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Washington game managers criticized for wolf shooting

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife hosted a meeting in a Seattle suburb and heard the shooting of a wolf to protect sheep criticized. More

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Oregon wolf count could trigger delisting process

Look for stormy public hearings if Oregon considers removing wolves from the state endangered species list in 2015. More


Ranchers profit from conservation

A May, Idaho, rancher has received a large grant to continue improving his range land for the benefit of sage grouse, seeking to be proactive in case... More


WSU livestock expert picked as sustainable ag fellow

Washington State University livestock specialist Susan Kerr, stationed in Mount Vernon, has been picked for a national fellowship to study... More


NCBA says generic checkoff would fall short

NCBA and state cattle associations contend a supplemental beef checkoff proposed by USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack would be detrimental to the beef industry and producers and point out the differences between the current beef-specific checkoff and Vilsack's proposed generic checkoff. More

Wanted: People to advise Washington on wolves

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife seeks members for its panel to advise the agency on wolf recovery. More

Montana decides to keep Yellowstone bison in state

Yellowstone bison are considered extremely valuable because they are one of the few wild herds left that have no cattle genes. These 145 bison were captured a decade ago under an experimental program to start new herds using the genetically pure Yellowstone animals. More

Cattleman band together against new checkoff

Cattlemen are banding together to fight Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack's intention to resolve a stalemeate in the beef industry over amending the national beef checkoff by establishing a supplemental, secondary beef checkoff under a 1996 generic promotion act. More

Organic industry confused by GMO vaccines

A lack of clarity about which livestock vaccines are made with genetically modified organisms is creating confusion in the organic industry. More

Wolf shot in Whitman County

State wildlife officers determined that the wolf had been shot by a farmer who pursued the animal for several miles in his vehicle after seeing it near his farm. More

Ranchers want more precise wolf locations from GPS collars

ODFW already tracks and shares the general location of GPS-collared wolves with livestock producers, using an automated system that sends out text message and email notifications. The data places wolves within one of several pre-defined geographic areas, but does not tell ranchers where exactly the. More

Livestock learn eating habits from Mom

Consultant Doug Warnock offers his insight into best grazing practices. More

Dakotas state vets caution about pig virus spread

State Veterinarian Dustin Oedekoven said South Dakota has had considerably fewer cases than neighboring states such as Minnesota and Iowa, but the PED virus is still a concern because it’s so easily spread. More

Ranchers vent frustrations over wolf management

Eastern Washington ranchers say the state isn't doing enough to prevent wolf attacks on livestock. More

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