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Dairy Weekly Update

When in trouble, What’s Upstream went to EPA regional head

With EPA staff members questioning the legality of What's Upstream, the campaign's organizer requested and got a meeting with EPA Regional Administrator Dennis McLerran More

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Cornell students win new dairy product competition

Food scientists students from Cornell University took the top spot in the new dairy product development competition sponsored by the Idaho Milk... More


Dairy fits well in sustainable dietary guidelines

Lack of adequate research isn't stopping governments from moving ahead with proposals for sustainable dietary quidelines -- which are the basis of... More


U.S. losing share in sluggish global dairy market

U.S. dairy exporters are having a tough time in world markets due to both a smaller overall pie and a smaller piece of that pie. More


USDA to buy $20 million worth of surplus cheese

USDA's $20 million purchase of cheese to assistant dairy producers isn't expected to have much impact on milk prices. More

Cheese prices up; butter slips

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

U.S. dairy herd largest since 2008

Dairy cow numbers are the highest in the U.S. since 2008, driven by economies of scale, record milk prices in 2014 and the availability of heifers. More

Opportunity ahead for U.S. dairy exporters

U.S. dairy exporters will face more competition in the decade ahead, but there's opportunity if they are aggressive suppliers -- and make the call rather than take the call. More

Glitch causes extension of manure rules comment period

Technical glitch may have prevented the Washington Department of Ecology from receiving comments about new manure-handling rules. More

Farmer, cows overcome by deadly fumes

Weather conditions, including warmer upper air temperatures, created a deadly dome of air. More

Dairy prices ride roller coaster

Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news. More

Washington dairy commission hires general manager

The Washington Dairy Products Commission has promoted its communications director, Scott Kinney, to general manager. More

Merger sparks organic milk competition worries

An organic industry watchdog worries that a planned merger between two major dairy companies will hurt prices for organic farmers. More

U.S. dairy exports up in volume in June

U.S. dairy exports were up 5 percent in June year over year but down 18 percent in value. More

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