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State seeks solutions to shipping woes at Hermiston workshop

Oregon shippers now pay an additional $500-$1,000 per container to send their goods to Seattle and Tacoma. More

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Program aims to retain flood irrigation

A grant aims to help producers in important wildlife areas in Idaho improve their flood-irrigaiton systems to benefit habitat. More


Researchers credit almonds with lighter carbon footprint

New research from the University of California-Davis credits almond production in California with having a lighter carbon footprint than other... More


Experts offer pesticide alternatives in SWD fight

Farmers will learn about alternatives to pesticides in the fight against the spotted wing drosophila during an Aug. 4 workshop. More

The Latest

Northern California wildfire contained after jumping line

The flare-up Tuesday night chewed up about 400 acres before firefighters controlled it. More

120 mph wind storm batters E. Montana

Wind speeds were measured at 90 mph before the measurement instrument was blown off the roof of the airport and an airplane hangar was destroyed. More

First sockeye salmon of year returns to Redfish Lake Creek

To help the fish, biologists have trapped and trucked 37 sockeye this month from Lower Granite Dam in Washington to the Eagle Hatchery. More

Idaho wilderness bill passes U.S. House

The bill would create three new wilderness areas: the 138-square-mile Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness, the 142-square-mile White Clouds Wilderness and the 183-square-mile Jim McClure-Jerry Peak Wilderness. More

Cranberry harvest hinges on fall rain

Washington cranberry growers are enjoying the sunshine, but keepin their fingers crossed that rain is coming. More

Former Idaho House Speaker Boyd dies at 86

Tom Boyd farmed wheat and peas in the Genesee area and served on local boards before running for state office. More

California fines 6 companies selling tainted produce

The state has repeatedly found imported produce for sale in California that exceeds U.S. pesticide limits. More

Identifying grapevine fungus may help fight disease

A master's degree graduate at Washington State University has been instrumental in identifying more fungal species that cause grapevine trunk disease. More

Calif. navel orange production meets expectations

Navel orange production in California finished the 2014-15 season at close to the 79 million cartons predicted in the National Agricultural Statistics Service's revised estimate. More

Calif. citrus growers on edge following HLB discoveries

Additional discoveries of the citrus disease huanglongbing in Southern California has prompted the University of California Cooperative Extension to urge growers to monitor their trees for symptoms. The university is engaged in various research projects to fight the disease. More

Former rancher creates rock with names of 105 old cattle brands

A sandstone rock in Fairfield, Idaho, that has the logos of 105 cattle brands is catching the attention of the state's ranching industry. More

Washington agriculture weighs impacts of piece-rate court ruling

Washington's tree fruit industry and other labor-intensive agriculture are grappling with a state Supreme Court ruling requiring piece-rate workers be paid separately for rest breaks. The industry fears civil litigation may make it retroactive, costing millions of dollars. More

Arrests made in mink farm attacks

U.S. mink production and prices are both up, and suspects have been charged in connection with 2013 attacks on mink farms, including one Idaho facility. More

More wildfires, less area burned in California

So far this year, state firefighters have responded to nearly 3,900 blazes — a 41 percent increase from the same period last year. The fires have burned 28 percent less area than last year. More

National Agri-Women president driving through Oregon

The drive is intended to raise public awareness of the importance of American agriculture. More

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