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Trump’s boost to China trade encourages U.S. beef industry

Access to China offer tremendous opportunity for U.S. beef, but there’s still much to negotiate. More

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Dairy industry wants broken safety net fixed

Most dairymen are dissatisfied with the performance of the Margin Protection Program and have lost faith in the program’s ability to provide... More


Federal court kills wind project near Steens Mountain over sage grouse

A federal court has killed a large wind energy project in southeast Oregon after an appeals court found last year that the BLM had not properly... More


Pesticide maker tries to kill risk study

The companies asked the administration “to set aside” the results of government studies the companies contend are fundamentally flawed. More

This Week's Top Headlines

Tribes’ water call concerns Upper Klamath Basin farmers, ranchers

Rancher Becky Hyde says the call is potentially devastating for irrigators. More

Dam managers made missteps in handling crisis

An Associated Press examination of state and federal documents, emails obtained under public records requests and numerous interviews reveal a sequence of questionable decisions and missteps More

Potato ‘genebank’ holds crop’s future

If a repeat of the Great Potato Famine was to strike or climate change so altered the Earth that water became scarce, potato seeds from the U.S. Genebank on the outskirts of Sturgeon Bay could provide the solution to a looming food crisis More

Oregon GMO liability bill survives Legislature’s deadline

A bill that would allow biotech patent holders to be sued for unwanted GMO presence in Oregon has survived a crucial deadline. More

Farm Bureau leader looks forward to Perdue confirmation

American Farm Bureau Federation President Zippy Duvall looks forward to fellow Georgian Sonny Perdue's confirmation More

Flooding leads to dairy wastewater violations

Unprecedented snowmelt from neighboring fields flooded the Shoshone dairy, overwhelming its wastewater containment capacity. More

NRCS offers flood-irrigation retention program

The Idaho office of USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service is taking applications for a program aimed at helping farmers improve and retain their flood-irrigation programs. More

Biologists: Too soon to know if killing barred owls helps spotted owls

One of the lead researchers acknowledges the “gut-wrenching” dilemma of killing one species to benefit another. More

McMorris Rodgers calls for ag committee hearing in Eastern Washington

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers wants the House Agriculture Committee to hold a farm bill hearing in Eastern Washington. More

El Salvadoran, Guatemalan H-2A workers hired

The Washington farm labor association known as WAFLA is recruiting its first El Salvadoran and Guatemalan H-2A-visa workers for Washington orchard work and Christmas bough harvests. More

More wolf packs expected in southwest Oregon

Besides OR-7’s pack, there are plenty of up-and-comers which, under the right conditions, could also reach pack status. More

Lake Powell to release above-average amount of water

The planned water release is above the annual average of 8.7 million acre-feet, and it should be enough to delay a widely expected shortage in Lake Mead, More

County purchasing water rights for Little Spokane watershed

Spokane County is working to purchase water rights on the Little Spokane watershed to establish a “water bank” for new housing developments. The county is negotiating water right purchases with several farmers, said Mike Hermanson, water resources project manager. More

New Idaho law allows use of surplus water without right

Idaho has passed a law, amid a spring in which there’s been widespread flooding and water passing through the river system unallocated, to allow users to divert surplus water for certain purposes without a water right. More

Conservation groups facilitate discussions in Wood River call

Local conservation groups have taken a lead role in bringing irrigators together to discuss possible resolutions to a water call in Idaho’s Wood River Basin. More

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