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Vegetable oil bill barely clears low hurdle in Washington Senate

A close Senate committee vote shows considerable support for applying new rules for moving crude oil by rail to vegetable oil. More

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Idaho grower pleased with no-till spuds

An Eastern Idaho farmer has experimented with no-till potatoes. More


ISDA: Plan ahead for pesticide spill

ISDA program manager tells pesticide applicators to prepare for the worst in a pesticide spill and expect the best. More


Protecting pollinators demands diligence

Pesticide applicators need to read chemical labels, which might have changed, and be aware of areas surroundings crops and the weather to help... More

The Latest

Oregon stops sales of Guardian Mite Spray after lab finds contamination

The unlisted pesticide was found on marijuana intended for the medicinal market. More

Drought reversal: Southeast Oregon has strong snowpack

With the good snowpack area farmers should have water this year, Jay Chamberlin, Owyhee Irrigation District manager, says. More

Turnbull refuge reopens after weekend closure

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service closed Turnbull National Refuge in Cheney, Wash., during the weekend of Feb. 6-7 out of "an abundance of caution." More

No alternatives to chlorpyrifos for two key almond pests, study finds

A team of University of California researchers and industry professionals has found that there are no real alternatives to chlorpyrifos in combatting two key almond pests. The federal government is considering banning chlorpyrifos for agricultural use. More

Remaining occupiers release defiant videos mocking FBI

The holdouts are among 16 people charged with conspiracy to interfere with federal workers in the armed standoff over federal land policy that has surpassed five weeks. More

Partnering grain companies expedite hard white variety’s commercialization

Two cereal companies are partnering to market a promising new University of Idaho hard white spring variety. More

Bills rise from ashes of Washington’s wildfires

Legislative proposals are rising from the ashes of Washington's record-smashing fire season, but executing even minor polices will require new government spending. More

Child care for farmworkers’ children studied

The Washington Growers League and groups in Wisconsin and Texas are surveying farmers about child care for farmworker children and point to a Florida program that works well. More

Plagued by delays, California high-speed rail back in court

In the second phase of a court challenge filed in 2011, attorneys for a group of Central Valley farmers will argue in Sacramento County Superior Court on Thursday that the state can’t keep the promises it made to voters in 2008 about the travel times and system cost. More

Researcher fosters predator dialogue

Kimberly Rodrigues, now the director of the University of California's Hopland Research and Extension Center, is using her experience in mediating timber disputes to foster discussions between livestock producers and animal advocates in how to coexist with wolves. More

Three-tier wage plan set for Senate vote

A bill to set a three-tier minimum wage for Oregon goes to the Senate next week. More

Bill amends Idaho production exemption for farming operations

A bill introduced in the Idaho Legislature would ensure equipment used to remove agricultural commodities from storage isn't subject to the state's sales tax. More

FFA members focus on future at career fair

Washington FFA members check out possible career options during the Spokane Ag Expo and Pacific Northwest Farm Forum. More

ISDA: Keep pesticide applicator license current

Penalties for licensing violations are $100 for each day of operating without a license. Violators are also subject to license suspension, denial or revocation. More

Senate resolutions would bless Idaho water agreement, direct recharge

Three senate resolutions that would allow lawmakers to give their blessing to last year's agreement between surface and ground water users in the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer have been introduced in the Idaho Legislature. More

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