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Antibiotic resistance, better vaccines change livestock practices

Spurred by a crisis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, new restrictions on the use of the drugs in livestock are causing producers to find new ways to care for their animals. More

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DOE head: Water-protection guide should help cattlemen

The Washington Department of Ecology hopes to give cattlemen a clearer idea of what regulators look for when searching for potential water pollution. More


Analysts: Hay prices at point of no return

Despite short-term challenges in the western hay market, global demand for quality hay and production constraints will continue upward pressure on... More


Agency: Sage grouse spending to top $750 million by 2018

About $425 million in government and private funds already have been spent on conservation easements and other measures. More


Oregon wolf survey shows numbers continue to increase

The annual Oregon wolf count and report shows the state has at least 77 wolves and documented 11 incidents of livestock and guard dog attacks in 2014. More

Beef, pork groups critical of dietary recommendations

Beef and pork organizations are urging USDA and Department of Human Health to acknowledge the role of lean meat in a healthy diet following a recommendation by the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee that Americans lower their intake of red and processed meat More

Using livestock to shape your landscape

Columnist Doug Warnock writes about the art and science of targeted grazing. More

Crapo eyes monument designation, public lands policy

Sen. Mike Crapo and Rep. Raul Labrador, both R-Idaho, have introduced legislation to require a vote of Congress and the affected state Legsilature before a president can designate a national monument. More

Boise company first to export meat to Myanmar

Boise-based Agri Beef became the first U.S. company to ship meat to Myanmar, a developing country in Southeast Asia. More

Northeast Washington to Olympia: Action on wolves can’t wait

House committee hears bill to require Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to reopen state's wolf recovery plan. More

Sports medicine test holds promise for cattle industry

Researchers at Idaho State University and Montana State University collaborated on a project to use a quick blood test common in sports science to evaluate the disposition of livestock. More

Effort to change law governing port labor fails to gain steam

Trade groups talk privately about changing law to prevent future port slow downs but don't appear to be getting any effort started. More

Guilty plea entered in California tainted beef case

Prosecutors say that for two years the co-owner of the slaughterhouse instructed employees to process cattle that USDA veterinarians rejected for having cancerous eyes. More

Small processors get a big boost

Oregon law – tweaked to aid small farmers and to meet consumer demand – opens the market for small-scale poultry processors. More

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