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Antibiotic resistance, better vaccines change livestock practices

Spurred by a crisis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, new restrictions on the use of the drugs in livestock are causing producers to find new ways to care for their animals. More

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Wolf report may be starting point for removal from endangered status

The process to consider removing wolves from Oregon's endangered species list could begin later this spring. More


Washington wolf bill passes key committee

Legislation to reopen Washington's wolf recovery plan has won approval from House Appropriations Committee. More


Group asks Congress to reject closure of Idaho sheep station

A diverse group trying to save the USDA sheep experiment station near Dubois, Idaho, has finalized a document that explains the research being done... More


Chilled meat exports will take 45 days to normalize

Phil Seng, CEO of the U.S. Meat Export Federation, says it will take time for the export of meat to Asia to return to normal. More

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U.S. Meat Export Federation CEO Phil Seng says chilled beef may wait until May for normal trade to resume because of contract considerations.. More

Low-lignin alfalfa eases quality/yield trade-off

Low lignin alfalfa varieties could solve growers' dilemma of harvesting for quality or yield and provide harvest flexibility to avoid rain. More

University of Michigan researchers track coyote-wolf hybrids

A wolf and a coyote mated nearly 100 years ago. The result: the coywolf. More

Wyoming House advances bills to protect domestic sheep

The bills are in response to concern the U.S. Forest Service is considering whether to curtail domestic sheep in Wyoming and other western states to reduce the threat to wild bighorns. More

WSDA manure bill slips away

Farms groups are proposing education rather than regulation as the way to manage manure. More

DOE head: Water-protection guide should help cattlemen

The Washington Department of Ecology hopes to give cattlemen a clearer idea of what regulators look for when searching for potential water pollution. More

Oregon wolf survey shows numbers continue to increase

The annual Oregon wolf count and report shows the state has at least 77 wolves and documented 11 incidents of livestock and guard dog attacks in 2014. More

Beef, pork groups critical of dietary recommendations

Beef and pork organizations are urging USDA and Department of Human Health to acknowledge the role of lean meat in a healthy diet following a recommendation by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee that Americans lower their intake of red and processed meat More

Using livestock to shape your landscape

Columnist Doug Warnock writes about the art and science of targeted grazing. More

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