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Livestock Weekly Update

Appeals court upholds labels on meat packages

The full appellate panel heard the case after a three-judge appeals panel ruled against the industry but suggested that the full court may want to review its decision. The first panel had ruled that the industry’s claims were unlikely to succeed in court and said a consumer’s interest... More

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California growers converting rice straw to cattle feed

Growers and University of California researchers have been working at converting rice straw left over from harvest into feed for livestock, which... More


Technology turns manure into clean water

On-farm technology to turn liquid manure into clean water, while separating out valuable nutrients, is expected to be available commercially by... More


Calif. cattlemen turn up heat on rustlers

A bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown will bar those convicted of livestock theft from holding a registered brand in California for five years, and the... More


Fire claims hundreds of homes, cattle

The largest wildfire in Washington history is mostly contained but losses are still being tallied and the number of dead cattle alone is estimated at 700 to 1,000. More

Agri Beef sues partners in biodiesel venture

An Idaho beef company is suing its partners in a biofuel joint venture. More

U.S. cattle on feed continue downward spiral

USDA's latest cattle on feed report shows the declining cattle numbers supporting record-high cattle and beef prices. More

Cattle auction boss gets probation in cruelty case

The Los Angeles-based group Mercy for Animals secretly filmed workers kicking and stomping on pigs, hitting emus with a baton and slinging baby goats by the neck and hind legs. More

Portland grocery chain carries non-GMO chicken

Portland's New Seasons Markets will carry chicken labelel non-GMO. More

Court upholds FDA’s animal antiobiotic plan

A federal appeals court has ruled that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn't have to begin the process of withdrawing antibiotics from subtherapeutic use in animal agriculture. More

July cattle inventory lowest on record

The decrease in overall number of cattle and calves in the U.S. on July 1 is no surprise to the industry. But the decrease in beef replacement heifers is, considering other USDA numbers showing signs of herd rebuilding. More

Swine virus boosts pork prices, spurs precautions

Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) is not a food hazard and it can’t infect people. But hog farmers and consumers have felt its impact. Pork costs are hitting record highs. One Indiana county fair canceled its swine show. Indiana State Fair officials say they will be testing all pigs for. More

Photos show Southern Oregon’s fledgling wolf pack

OR-7's pups are out and about, and appear healthy. More

Producers wonder when cattle price bubble will burst

Record-breaking cattle prices, bringing strong profits up and down the beef supply chain, have many concerned about a market downturn. Feedlots are the most at risk but have a pretty good cushion through October. More

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