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Ranchers criticize forest management, firefighting tactics

Scores of ranchers throughout Western states are dealing with livestock, grazing, hay and fence losses from wildfires. A major complaint is that state and federal agencies need to reduce fuel loads and fight fires better. More

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Australian sheep yields 30 sweaters worth of fleece

Champion shearer Ian Elkins said the sheep appeared to be in good condition after being separated from his huge fleece. More


Workshops address changes in livestock drug use

New Food and Drug Administration restrictions will change the landscape on antibiotic use in animal agricultural. To meet producer and veterinarian... More


Commission sticks with linking cougar hunts to wolf recovery

Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission reaffirms decision to increase hunting of cougars in areas occupied by wolves. More


WDFW hires wolf consultant, who closes another meeting

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has hired a consultant to bring peace between parties at odds over how the state should manage wolves. More

Prize-winning state fair steer to go to food bank

Cascade High School students have been raising the steer, named Red Box, with the intention to donate his beef to the Marion-Polk Food Share More

California water board may scrap statewide grazing regs

California's State Water Resources Control Board may discontinue efforts to impose statewide regulations on grazing near streams. More

Vilsack announces expanded sage grouse program

The U.S. ag secretary will announce a new round of work to keep greater sage grouse off the endangered species list and visit the wildfire control center in Portland. More

Fall rangeland forum set for Oct. 22

University of Idaho's Rangeland Fall Forum will focus on wildfires, beginning with panel discussions on Oct. 22 in Jerome, followed by a field tour of the Three Creek area on Oct. 23. More

Cattle on feed up, slaughter down

Feedlots are holding cattle longer to put on more weight, and the number of fed cattle coming out of feedlots continues to decline year over year. More

WSU develops carcass calculator

Washington State University has developed a "carcass calculator" app to help ranchers predict the price they'll receive for their meat. More

WDFW draws a line against Huckleberry wolf pack

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says the Huckleberry wolfpack will be thinned if there's one more depredation. More

Researcher tries to reduce cattle feed costs with onion slurry

An Oregon State University researcher is studying whether onion slurry can be used to help reduce cattle producers' winter feed costs. If successful, the project could also benefit the onion industry in Eastern Oregon and Southwestern Idaho. More

Animal activists: Don’t link cougar hunts to wolf recovery

Animal-rights and conservation groups are petitioning Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission to ditch a plan to hunt allow more cougar hunting to relieve tensions over wolves. More

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