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U.S. firm buys Canadian GM apple company

The Canadian company that developed a genetically modified apple is being purchased by a U.S. firm. The transaction is to be completed in the first half of this year. More

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University of Michigan researchers track coyote-wolf hybrids

A wolf and a coyote mated nearly 100 years ago. The result: the coywolf. More


Calif. farms to go without federal water again in 2015

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has made its initial allocation of Central Valley Project water for 2015, announcing that agricultural users without... More


Forecast: Seeds, nuts top ‘superfoods’ for 2015

Seeds and nuts will top the list of "what's in" when it comes to healthy eating in 2015. Kale, coconut products, Greek yogurt and avocados will also... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Study shows countries distort wheat trade

U.S. Wheat Associates says a study shows that the governments of India, China, Turkey, Brazil and Thailand have increased trade-distorting subsidies for wheat, corn and rice production beyond their World Trade Organization agreements. More

Idaho spud packers emphasize organic

Idaho fresh potato packers say they're placing greater emphasis on the organic potato category. More

Expert: Dairy farmers should be ready to counter criticism

Communications professor Robert Gass recently gave dairymen some pointers on countering criticisms of milk production. More

Pear growers get early contract from canners

In an early agreement, Pacific Northwest pear canners have agreed to pay growers subtantially more in the next three years to get the volume they need. The PNW produces 85 percent of the nation's pears, California the rest. More

Juniper funding garners bipartisan support

Legislation that would devote more than $1 million to harvesting and processing juniper has garnered bipartisan support from Oregon lawmakers. More

Washington cider producers seek split from wineries

Washington cider producers want to break away from winemakers to conduct their own marketing campaign. More

Experts say Oregon’s wine industry is poised for continued growth

Oregon's wine industry appears to be in good shape for continued growth, experts say. More

Expert: Immigration reform won’t fix farm labor shortage

Immigration policy reforms cannot overcome broader economic forces that are reducing farm labor supplies, an expert says. More

Antibiotic resistance, better vaccines change livestock practices

Spurred by a crisis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, new restrictions on the use of the drugs in livestock are causing producers to find new ways to care for their animals. More

Fruits and vegetables get a star-studded marketing push

The Partnership for a Healthier America is using star power in its marketing campaign to promote fruits and vegetables. More

Poll: Californians see drought as serious, more want limits

Half of Californians also said that in dry years, the state should help farmers by easing environmental regulations that protect fish in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, but the survey found 46 percent disagreeing. More

Minimum wage hikes hurt more than help, study says

A Washington Research Council report says raises in minimum wages hinder more than help state economies and workers. More

Hives appear OK after quick, robust almond bloom

With the almond blossom in California nearly complete, there have as yet been no reports of widespread bee die-offs, an expert says. More

Washington AG backs separate rest pay for piece-rate workers

There's no shorage of legal advice in the pay dispute between Sakuma Brothers Farms and piece-rate workers. More

Wolf, cougar and hemp bills meet deadline to stay alive in Olympia

Washington lawmakers are six weeks into a 15-week session, and bills are thrlving, dying and barely hanging on. More

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