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Idaho total net farm income increased 15 percent in 2017

Despite a 2 percent increase in overall farm expenses, net farm income in Idaho increased 15 percent in 2017 due to a 5 percent increase in farm revenues. It was the state’s first increase in net farm income in four years. More

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Federal payments to Idaho agriculture drop 44 percent

Federal government payments accounted for less than 5 percent of Idaho’s total net farm income, compared to 17.7 percent for U.S. agriculture... More


IDA lays out its legislative agenda

A new phosphorous standard for nutrient management plans tops the list of Idaho dairymen’s legislative agenda at the state level. More


Researchers continue long-term study of sage grouse, grazing

The lack of empirical data on the relationship between livestock grazing and sage grouse survival is the driving force behind a collaborative 10-year... More


Washington, Idaho officials say saving roadkill makes sense

Under a law passed last year, Oregon will begin allowing permit holders to salvage roadkill in 2019. More

Washington, Idaho officials say saving roadkill makes sense

Deer and elk top the list in Idaho, but residents have also hauled away 419 moose, 55 black bears, 51 wild turkeys and 39 beavers since the law went into effect. More

Committee will offer farm bill input to Idaho’s congressional delegation

An 11-member committee representing Idaho’s ag industry will offer the state’s congressional delegation input on the development of the new farm bill. More

Phosphorus indexing offers dairies flexibility, precision

The new standard will better address the risk of phosphorus loss to the environment and allow dairymen to focus management on high-risk sites. More

Otter’s proposed budget excludes seed potato facility

University of Idaho plans to build a new $5.5 million nuclear seed potato facility but Gov. Butch Otter’s proposed 2019 budget does not include $3 million in state funding sought by the university. More

Both sides declare victory in 9th Circuit Court’s ‘ag gag’ ruling

“Almost all of the law got upheld,” said Gayle Batt, a former state representative who sponsored the bill in the Idaho House of Representatives. “The meat of the bill survived.” More

Idaho farm cash receipts up for first time in three years

University of Idaho ag economists say many farmers are still struggling to make a profit due to low commodity prices. More

Giant Idaho spud continues to garner national attention

A children’s book has been written about the Big Idaho Potato Truck’s journey on a barge in front of the Statue of Liberty, and the giant spud will be featured in an upcoming Man vs. Food TV show. More

Residents question open range laws in northwest Idaho county

Some residents would like to see changes made to open range laws or Latah County converted into closed range More

9th Circuit strikes down most of Idaho’s ‘ag gag’ law

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has mostly struck down Idaho’s “ag gag” law criminalizing secret records of farm activities. More

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