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Dairy Weekly Update

2015 could be a break-even year for Idaho dairy farmers

During a presentation to lawmakers by United Dairymen of Idaho officials, most of the questions from legislators centered around Fairlife, a new premium milk product being distributed by the Coca-Cola Co. More

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Producer group: Dairymen must take control

A dairy producer organization says dairy farmers can help themselves by changng milk production to sustain profitability and calls on dairymen to... More


Asia investing in Oceania dairy sector

Last year brought a flurry of Asian investments into the Oceania dairy sector, but China and Southeast Asia will have to look beyond Oceania to meet... More



Cheese, butter finish March higher

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy news. More

EU dairy farmers protest end of milk quotas

The EU's milk quota system ends Wednesday. Officials believe the soaring global population should lead to higher demand, thereby allowing European producers to compete with U.S. and Australian farmers targeting lucrative markets in Asia. More

New Idaho rules relax import restrictions on livestock

The Idaho Legislature has approved two pending rules that would relax import restrictions on some livestock. Idaho State Department of Agriculture officials said the new rules would still ensure herd health is protected. More

Bill grants livestock producers capital gains tax deduction

A bill that has passed the Idaho Legislature would ensure that partners in a livestock operation are treated the same as other industries when it comes to a state tax deduction for capital gains. More

Mid-March dairy prices heading lower

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy news. More

Plunge in milk prices stresses N.Y. dairy farmers

Milk prices that exceeded $24 per 100 lbs. — roughly 9 gallons — in 2014 have dropped into the $15 range this year. More

‘Obamacow’ bill to help Missouri’s dairy industry heads to governor

Along with subsidizing federal dairy insurance, the bill would require the University of Missouri to research and report on how to improve the industry. More

Dairy price outlook not as rosy as futures market

Dairy analysts warn U.S. dairy suppliers and milk producers against putting too much faith in current futures pricing, which they say is presenting a false "slope of hope." More

Cash cheese steady to higher; butter down

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy news. More

Seven groups sign off on beef checkoff changes

Seven of the eight organizations in the Beef Checkoff Enhancement Working Group have signed a memorandum of understanding to add an additional $1 a head to the beef checkoff assessment and change the makeup of the committee that nominates candidates for the operating committee, which decides... More

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