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Cloning beef cattle for meat quality sparks debate

A West Texas meat science professor is cloning cattle to attain top USDA beef grading status, but is that what consumers want? More

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Eagles kill hundreds of lambs each year but it goes unreported

Eagle depredation is a controversial and complicated issue for ranchers, ranching advocates and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. More


Washingtonian chosen new Angus Ambassador

Cassandra Garcia, a junior at the University of Washington-Tacoma from Renton, Wash., said her main goal as the Angus Ambassador is to advocate for... More



To attract consumers, beef producers should try a little grass-fed tenderness

Some researchers think fat marbling, which USDA beef grades are based on, isn't what consumers are looking for. More

ODFW: Calf found in pond had been attacked by wolves

The Meacham wolf pack is blamed for attacking a calf in Oregon's Umatilla County. More

County checks report of third Washington wolf shooting

Ferry County officials trying to confirm that the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has shot a third wolf in the Profanity Peak pack. More

Rancher billboards promote grazing, logging on public lands

The Stevens County Cattlemen are putting up billboards to raise awareness of public lands issues. More

Wyoming conflicts between wolves, livestock up sharply

Wildlife officials have been flying to try to find the large Lava Mountain and Warm Springs wolf packs, which accounted for 32 animals killed at the end of the year. More

Washington county authorizes action against wolves

Ferry County commissioners consider targeting wolves after Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife stops the search for Profanity Peak pack. More

8 people ill after exposure to sick pigs at Michigan fairs

The flu is known as a variant of H3N2. More

Harney County SWD plans suit over range plan

Harney County Soil and Water District is considering suing the Bureau of Land Management over its range management plan. More

Clayton Fire burns winery, vineyards, orchards, rangelands

The Clayton Fire has burned some vineyards, walnut orchards and grazing fire in southern Lake County, Calif., but has so far spared the county's main agricultural areas. More

State’s silence on wolf killing frustrates observers

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has not revealed how many wolves it plans to kill in the Profanity Peak pack, leaving people with widely different viewpoints on wolves wondering what the department plans. More

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