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Idaho hop acres expected to increase by almost 1,100

Idaho hop acres are expected to be up almost 1,100 acres this year, which would be a 29 percent increase over the 2014 total. More

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ISDA to expand Boise beetle eradication

The Idaho State Department of Agriculture plans to expand the treatment area in residential Boise to eradicate Japanese beetles in the third year of... More


Report calls for better data to plan for droughts

A new report from the California Department of Water Resources suggests improvements are needed in measuring groundwater conditions and predicting... More


Assessing the many benefits of planned grazing

Columnist Doug Warnock discusses the latest in managed grazing. More

The Latest

Late chinchilla rancher’s PETA suit dismissed in California

The judge found that the former rancher was not entitled to damages because PETA’s claim was protected by free speech. More

Confirmation criticism awaited Washington ag director

Washington Agriculture Director Bud Hover would have faced criticism from fellow Republicans during the confirmation hearing planned for Tuesday, a Senate agriculture committee member said. More

Friends, family pay tribute to Jack Jones

A prominent figure in agriculture in the northern part of Washington's Columbia Basin was remembered by family and friends. More

Washington livestock bill focuses on dairy cows

Electronic reporting of cattle transactions is confined to unbranded dairy cows in the latest version of a bill in the Washington Legislature. More

Tulip festival wins the weather game

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival near Woodburn, Ore., gets an early boost from spring-like weather. More

New Idaho rules relax import restrictions on livestock

The Idaho Legislature has approved two pending rules that would relax import restrictions on some livestock. Idaho State Department of Agriculture officials said the new rules would still ensure herd health is protected. More

Under House plan, tax breaks for processors face expiration

The Washington state House budget proposal would let tax breaks for food processors expire. More

New water reservoir to help irrigators

The Roza Irrigation District, serving the northern edge of the Yakima Valley, has only junior water rights, meaning it can be cut off in droughts. It's building a $26 million reservoir to help conserve water. More

Senate to consider bill raising Washington’s minimum wage

A committee in the Republican-controlled Senate is scheduled to discuss the measure Monday. More

Police kill cougar above popular hiking trail

It's the second time a cougar has been killed in Bend,Ore., in just over two months. More

Warm, dry weather pushes strawberry season

California strawberry production is off to a fast start in 2015 because of warm afternoons and a lack of rainfall in the state's prime growing regions. The peak season is arriving about a month earlier than usual. More

Planning grant to help city untangle rail congestion

The city of Connell, Wash., has received a $50,000 planning grant to look into ways to address current and expanding railroad congestion. More

Monsanto fined for not reporting chemical releases

Monsanto noted there were no allegations that the releases exceeded state of federal standards, or that they contributed to any known health concerns in the area. More

Man, 71, killed in collapse of potato cellar

The men reportedly were tearing down the cellar when the frame collapsed, pinning them underneath. More

Prairie Reserve seeks to put bison on public allotment

American Prairie Reserve has asked the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to add 22,000 acres of new habitat for the bison to the 30,000 acres already in use. More

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