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Eleven months later, U.S. finally free of bird flu

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has informed the world that America has purged itself of bird flu. Meanwhile, the USDA stockpiles vaccine in case the virus returns. More

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Rancher joins health researchers in urging judicious use of antibiotics

A large-scale rancher and organic vegetable producer from Georgia joined health professionals and others in Washington, D.C., to push for more... More


Cattlemen fed up with fires

Washington cattlemen blame state and federal agencies for their livelihoods being jeopardized by large wildfires. More


Washington in Canadian tariff cross hairs

Trade, interest rates, beef prices and wolves were all talked about at the Washington Cattlemen's Association annual meeting. More


Beef, long tops in Malheur County, now No. 1 in Oregon

Ranchers running cow-calf pairs have done well recently because there have been fewer animals on the market. More

New wolf pack confirmed in northcentral Washington

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has documented Washington's 17th wolf pack. More

Rancher pleads guilty to falsely claiming cattle losses

The indictment said the rancher submitted a claim in May 2014 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency for the loss of 129 head of cattle in the October blizzard, even though he actually lost at most 13. More

Calf injured in Wallowa County wolf attack

The Imnaha wolf pack is blamed for the attack in Wallowa County. More

No charge filed in Eastern Washington wolf shooting

An Eastern Washington who shot a wolf from his front porch won't be charged with taking a protected species. More

Idaho wolf depredations continue downward trend

Wolf depredations declined in Idaho in 2015, except for in the Cascade area. More

Oregon man who shot wolf faces criminal charges

Although not a factor in the criminal case, the shooting happened as Oregon wildlife officials were deciding to take wolves off the state endangered species list. More

Deer and elk serve as a buffer to livestock attacks

Wildlife biologist says healthy deer and elk populations are key to keeping wolves and other predators away from livestock. More

Strong dollar, faltering economies challenge meat exports

U.S. beef exports to Japan and Hong Kong are down drastically this year, contributing to a 13 percent decrease in volume and a 10 percent decrease in value of total U.S. beef exports through September More

Minnesota pork processor disciplines 2 employees after video emerges

Workers shown in the video did not appear to follow company policies requiring the humane treatment of animals. More

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