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Feed barley glut affects hay prices

Eastern Idaho growers say the quality of their third alfalfa cutting is strong, but yield and price of premium hay are both down. More

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East Idaho grain harvest extends into spud season

Grain harvest has extended into early potato harvest season for many Eastern Idaho growers due to delays caused by excessive August moisture. More


Farm groups hope waters bill impacts EPA rule

Farm groups realize a bill to stop the federal government from imposing new regulations on internal waters of the United States likely won't advance... More


FSA urges quick action on grazing claims

Compensation payments for grazing losses will be reduced, so the Farm Service Agency is urging livestock producers to file claims by the end of... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Oregon hog farm learns to satisfy demands of urban consumers

A small Oregon hog farm finds a way into a big urban market. More

In labor battle, Sakuma enlists history, immigration reform

Labor organizers continue to target Sakuma Brothers Farms, whose chairman, third-generation owner Steve Sakuma, says the real problem is immigration laws that hold back workers. More

Judge allows lawsuit against EPA to proceed

Critics of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency can proceed with a lawsuit that accuses top agency officials of unlawfully deleting text messages. More

DOL fights return of ‘hot goods’ fines

The U.S. Labor Department wants a federal judge to dismiss roughly $370,000 in counterclaims filed by farmers who were coerced into settlement deals with the agency. More

USDA steps up local, organic ag reporting

The USDA is working to expand its reporting on local and organic crops. More

Forecasters still anticipate weak El Nino

The federal Climate Prediction Center still expects weak El Nino conditions to develop this winter, but "it's anyone's guess" whether the phonemenon will bring more or less rainfall than normal to northern and central California, a forecaster says. More

Large apple crop holds down processing prices

Early indications in Michigan are that this fall's large apple crop is holding down prices growers will get for apples processed into pies, sauce and juice. More

Wash. irrigators await water fix

Irrigation districts south of Wenatchee, Wash., await low Columbia River flow to install pipes to ensure water for orchards during drawdowns. Repairs to a Wanapum Dam crack, which precipitated the irrigation problem, reach a milestone. More

Officials ask federal board to help on rail delays

The rail car backlog has caused an “emergency situation," North Dakota's governor told the National Surface Transportation Board on Thursday. More

Buyers help small farmers bridge urban-rural divide

A pair of buyers for Portland's New Seasons Market help rural producers meet the expectations of an urban foodie customer base. More

USDA denies renewal of multi-state zebra chip grant

A major multi-state grant to research zebra chip disease was recently denied funding for an additional five years. More

Six traits of successful farmers

Producers with solid ag operations joke that successful operations take hard work and luck. But it take a lot more than that, and successful operators share some key qualities. More

Oregon GMO labeling fight hinges on urban vote

An Oregon ballot measure that would require labeling of food made with genetically modified organisms faces uncertain prospects among voters. More

U.S. spud exports break record

Foreign potato exports broke another record in the 2013-2014 marketing year, according to new numbers. More

Groups seek glyphosate limits to protect butterflies

Monarch butterflies are declining in number due to herbicide spraying related to biotech crops, environmental groups claim. More

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