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With perennial rice at hand, is perennial wheat far behind?

Researchers in China and Australia are close to releasing a perennial rice. U.S. researchers are mixed on how long it will take to release a perennial wheat. More

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Grafting company stays busy

Jose Lujano and his sons are busy this time of year with their seasonal, Yakima-based business, grafting fruit trees in orchards througout Central... More


Congress in no hurry to pass meat-labeling fix

Congress is apparently waiting for the outcome of the U.S.' appeal of a World Trade Organization ruling against its mandatory meat-labeling rule... More


Apple commission discusses GM position

With U.S. and Canadian approval of genetically-modified apples, the Washington Apple Commission is discussing it future position on the issue. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Expert: Oregon neonic ban would be disruptive

Banning neonicotinoid pesticides could spur farmers to use more toxic chemicals, an expert testified before Oregon lawmakers. More

One Washington, two sides

Washington's east-west divide predates statehood and endures. More

Slugs remain a mystery, experts say

Farmers and researchers recently discussed the mysteries surrounding slugs at Oregon State University's "Slug Summit," in Salem, Ore., on March 25. More

Buffett-backed H.J. Heinz buys Kraft, creates $28B food giant

The combined comapny will own Kraft, Heinz, Oscar Mayer, Ore-Ida and large stable of other brands. More

Idaho seed potato growers see opportunity in Algeria

A group of Idaho seed potato growers sees opportunity to establish a new market in Algeria, where the nation is working to become more self-sufficient with its food production. More

Washington Ecology details drought relief budget

Washington Department of Ecology's proposed drought budget calls for withholding $4 million until conditions worsen in the Yakima Basin. More

Appeals court sets hearing on Obama immigration injunction

The Justice Department earlier this month filed an emergency motion with the 5th Circuit, asking it to lift the preliminary injunction against the president's immigration actions. More

USDA wants to redefine farming, limit subsidies

USDA proposes that farms must document that their managers put in 500 hours of substantial management work annually or 25 percent of the time necessary for the success of the farming operation to qualify. More

Bill would create organic-type labels for non-GMO foods

The proposed government-certified label would allow companies that want to advertise their foods as GMO-free to do so, but it would not be mandatory for others. More

Oregon’s changing FFA elects slate of state leaders

At Oregon's state FFA convention, new energy and leadership emerge. More

Northwest hop acreage continues to grow

The March 1 inventory of hops is slightly down but acreage is expected to keep growing this year as the craft brewing industry drives demand. More

Hearing on Idaho Ag Security Act lawsuit set for April 28

A hearing on plaintiffs' motion for summary judgement in the federal lawsuit against Idaho's Agricultural Security Act is scheduled for April 28 in Boise. More

Study takes a look at what happens when wolves, cougars collide

The OSU study examines the interaction of two of the West's iconic predators. More

Idaho lawmakers OK $200,000 for sheep station

The USDA's sheep experiment station near Dubois, Idaho, which is targeted for closure, will receive $200,000 in ongoing state funding. Supporters say it's a message to the USDA that Idaho supports the continued operation of the station and "has skin in the game." More

California governor proposes $1 billion in drought spending

The legislation includes $128 million to ease dire water shortages in some communities; the financial struggles of unemployed farm workers in the Central Valley; and dry conditions that contribute to wildfires.The remainder comes from bonds already approved by voters. More

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