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Washington watchdog gives What’s Upstream more time

The Washington Public Disclosure Commission has given What's Upstream until Oct. 17 to respond to allegations it broke state law by failing to register as a grass-roots lobbying organization. More

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Western Innovator: Dietitian presents dairy’s case

United Dairymen of Idaho dietitian Crystal Wilson is constantly looking for ways to arm physicians, coaches, educators and other "thought leaders"... More



CAFO air quality lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit over the federal government's lack of Clean Air Act regulations for CAFOs has been dismissed. More

Cheese, butter prices mixed

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

U.S. milk output up in August after July price jump

U.S. dairy producers continue to increase milk production, which was up nearly 2 percent in August year over year. More

Supplier: No listeria in product before going to Blue Bell plant

Aspen Hills said its cookie dough product tested negative for listeria before it was shipped to Blue Bell and that the “positive listeria results were obtained by Blue Bell only after our product had been in their control for almost two months.” More

Washington dairies slow to adopt online reporting system

A new way for Washington dairies to report cow sales has been slow to catch on, disappointing the state Department of Agriculture. More

Most dairy product prices sink

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

Western fluid milk and cream review

Milk production in the mountain states of Colorado, Idaho and Utah is steady to lower. A stretch of cooler temperatures has aided cow comfort. More

Washington watchdog asks What’s Upstream for explanation

Washington Public Disclosure will look into whether What's Upstream organizers should have reported its lobbying efforts to the state. More

Idaho Dairy Council gives schools $231,000

Dairymen continue to support schools and students through the Idaho Dairy Council. More

Butter market defies stocks, cream availability

More buyers than sellers keep butter prices high despite supply and demand fundamentals. More

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