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Livestock Weekly Update

Public support for grazing strong in Idaho

A University of Idaho survey of Idaho residents shows a 90 percent approval rating for livestock grazing on public lands and a high level of trust in Idaho's public lands ranchers. More

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Calif. ranchers grapple with proposed grazing regs

California ranchers say the State Water Resources Control Board's plan to regulate grazing near streams is unnecessary and that the board hasn't... More


Bull shortage may help receipts at annual Red Bluff sale

Entrants are down as California enters its fourth year of drought, but good prices may help the 74th annual Red Bluff Bull and Gelding Sale top the... More


Another wolf reported in Southern Oregon

A new wolf has been reported in southern Klamath County, an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife representative says. If the sighting is confirmed,... More


H5N1 bird flu found in Washington; little human health risk since

A wild duck tested positive for a highly pathogenic bird flu virus that combines Eurasion and North American strains. More

Study rebuts Canada’s claim of economic harm from COOL

A National Farmers Union-backed economic study asserts the actual impacts to Canada's and Mexico's cattle industries from the U.S. mandatory country-of-origin meat labeling rule appear negligible. The Auburn University study rebuts Canada's claim its industry is losing $1 billion a year because of.. More

Kansas cattle trails closer to national recognition

Kansas is considered the crossroads for many of the historic trails of the Old West. The state already has four national historic trails: the Santa Fe, the Lewis and Clark, the Pony Express and the Oregon. More

At an Oregon farm, twin lambs say hello to a late sibling

Fern Russell counted again. "There's five lambs here now," she thought to herself. "How can that be?" More

Case could impact dairies, livestock operations nationwide

A district court ruling this week applying RCRA regulations to manure for the first time in history has serious implications for livestock producers nationwide. More

Cage law blamed for skyrocketing egg prices in Calif.

Egg prices are skyrocketing in California, as a dozen eggs is expected to cost as much as 90 cents more by next week. The new cage requirements of Proposition 2 is seen as the main driver of the increase. More

Washington lawmaker proposes moving wolves

A northeast Washington legislator introduces bills to speed up wolf recovery. More

20th anniversary of Yellowstone wolf reintroduction observed

It was 1995 when the first eight wolves live-trapped in Canada were placed inside fenced enclosures in Yellowstone National Park. More

First Oregon wild duck tests positive for avian flu

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said Wednesday the female mallard was taken Dec. 20 at Fern Ridge Wildlife Area outside Eugene and was tested as part of a program initiated since avian flu appeared in Washington. More

Chipotle suspends pork supplier

Chipotle learned of the violation by the supplier on Friday through a routine audit, and did not have a timeline for when carnitas would return to affected stores. More

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