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Customers remain committed to Idaho wheat despite 2014 losses

The Idaho wheat industry's main customers have told Idaho Wheat Commission officials they remain committed to the state despite major losses in 2014 due to heavy August rains. More

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Expo examines precision farming tools

The possibility of using drones in conjunction with satellites to monitor crop health will be discussed during the upcoming Precision Farmig Expo in... More


Wolf report may be starting point for removal from endangered status

The process to consider removing wolves from Oregon's endangered species list could begin later this spring. More


Wash. House passes wage, paid leave bills to uninterested Senate

Washington state House passes bills to raise minimum wage and mandate paid leave, including for seasonal workers. More

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Early spring pushes crops, raises frost worries

Tree fruit, hay and aspargus all feel the pull of early warmth in Central Washington. It makes for a longer frost protection season. More

Second ringtail captured and released with radio collar

Ringtails are smaller than a house cat and are mostly brown but have distinctive black- and white-ringed tails. The nocturnal carnivores are members of the raccoon family. More

Spill covers 50 birds in used motor oil

The oil was stored in a tank at a former feedlot and could have been there for years. More

Washington House votes to raise hourly minimum wage to $12

The bill moves next to the Senate for consideration, where a companion bill did not get a committee hearing this legislative session. More

California shuts down oil wells to protect ground water

A review found more than 2,500 instances when the state authorized the injection of oilfield waste into protected water aquifers that could be used for drinking or irrigating crops. More

Bill would require giant cane growers post $1 million bond

Legislation would require farmers to file at least a $1 million bond to grow giant cane, which critics say could become an invasive weed in Oregon. More

Some of Idaho fruit crop was damaged by November cold snap

Record low temperatures in November have caused damage to Idaho's fruit crop, but the extent of the damage won't be known until May or June. More

Calif. manual survey shows 5 percent of normal snowpack

The California Department of Water Resources found little snow water content in its third manual snow survey of the season March 3 despite weekend storms that dumped 12 to 18 inches of snow in parts of the Sierra Nevada. More

Oregon wine industry honors five at annual awards dinner

The Oregon wine industry, riding a crest of artistic and financial success, honors some of its pioneers. More

Idaho seed growers exceed ring rot program requirements

In the first year of mandatory testing of Idaho certified potato seed for bacterial ring rot, many commercial growers have requested that theirseed be tested at higher than minimum levels. More

Lawmakers consider new lime fee

A new 5 cent fee on lime is proposed under a bill being considered by Oregon lawmakers. More

Lawsuit claims malfunction killed 100,000 chickens

A lawsuit filed by an Oregon egg producer claims that an electrical malfunction halted ventilation at one of its facilities, thereby killing 100,000 chickens. The company is seeking $500,000 from the installer of a control system equipment that failed to set off an alarm. More

Calif.’s State Water Project boosts allocation to 20 percent

California's State Water Project increased its anticipated deliveries from 15 percent to 20 percent of requested supplies as early-season storms enabled the state to send water to storage south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. More

Apple company builds new facilities for future

Washington Fruit & Produce Co. remains aggressive in building new multi-million-dollar packing facilities and expanding orchards on eve of turning 100 years old. More

Low-lignin alfalfa eases quality/yield trade-off

Low lignin alfalfa varieties could solve growers' dilemma of harvesting for quality or yield and provide harvest flexibility to avoid rain. More

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