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Idaho Weekly Update

Water managers lay out Idaho’s water issues

Returning the Eastern Snake River Plain Aquifer aquifer to a sustainable level is a monumental task that must be achieved. More

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Idaho dairymen trying to mitigate flooding

Unprecedented flooding in Southern Idaho raises concerns over regulatory compliance. State veterinarian says run-on and runoff of water in the... More


Strong Idaho snowpack triggers cloud seeding suspension

Idaho Power Co. has suspended its cloud seeding, already having an ample mountain snowpack. More


Idaho farmers inducted into onion industry hall of fame

Ken Nelson and Clinton Wissel have been inducted into the Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Hall of Fame. More


Idaho governor seeks to intervene in federal logging lawsuit

Gov. Butch Otter says that he’s seeking to make sure the state’s interests receive adequate representation. More

Idaho bill puts court decision on stock watering rights into state law

Idaho lawmakers will consider legislation that would put into state law an Idaho Supreme Court decision on who owns in-stream stock watering rights on federal land. More

Flooding raises Idaho crop disease concerns

Idaho crop experts caution waterlogged grain could be at a heightened risk of diseases, including pythium, which appears to be developing resistance to treatments in southeast Idaho. More

Idaho lawmakers approve second payment in pesticide cleanup

The pesticide seeped into the soil after state and federal agencies used it to eradicate a potato pest called pale cyst nematode. More

Bill would do away with dyed fuel in Idaho

A bill introduced in the Idaho Legislature would require farmers and others who currently use dyed fuel to pay the taxes on diesel fuel up front and apply for a refund. More

Environmental groups sue to stop wolf killings in Idaho

The lawsuit claims the federal agency is basing wolf control actions on an outdated environmental assessment from 2011. More

Beekeeper develops ‘smart bee’ winter storage system

Initial results of the “smart bee storage” facility show winter death loss at 6 to 7 percent. More

UI to grow nuclear potato seed program

University of Idaho has hired a new director and a promoted a worker to be a full-time greenhouse manager for its nuclear seed potato program, and intends to invest in new infrastructure. More

Disposal of 200 million pounds of cull onions challenge growers

Idaho and Oregon state officials are scrambling to find ways to handle the estimated 200 million pounds of ruined onions that have to be disposed of by April 15. More

Oregon, Idaho governors view snow damage in Treasure Valley

The Idaho and Oregon governors pledged to do everything they can to assist with recovery efforts. More

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