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Companies to partner on handling waste in Idaho mines

Public comment is being accepted on Agrium's proposed phosphate mine. More

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New grain producers director excited to represent Idaho growers

New Idaho Grain Producers Association Executive Director Stacey Katseanes Satterlee has experience in a broad range of ag-related issues. More


Idaho researchers anticipate more yellow dwarf trouble

Warm weather without a killing frost late into fall has led to a boom in aphid populations and mounting concern about the potential for rampant... More


Agricultural voice speaks ‘farmer talk’

Though he started with no farming experience, ag lobbyist Benjamin Kelly, who also administers several farm commissions, has gained the trust of... More


Court rules flood control releases don’t count against stored water rights

A special hearing officer has ruled in favor of Treasure Valley water users who contend that flood control releases shouldn't count against stored water rights. More

Idaho council pursues public compensation for mining damage

A council comprising several agencies and entities has announced it plans to assess environmental damage resulting from historic phosphate mining in Caribou County, and could issue fines to phosphate companies. More

Sheep festival preserves, shares heritage

Annual sheep festival honors herder heritage. More

Trial date set for man accused of threatening sheriff

The rancher pleaded not guilty in July to charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and eluding a peace officer. More

Wildfire destroys 4 structures, forces dozens to evacuate

Homes are under evacuation orders in the areas of Macks Creek and Pine Creek. More

Satterlee takes over as Idaho Grain Producers Association director

Stacey Katseanes Satterlee started work this week as the new director of the Idaho Grain Producers Association. More

Group has plan to educate students about driving jobs

The Idaho Trucking Association is planning a new program to educate school children about opportunities in the trucking industry, hoping to help with a truck driver shortage that's growing worse every year. More

Idaho funds yellow onion promotion in Mexico

The Idaho-Eastern Oregon Onion Committee will use a $35,000 specialty crop grant to market yellow onions to Mexico. More

FERC staff document opposes dam in Idaho’s Oneida Narrows

Staff with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission opposed construction of a new storage reservoir on the Bear River in southeast Idaho in a recently issued draft enivornmental impact statement. More

Idaho reports variable Burbank quality

Idaho potato industry sources say there's a high degree of variability in the quality of the state's Russet Burbank crop this season. More

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