harvest off to good start

With harvest under way, Idaho farmers say this year's bean crop looks good but there are concerns about possible mold issues in the Magic Valley area because of heavy August rains. More

Groups shun lawsuit despite own Hetch Hetchy concerns

Environmentalists mostly pan a group's lawsuit claiming San Francisco is given a pass by resource agencies in its operation of Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Yosemite National Park. But green groups themselves have no love for the project that provides water for 2.5 million Bay Area residents. More

Dairy group clarifies stand on media access

Late Tuesday, the United Dairymen of Idaho's CEO Karianne Fallow issued a prepared statement saying the group wasn’t trying to stop media access. More

U.S. imposed duties on Mexican sugar

The U.S. government has made a preliminary decision to impose duties on imported Mexican sugar, in response to complaints by U.S. sugar producers. More

Longshormen lose refer container work

The longshoremen's union has lost two jobs plugging and unplugging refrigerated containers at the Port of Portland due to lagging productivity. More

Prolonged bloom leads to varied prune yields

The harvest of plums for prunes is under way in California. Growers anticipate a larger crop than last year, but a prolonged blossom this spring has apparently led to varied yields. More

Idaho counties seek moisture emergencies

Counties are requesting emergency declarations as damage due to excessive moisture amounts in grain. More

DOL can’t appeal ruling on ‘hot goods’ deals

The U.S. Labor Department won't be able to immediately appeal an order that threw out "hot goods" settlements with Oregon farmers. More

Dairy producers critical of Calif. milk pricing bill

California Department of Food and Agriculture Sec. Karen Ross has introduced proposed legislation through Assembly member Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, that would eliminate minimum pricing and pooling requirements on Class 4 milk, used to manufacture butter, powder, cheese, and dry whey products. More

First Idaho vineyard LIVE certified

The first vineyard in Idaho to be Low Input Viticulture and Enology certified could lead to more vineyards and wineries in the state seeking the industry standard that verifies they are using good stewardship practices. More

Feds weigh moving grizzlies into Washington state

Federal authorities listed the grizzly bear as threatened in the lower 48 states in 1975 and ultimately designated five areas in Washington, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to focus on boosting the population. A small population of grizzlies exists in Washington’s Selkirk Mountains. More

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