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Beef, dairy groups question proposed organic rule

Livestock groups say a proposed rule on organic livestock practices is based on public perception rather than science. More

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Dairy inventories weigh down markets

World milk production has finally started to contract, but it'll be some time before significant product inventories will clear the market. More


Farmer speaks up for Washington dairies

Whatcom County dairy farmer Larry Stap defends farmers and his brand of milk. More


WSDA director ousts state veterinarian

Washington State Veterinarian Joe Baker was dismmised from the position which he had held for 20 months. More


Washington projects pollution-control costs for dairies

The Washington Department of Ecology's estimate of how much new pollution-control rules will cost dairies lowballs the true cost, according to an industry representative. More

Higher temperatures push dairy prices upward

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

Sensor notifies farmers when cows go into labor

It alerts dairy managers by cellphone and email about an hour before a cow gives birth. More

U.S. dairymen fare better than global counterparts

Large global inventories and weak demand will stretch out the rough patch for dairymen, but most of the major exporting regions have put the brakes on milk production. More

WSDA: Yakima, Whatcom dairies succeed in reducing nitrates

Farmers are attending workshops on managing manure, and nitrate levels are dropping at dairies in at least two counties, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture. More

Research on raising dairy heifers leads to use of RFCs

A relatively new technology is the use of Refined Functional Carbohydrates — known by the initials RFC — to help establish a healthy immune foundation for calves. More

Washington lawmaker promises bill to contain manure ruling

U.S. Rep. Dan Newhouse, R-Wash., will try again to blunt the lasting impact of a federal judge's ruing against diaries in his Central Washington district. More

Cash cheese takes off, then falters

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

North Dakota farm group wants price protections for milk

Farm Union groups from North Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota and California are lobbying lawmakers for a higher price point that will cover the cost of milk. More

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