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Idaho Weekly Update

Idaho farm income up 18 percent in second quarter

Personal farm income in Idaho increased 18 pecent during the second quarter of 2014, by far the best performance of any economic sector in the state. More

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EPA, Jerome Cheese reach settlement

Jerome Cheese has settled with EPA over alleged Clean Air Act violations at its Jerome, Idaho, plant. The company has agreed to pay an $88,000... More


Study predicts damage of Idaho water call

University of Idaho researchers have analyzed how a water call by the Rangen, Inc., trout farm in Idaho's Magic Valley would influence the economy if... More


Idaho Wheat Commission faces revenue cut

Losses to Idaho wheat and barley production caused by heavy August rains will have a significant impact on the budgets of the state's grain... More


Crisis group addresses Idaho grain losses

A crisis response group convened by Idaho's Speaker of the House is trying to find ways to help growers in Southern Idaho deal with the huge losses in wheat and barley production they suffered this year due to unusually heavy August and September rains. More

Pipeline part of latest Rangen water mitigation plan

Members of Idaho Ground Water Appropriators have developed a new mitigation plan to satisfy a water call by the Rangen, Inc., trout farm. The irrigators say the state has received the plan favorably. More

Idaho cheese company, feds reach settlement

On Thursday the EPA announced that the company has since corrected the violations. More

Sheriff: No criminal negligence in corn-maze death

Witnesses said the teenager was dressed as a zombie when he emerged from his hiding place and ran toward a modified school bus carrying paintball players. Witnesses say he tripped and fell in front of the rear tires and got run over. More

Ranchers profit from conservation

A May, Idaho, rancher has received a large grant to continue improving his range land for the benefit of sage grouse, seeking to be proactive in case of an endangered species listing. More

Jewell: Sage grouse problems not insurmountable

Federal land managers face a deadline as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is under court order to decide next year whether the bird should receive federal protection. Experts told Jewell that wildfire, habitat loss due to development and invasive species are the main threats to sage grouse. More

Federal money will fund Idaho streamgages

An additional $141,000 in federal funding will be used by the U.S. Geological Survey to fully fund 10 streamgages in Idaho that are critical for delivering water for agriculture and other uses. More

Interior secretary to tour Idaho sagebrush habitat

Jewell is scheduled to join Bureau of Land Management Deputy Director Steve Ellis in Rogerson, Idaho, on Tuesday to tour land that was burned in 2007’s large Murphy Complex wildfire. More

Idaho gives oil company second shot to exclude BLM

Bureau of Land Management attorney John Hockberger told the commission that the agency would also like to have natural gas production start because it brings in money for the federal government, half of that going to Idaho. But he said federal laws require environmental analysis, and that takes... More

Deer attract predators to Idaho community

Residents have seen coyotes scavenging deer carcasses. More

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