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Rural interests plan to fight new BLM planning regs

Grazing advocates say the Obama administration plans to push through proposed changes in the Bureau of Land Management planning process that would be bad for the livestock industry and small communities. More

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Rebounding California gray wolf holds onto protection

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has published its plan for managing wolves. More


Doverspikes carry on ranching tradition in E. Oregon

The Doverspike family has ranched in rural Harney County, Ore., for 128 years. More


In Washington, scavengers play role in wolf policy

The difference between a 'confirmed' and 'probable' wolf attack in Washington is a matter of investigators getting on scene before the scavengers. More


Ranchers seek exemption to electronic device trucking rule

The cattle industry says changes to commercial trucking regulations will damage ranchers' business. More

Authorities probe cow releases at farms in Maine

A farmer reported Tuesday that some of his cows had been released from a pen. Similar episodes were reported in a nearby town, too. More

Rancher embraces buffaloes’ beauty, but not horns

Mike Marvin runs one of the northernmost buffalo ranches in the lower 48. More

Beef company recovers from rough patch

Bartels Farms, a beef company in Eugene, Ore., is re-opening its slaughter facility after a USDA-ordered suspension. More

Brucellosis found in 2 bulls on Montana ranch

The infected bulls were identified during a voluntary whole-herd test and the ranch has been placed under quarantine. More

Washington cattlemen pick Walla Walla rancher for president

Walla Walla rancher Tyler Cox installed as president of the Washington Cattlemen's Association More

Laboratory tracks down poisonous plants

Columnist Doug Warnock writes about the latest developments in livestock grazing research. More

Hunting stops growth in Idaho’s wolf population

A Boise State University poll shows that Idahoans overwhelmingly support hunting wolves. Support for hunting as a wolf management tool was strong across all areas of the state. More

Calf euthanized after wolf attack in northeast Oregon

The attack happened on private pasture in Wallowa County, where the majority of Oregon's wolf packs exist. More

Feedlots aggressively selling beef, but slow buying

Feedlots have slowed feeder cattle purchases, leaving a lot of feeder supplies still out in the country. But demand is expected to pick up once feedlots get to breakeven margins. More

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