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Idaho Weekly Update

Snow, rain have delayed planting in Treasure Valley

Soggy farm fields have pushed planting back two to three weeks for many farmers in southwestern Idaho and Eastern Oregon. More

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Officials: Cyanide device use on federal land broke agency policy

The devices called M-44s look like water sprinkler heads and were put on the land as part of a federal effort to kill coyotes that target livestock. More


Idaho lawmakers OK memorial that asks for all food to meet same standards

The Idaho Legislature has approved a joint memorial that asks for foreign food imports to be held to the same food safety standards that domestic... More


Legislature approves $300 million for highway projects

Idaho lawmakers have approved a bill authorizing $300 million in bonds for improvements to major transportation arteries — likely including... More


Officials approve $90M for Idaho National Laboratory

Officials expect the centers to create 500 high-paying tech jobs and about 1,000 temporary construction jobs. More

Grocery tax repeal bill heads Idaho governor’s desk

Idaho would join 37 other states to not put a sales tax on groceries under a proposal headed to the governor's desk More

Judge wants Corps to determine right amount of water for endangered fish

The judge ruled Monday that the Army Corps of Engineers must spill more water for salmon at eight dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers. More

Idaho honey production increased in 2016, but neighboring states dropped a bit

Beekeepers battle colony collapse, pests and weather to produce honey and pollinate crops. More

Five inducted into Eastern Idaho Ag Hall of Fame

Five leaders were selected for inclusion into the Eastern Idaho Agricultural Hall of Fame. More

Idaho Senate puts brakes on transportation bill

Lawmakers said they will not back a plan that primarily used bonds to pay for new road projects and repay it with future federal highway payments. More

East Idaho canal companies challenge water district accounting practice

Five Eastern Idaho canal companies have sent a letter to Water District 1 challenging its practice of deducting downstream river losses to seepage against upstream natural flow rights. More

Idaho-Oregon industry changes how it promotes its bulb onion

The region cut its onion assessment and encouraged shippers to use the savings to do more of their own direct promotions and marketing. More

Idaho quinoa buyer outgrowing processing facility

Eastern Idaho quinoa buyer Jeremiah Clark has signed a major contract to sell his specialty grain and now anticipates needing a much larger processing facility. More

East Idaho man dies in farm equipment accident

A Rexburg father has died after he became entangled in the rotor of farm equipment More

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