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Farms weather historic storm’s high winds, big rains

Farms in California's Central Valley have appeared to make it through one of the most severe storms in years without sustaining damage. No significant toppling of trees were reported despite the high winds, although one farm advisor was concerned about almond trees that still have their leaves. More

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Action needed soon on immigration, McMorris Rodgers says

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Wash., says immigration solutions must come early next year, More


Ranchers’ costly legal battle impacts North Idaho Adjudication

The costly legal battle of two Southern Idaho ranchers who fought the federal government over stock watering rights on public lands is benefitting... More


Labeling supporters concede recount loss

The fight over GMO labeling in Oregon is over for now as Measure 92 supporters say they've lost their recount. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Congress delays sage grouse protections in spending bill

The sage grouse rider was tucked deep within the 1,603-page spending package at the behest of Western lawmakers. More

Spending bill would add spuds to WIC

Potatoes have been included in the WIC nutrition program in a new congressional spending bill. More

B.C. restricts poultry movements to contain virus

Canadian officials restrict movements of captive birds to contain highly contagious and lethal straing of avian influenza. More

Washington Parks proposes farmers pay to use trails

The Washington Parks and Recreation Commission iis working on a policy setting fees and terms for when farmers can use long-distance trails otherwise off-limits to motorized vehicles. More

Expiration of farm property tax exemptions proposed

An Oregon bill proposes ending property tax exemptions for farms in 2018. More

Judge: No added ballots for Measure 92 recount

A judge has denied a request by supporters of Oregon Measure 92 to halt a recount of ballots and order election officials to include ballots set asides due to problems with voter signatures. More

Mexican growers allege Washington apple dumping

Washington apple growers are responding to allegations made by Mexican apple growers that they are sending apples to Mexico at below-market prices. More

Idaho potato shipments, prices both increase

Idaho's potato prices continue to strengthen, even as shipments have been ahead of last year's pace. More

‘Goose Patrol’ tries to keep birds at bay

It's government policy to maintain large flocks of migratory geese, but farmers say the burden of feeding the birds essentially falls to them. More

Stronger dollar puts pressure on ag export markets

A stronger U.S. dollar in comparison to other international currency typically means higher prices and impacts export traffic, but reduces input costs like fuel and fertilizer, experts say. More

House passes GOP drought bill despite Dems’ opposition

Despite opposition from Democrats, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill by Rep. David Valadao, R-Calif., that would allow more water to be pumped from the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta during storms to provide emergency drought relief. More

First wolf attack reported in Whitman County

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hopes to collar wolves and is reaching out to ranchers in the Lamont, Wash., area after a four-and-a-half-year-old ewe was killed Dec. 5 More

Transportation high on 2015 Idaho legislative agenda

Various proposals to increase transportation funding will likely be introduced during Idaho's 2015 legislative session, which begins next month, and lawmakers could also be asked to appropriate money for the proposed Bear River Basin water adjudication. More

Irrigators seek support in Olympia for stalled project

The Columbia-Snake River Irrigators Association doesn't want state money, but it is asking for political support for a project to irrigate 14,000 acres in the Odessa Subarea. More

Union caucus may lead to progress on port deal

Agricultural exporters hope an upcoming caucus of longshoremen's union leaders will help resolve a dispute with container terminal operators that has caused shipping disruptions. More

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