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Environmentalists blast House dairy bill over lawsuits

Environmental groups hammered a House bill that would strengthen state oversight of Washington dairies, while blocking federal lawsuits against farmers. More

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Ambassadors offer a ‘Dairy Good Day’ at Washington’s Capitol

Washington state's dairy ambassadors were on hand Jan. 27 at the Capitol to help the legislature and administration celebrate Dairy Day. More


AgriNorthwest to buy Boardman Tree Farm

AgriNorthwest has entered into an agreement to buy the Boardman Tree Farm. More


New dairy princess-ambassador crowned

Sara Pierson, 20, is the daughter of Steve and Susan Pierson, owners of Sar-Ben Farms of St. Paul. More


Official details storm’s lasting effects on New Mexico’s dairy industry

Dairy operations and ranchers on the eastern side of the state were ready for the snow but not the gusts that came along with it. More

Glanbia names top-quality producers

To be recognized for the award, Glanbia’s milk suppliers must meet strict quality standards over 12 months, paying close attention to all facets of dairy operations. More

United Dairymen partner with Girl Scouts

United Dairymen of Idaho are donating milk to the Idaho Foodbank as part of the Girl Scouts "Cookies and Milk" effort. More

Idaho dairymen give $95,000 to schools

The Idaho Dairy Council will give school money to health them promote physical activities for students. More

Idaho Dairy Council hires wellness manager

Idaho diarymen have hired a health and wellness manage. More

Not a good Groundhog Day for dairy

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

Cheese, butter prices remain mixed

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

December brings wide swings in U.S. milk production

U.S. milk production in December was generally up in the North and down in the South, with continued declines in California, New Mexico and Texas. More

House bill proposes option to Washington ecology’s manure rules

A House bill would direct the Washington Department of Ecology to work with the state Department of Agriculture on an alternative plan to regulate manure-handling at dairies. More

New staffer part of IDA’s response to growing producer needs

Idaho Dairymen's Association has hired a nutrient and water management specialist to meet the growing needs of its producer members. More

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