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Livestock Weekly Update

Expiration of farm property tax exemptions proposed

An Oregon bill proposes ending property tax exemptions for farms in 2018. More

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Second wolf attack reported in Whitman County

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife reports a second wolf attack on livestock in Whitman County, at the same operation where a ewe was... More


Voluntary sage-grouse initiatives in Oregon appear protected from congressional spending block

Private landowners and soil and water conservation districts in eight Oregon counties are engaged in voluntary sage grouse habitat measures. More


B.C. restricts poultry movements to contain virus

Canadian officials restrict movements of captive birds to contain highly contagious and lethal straing of avian influenza. More


Coyote Catalog program activated in North Dakota

State program links farmers with coyote hunters and trappers. More

Ranchers mostly pleased with omnibus bill

Public lands ranchers have a lot to be happy about in the government funding bill passed by both the House and Senate, from a pullback of EPA regulation to grazing and rangeland support. Trade and marketing provisions, however, are not pleasing everyone in the livestock industry. More

Cows missing from Pocatello butcher

Two cows were reported stolen, and one missing cow was found. In an earlier incident, police shot another cow after it escaped. More

Kansas boosts efforts to fight cattle theft

The new unit will combine the law enforcement authority of the attorney general’s office with the livestock investigations authority of the agriculture department. More

Halal beef supplier vows to contest fraud charges

The company and its directors are charged with conspiring to make and use false statements and documents, sell misbranded meat and commit mail and wire fraud. More

Defining sustainable beef production

Columnist Doug Warnock writes about the latest advances in grazing management and ranching. More

As beef prices rise, cattle herds go missing in Idaho

The losses include a herd of 50 Black Angus consisting of 25 cows and 25 calves valued at $150,000. Another herd of 41 cow-calf pairs, meaning 82 animals total, plus 10 cow-calf pairs, or 20 animals, from another rancher are also reported missing. Those missing cattle are valued at about $200,000. More

Modoc County rancher named new CCA president

The California Cattlemen's Association recently elected a new slate of officers. More

Calif. bill would regulate, track antibiotic use in livestock

The California state lawmaker whose antibiotics bill was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this year has introduced new legislation that would bar the sale of the drugs for livestock without a prescription and set up judicious-use rules and a tracking system to monitor the use of the drugs in the.. More

Beef charity to make first donations from its own herd

A nonprofit ranch formed in Salmon to feed the hungry has been pleased by its progress and the support it's received from local ranchers. More

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