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U.S., China open doors to apple trade

The U.S. apple industry has gained what it's wanted for 20 years, full varietal access into China. And China also gets into the U.S. with its apples, something it's wanted for 17 years. More

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Proximity to biodiesel plant not crucial, WSU economist says

Washington State University economist Randy Fortenbery addresses the economic demand for oilseed crops and biodiesel. More


Environmentalists protest ‘test case’ logging project

Environmentalists want to stop a "test case" logging project that the U.S. Bureau of Land Management claims restores forest resilience. More


Rootstocks, drip irrigation keys to fighting apple replant disease

A new series of rootstocks and drip irrigation systems are top tools growers use in fighting orchard replant disease. More

The Latest

Crews clear rockslide on train tracks in northern Idaho

Crews cleared the main line tracks by Monday morning. More

California may dam 3 Delta channels, if drought persists

The Delta provides 25 million people with drinking water and irrigates millions of acres of farmland. More

Ecology to check streams in E. Washington

Washington Department of Ecology staff plan to assess Eastern Washington streams in March. The department holds several workshops this week with growers. More

Water panel begins process of considering bond projects

The California Water Commission is beginning the lengthy process of deciding which projects will be funded under the water storage portion of the $7.5 billion water bond passed by the state's voters in November. More

H5N1 bird flu found in Washington; little human health risk since

A wild duck tested positive for a highly pathogenic bird flu virus that combines Eurasion and North American strains. More

Public support for grazing strong in Idaho

A University of Idaho survey of Idaho residents shows a 90 percent approval rating for livestock grazing on public lands and a high level of trust in Idaho's public lands ranchers. More

Nevada county mulls commercial drone testing to help economy

The Northeastern Nevada Regional Development Authority and the Elko Regional Airport want to contract with the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems. More

2 farm reps added to Idaho ag dean search committee

University of Idaho has added two more representatives of the state's agricultural industry to a committee that is advising the university in its search for a permenant dean for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The original committee list included only one ag industry representative. More

Bird flu found at Foster Farms turkey ranch in California

Routine food safety screening uncovered the flu outbreak at the Stanislaus County ranch. More

Oregon’s wine industry packs a surprising economic punch

A new study says Oregon's focus on high-quality wine has paid off in the form of a $3.3 billion economic impact. More

Judge stays Idaho water curtailment on 474 junior users

After the Idaho Department of Water Resources mailed curtailment orders to 474 daires, cities and industrial water users in the Magic Valley drawing groundwaterfrom the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer, a district judge granted the users a two-week stay. More

U.S. milk production up, prices down

U.S. milk production continues to increase, and milk prices continue a downward trend from record highs seen this fall. Analysts don't look for rmarket recovery until mid year but are forecasting continued moderate feed costs. More

Farmed Smart certification offers regulatory ‘safe harbor,’ leader says

The Pacific Northwest Direct Seed Association is seeking farmers to serve as pilots for its new certification program, Farmed Smart. The certification would provide a "safe harbor" from regulatory agencies that support the program, says executive director Kay Meyer. More

Psyllids decline, but overwintering concerns arise

Levels of zebra chip, a crop disease in potatoes spread by potato psyllids and caused by the Liberibacter bacterium, were down signficiantly in the Pacific Northwest. More

SE Asia worried about too many apples

Southeast Asia retailers are worried about having too many apples once the U.S. West Coast longshoremen's work slow down ends, says a Washington apple industry rep just back from the region. More

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