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Dairy Weekly Update

Chobani’s non-GMO feed initiative surprises dairymen

Chobani took Idaho dairymen by surprise in its announcement that it has partnered with Green America, which leads a non-GMO coalition, to explore alternatives to cattle feed produced from GMO crops. More

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Dairymen’s checkoff dollars do double duty

The dairy industry's strategic partnerships with quick-serve restaurants and food brands funded by U.S. dairy farmers through the national dairy... More



Idaho cheese company, feds reach settlement

On Thursday the EPA announced that the company has since corrected the violations. More

Yogurt is now official New York state snack

New York is the nation’s top yogurt producer, making 741 million pounds of the dairy product last year. More

Organic industry confused by GMO vaccines

A lack of clarity about which livestock vaccines are made with genetically modified organisms is creating confusion in the organic industry. More

Mexican trucking pilot expires

A three-year pilot program of allowing Mexican trucks to deliver goods in the United States has expired and the Department of Transportation has not said what's next. More

Cheese prices rallying, butter plummeting

Columnist Lee Mielke rounds up the week's dairy news. More

Dairy farmers ask for help with hungry elk

Dairy farmers say the elk have knocked down fences and often gobble up the rye grasses that cows rely upon. More

Judge tosses out non-compete agreements

A dairy genetics company has lost a lawsuit against artificial insemination technicians in Washington who defected to another firm. More

Milk at record highs; dairy product prices down

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy news. More

Raw milk supporters petitioning state high court

The petitions are the result of a state appeals court ruling against Mark and Petra Zinniker, dairy farmers in Walworth County, and Grassway Organics Farm Store in New Holstein. More

Wisconsin plant turns cow manure into electricity

Manure from more than 2,000 cows owned at three local dairy farms is sent to the plant, where it’s used to create methane and produce electricity. More

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