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Seed testing finds more tuber-damaging PVY, ring rot

The results of Idaho Crop Improvement Associaiton's annual winter grow-out in Hawaii show rates of potato virus Y have held relatively flat in Idaho seed, but seed samples have led to more confirmations of bacterial ring rot. More

Featured Stories

Oregon, Idaho onion farmers inducted into hall of fame

Two past presidents of the Idaho and Oregon onion growers associations have been inducted into the groups' joint hall of fame together. More


Governor seeks additional $1.8 million for ag research, extension

Gov. Butch Otter's proposed budget asks for an additional $1.8 million in agricultural research and extension funding. Almost all of that additional... More


Idaho grower pleased with no-till spuds

An Eastern Idaho farmer has experimented with no-till potatoes. More


Lawmakers float 3 bills amending Idaho’s animal cruelty law

Two proposals to amend Idaho's animal cruelty law have been introduced in the Idaho Legislature and a third is being re-drafted. More

USDA agencies improve web record access

USDA's Farm Service Agency and Natural Resources Conservation Service are both rolling out new programs aimed at providing better computerized records and services for growers. More

Judge rules against environmentalists on Snake River dredging

The Pacific Northwest Waterways Association is hailing a U.S. District Court judge's ruling in Seattle against arguments that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers didn't take the proper precautions when dredging the Lower Snake River in 2015. More

20 wolves killed in northern Idaho to boost elk population

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services killed the wolves using a helicopter starting last week, and the wolf-control action has ended. More

Idaho House, Senate panels split on wheat commission name rule

A provision in a pending rule that the Idaho Wheat Commission says would enable it to better educate growers has been approved in the Senate but rejected in the House. More

Judge throws out lawsuit against river dredging

The judge said in his ruling that the plaintiffs not only were wrong on the merits but lacked standing to bring a lawsuit. More

Wildlife officials to kill wolves in remote Idaho region

Elk herds have been struggling in the remote country for nearly two decades. More

Idaho Wheat Commission to host no-till workshop

The Idaho Wheat Commission has organized a workshop on direct seeding, scheduled for Feb. 24 in Idaho Falls. More

ISDA: Plan ahead for pesticide spill

ISDA program manager tells pesticide applicators to prepare for the worst in a pesticide spill and expect the best. More

Partnering grain companies expedite hard white variety’s commercialization

Two cereal companies are partnering to market a promising new University of Idaho hard white spring variety. More

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