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Wal-Mart presses meat suppliers on antibiotics, treatment

Wal-Mart is the first major retailer to take a stance to limit the use of the antibiotics. More

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Wandering wolf leaves Malheur County for Grant County

A lone wolf that took up residence in Malheur County for more than five weeks has moved West into Grant County. More


ICA program pairs ranchers with cover crops

The Idaho Cattle Association is promoting a website it created to match farmers willing to allow grazing of their cover crops, or with available... More


Ranchers to address wolf advisory group during closed tour

Several ranchers will speak to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's wolf advisory group during a tour that's closed to the public. More


Wolf advisory group seeks common ground

Consultant Francine Madden worked to help Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife's wolf advisory group overcome deep-rooted conflict between different groups during a Spokane meeting. More

Study: Passions high on all sides in wolf debate

A consultant interviewed more than 90 people and found ranchers and environmentalists have some things in common, such as fear and suspicion. More

S. Dakota Stockgrowers support COOL

Some group are now calling for Congress to repeal the law, saying they fear retaliation from Mexico and Canada in the form of tariffs. Other groups say Congress should wait until after mediatioin. More

WTO ruling divides groups between repeal or repair of labeling rules

Groups representing U.S. beef and pork producers are not surprised at WTO's ruling against the U.S. in a country of origin labeling dispute with Mexico and Canada but differ widely as to whether COOL should be reformed or repealed. More

County commissioner rips state for closing wolf meeting

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is opening a portion of an upcoming wolf advisory group meeting to the media, but members of the public will still be shut out. More

WTO rules against country of origin labels on meat

The ruling is a victory for the U.S. meat industry, which has said the labels are burdensome and challenged them in court. More

House bills puts 10-year hold on sage grouse listing

A provision to block any listing of the greater sage grouse as threatened or endangered for 10 years was includedd in a defense bill passed by the House on May 15. More

Group with big vision promotes small-scale ag

Washington State Livestock Coalition President Nick Cockrell helped start the group to assist livestock owners keep their animals healthy and productive. More

Field day helps ranchers remove toxic plants

Washington State University Extension hosts a field day May 20 near Ritzville, Wash., to provide ranchers with an update on efforts to remove the weeds lupine and medusahead from rangeland. More

Analysis: Economic benefits of COOL don’t pan out

Despite high interest in country of origin labeling, mandatory labeling would not have the economic benefit of raising demand for beef, pork and chicken and would result in economic losses for the meat and poultry industries as well as consumers. More

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