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WDFW cites threats as reason to tighten release of wolf records

House committee endorses legislation stemming from death threats against Washington wildlife manages and ranchers More

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Animal rights commenters attack farmer over cute calf video

Farm owner Brian Farmer says the calf has been returned to its mother and his thick neck, strong body and gentle disposition make him a good... More


Some, not all, Washington ranchers back raising brand fees

Washington lawmakers consider raising brand inspection fees; some cattlemen's groups support the plan, but not all More


Debate swirls around bringing grizzly bears to North Cascades

Rancher George Wolner is worried about an errant grizzly bear wandering onto his 17-acre property and feasting on livestock if enough berries and... More


Progress made on reducing Yellowstone bison herd

Bison managers are making progress on their goal to eliminate 1,300 bison from the Yellowstone herd. More

Washington lawmaker’s wolf bill gets heard, but not passed

A Washington legislator's proposal to de-list wolves in his district falls flat, but not before the issue gets raised More

Environmentalists sue over USDA’s authority to kill Oregon wolves

In 2014, the USDA’s analysis concluded its wolf control activities didn’t have significant environmental impacts, but five environmental groups challenged that finding in federal court. More

Environmentalists challenge USDA’s authority to kill Oregon wolves

wolves More

Environmental groups sue to stop wolf killings in Idaho

The lawsuit claims the federal agency is basing wolf control actions on an outdated environmental assessment from 2011. More

Severe flooding hits Southern Idaho hard

Widespread flooding is damaging crops and fields and stressing livestock. More

Idaho cattle grant helps Mackay school start ranch

Students at Mackay Junior-Senior High School in Idaho have started their own ranch to learn about animal husbandry. More

South Dakota livestock in good shape despite January storm

Heavy snow late in the month created difficult conditions for ranchers in southern areas. More

Mysterious Skittles cattle feed spill solved, sort of

Mars says the mishap was the result of miscommunication between a vendor that handles its waste management and a subcontractor. More

U.S. beef herd expansion not done yet

USDA’s annual cattle inventory surprised many analysts, who thought the beef herd expansion was winding down. More

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