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Computer scientist develops smart app for growers

University of California-Santa Barbara computer science researcher Chandra Krintz grew up on a farm in Indiana. Now she's developing new software that will help growers run their operations more efficiently. More

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Proposed organic rule fuels disease concerns

Poultry and pork producers say a proposed rule increasing outdoor access for animals in organic operations raises serious health risks to animals and... More


Rain, temperatures increase falling number concerns

Weather conditions have USDA Agricultural Research Service research plant molecular geneticist Camille Steber concerned about falling number... More


Tax breaks for mint processors, tractor buyers under scrutiny

Washington Lawmakers should end a tax break that benefits the mint oil industry and review one that lowers the cost of farm equipment, according to... More

This Week's Top Headlines

Busch touts SmartBarley program

Idaho barley growers are participating in a worldwide program that allows them to compare their production practices with other growers to assess opportunities for improvement. More

Washington slaughterhouse recalls hogs

A Western Washington slaughterhouse has again recalled whole hogs because of salmonella. More

Backyard poultry to blame for 14 Montana salmonella cases

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study says the cases are part of eight outbreaks that have infected 611 people in 45 states. More

Beef, dairy groups question proposed organic rule

Livestock groups say a proposed rule on organic livestock practices is based on public perception rather than science. More

Wheat industry expect average protein levels in this year’s crop

As harvest continues, Pacific Northwest farmers are worried about price discounts for high protein soft white wheat. More

No progress made on Idaho field burning changes

Idaho farm and environmental groups left their third negotiated rulemaking meeting far apart on proposed changes to the state's field burning program. More

‘Renaissance’ turns around fortunes of Oregon’s popular nut

Willamette Valley, Ore., growers have planted between 3,000 and 4,000 acres of hazelnuts a year since 2014, pushing the total acreage past 46,000. More

Montana man sentenced for Clean Water Act violations

Joseph Robertson was charged with two counts of unauthorized discharge of pollutants into waters of the U.S. and one count of malicious mischief. More

Interior bill lays groundwork for addressing Western issues

Agricultural interests representing key commodities across the Northwest say the Interior funding bill that recently passed the U.S. House has several provisions that they support. More

Oregon farmer wins zoning dispute

An Albany, Ore., farmer has won a land-use dispute. The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that his straw-compressing facility does not require a conditional-use permit from the county. More

Onion growers confirm success of applying herbicide through drip system

Idaho and Oregon onion growers are reporting good results from applying a popular herbicide through drip irrigation systems. This is the first year they have been able to do that. More

S. Idaho woman pleads guilty to felony grand theft

Authorities say Zamora wrote a $6,500 check to state brand inspector Justin Archer earlier this year and that they split the money. More

PNW cherry harvest enters final stretch

Cherry growers in the Pacific Northwest have enjoyed relatively good weather and fruit quality, but crop compression kept prices and grower returns low in mid-season. More

Calif. urged to delay cap-and-trade extension, changes

Farm groups are urging Gov. Jerry Brown and other California decision-makers to wait until closer to the 2020 sunset of the state's cap-and-trade program before deciding whether to expand or extend it. More

Washington projects pollution-control costs for dairies

The Washington Department of Ecology's estimate of how much new pollution-control rules will cost dairies lowballs the true cost, according to an industry representative. More

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