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WDFW shoots another wolf; livestock depredations continue

Washington wildlife managers have shot a seventh wolf from the Profanity Peak pack and have confirmed another depredation by the Smackout pack. More

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Beef industry showcases antibiotic resistance prevention

The Washington beef industry recently led members of a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on a tour to showcase ways ranchers are working... More


Cattle placements, marketings up double digits on 2 extra days

There was a lot of coming and going on U.S. feedlots in August, showing that feedlots are moving cattle out in a timely fashion and not building... More


Small grower opens chicken processing facility

Hawkins Sisters Ranch is the only Oregon Department of Agriculture processing facility in Eastern Oregon. More


Wolves attack two more calves in N.E. Washington

Diminished Profanity Peak pack attacks another calf, Washington wildlife managers report. More

U.S. cattle prices continue to erode as supplies rise

While feeder cattle prices have seen a recent improvement, live cattle and calf prices continue under pressure. More

Fair contest keeps youngsters involved in local beef industry

About a dozen youngsters competed in a special class at the Tehama District Fair in Red Bluff, Calif., for calves and steers that were born and bred within the county. Local cattlemen sponsor the project to keep the youth involved in the area's beef industry. More

Groups want Iowa governor to back moratorium on hog confinements

The governor's spokesman rejected the alliance’s proposal, calling it an “extreme” plan that would hurt agriculture and Iowa’s economy. More

Rancher dealing with 300-sheep loss to fire

Valleyford, Wash., farmer Dale Dietrich lost 400 sheep in a wildfire. More

WDFW: Removing entire Profanity Peak pack challenging

Removing the rest of the Profanity Peak wolf pack will be challenging, according to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. More

Doug Warnock: Finding ways to enhance water quality

Columnist Doug Warnock writes about the latest developments in grazing research. More

Pack removal rekindles wolf debate in Washington

Washington wildlife managers haven't finished removing a wolf pack in the Colville National Forest, but the debate about changing the state's policy on shooting wolves has started. More

Big crops, high dollar mean tough year for grain growers

Record crops of corn and soybeans, a bumper wheat crop and large invetories will pressure grain prices downward. More

Maine monument’s creation concerns Malheur County ranchers

A group formed to fight a proposed national monument in Malheur County, Oregon, is getting its message out. But the president's recent designation of a national monument in Maine has them more concerned. More

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