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Sheep research station on USDA chopping block, again

The beleaguered research station, the only USDA-ARS research facility dedicated to the sheep industry, is being threatened with closure for the third time since 2014. More

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Second round of Oregon wolf plan review happens in Portland

Cattlemen, hunting groups and environmentalists have been invited to discuss ODFW’s wolf management plan. More


R-CALF White House petition drive falls short

R-CALF USA gathered 2,015 signatures of 100,000 needed to petition the White House to ban beef imports from Brazil and reinstate COOL. More


Washington Ecology moves to increase air-monitoring fees

Washington Ecology to raise air-quality fees More


Kansas woman fights to keep state fair champion lamb title

A northern Kansas woman is fighting to reverse the decision by state fair officials to strip her champion lamb title and winnings for performance enhancement More

OR-7 is alive, well and still bringing home the groceries

The famous wandering wolf showed up in photos taken by a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service trail camera. More

Trump budget would allow sale of wild horses for slaughter

The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and other interests have been urging BLM for years to allow sales of wild horses. More

Survey finds US honeybee losses improve from horrible to bad

Reduction in varroa mites, a lethal parasite, is likely the main cause of the improvement. More

Monument size a concern as feds review status

New Mexico Cattle Growers’ Association urged President Donald Trump to eliminate certain large-scale national monuments. More

ODFW investigating Wallowa County wolf death

The body of wolf OR-42 was found in early May but the death wasn’t made public until May 23. More

New challenge to USDA predator control in Idaho

Several environmental groups are challenge USDA predator control efforts in Idaho. More

Stolen hives recovered in California

Beekeeper-turned-criminal Pavel Tveretinov is accused of stealing 2,500 hives and equipment worth $875,000. More

Authorities seize 7,000 birds in LA County cockfighting raid

About 10 people were detained, including the property owners and others working on the property. More

Elk and deer herds in danger decades after disease discovery

In a pen surrounded by 8-foot-high fences, at a research station by the side of a winding canyon road in southeast Wyoming, stand seven elk that are going to die More

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