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Record inventory unsettles hop industry

Hop growers, merchants and brewers are sitting on a 169 million pound pile of the hops, the largest inventory in more than four decades. More

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USDEC boosts its dairy export efforts

Growing U.S. dairy exports to accommodate growing milk production will demand more attention to markets in the Middle East and North Africa, as well... More


Competitive bid adoption aims at changing wild horse management

Unique effort aims to stem overpopulations of wild horses that damage resources and cause reductions in cattle grazing. More


Ocean Spray seeks FDA approval for health claim

Ocean Spray petitions FDA to make claim that cranberries may prevent infection More

The Latest

Wood panel fails during construction at Oregon State

The university plans to hire an engineering firm to determine a cause for the failure and assess any further risks. More

Elk from extreme southwestern Montana exposed to brucellosis

State wildlife and livestock officials say an elk captured in the Tendoy Mountains of extreme southwestern Montana has tested positive for exposure to the disease brucellosis More

250 animals seized from ‘deplorable’ conditions on farm

Officials say 250 animals have been seized from 'deplorable' conditions on a farm south of Tacoma More

Film examines Dolores Huerta from jazz to ‘Si, Se Puede’

The documentary covers Huerta’s life as a United Farm Workers leader in California during the late 1960s. More

Study: Cutting juniper only first step in restoring rangeland

Chopping down juniper trees isn’t an easy solution for restoring rangeland habitat, an Oregon State University study found. More

PETA billboard to memorialize cattle killed in Oregon crash

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is going a step further to recognize livestock killed in a truck crash outside Madras More

Evacuation order issued as strong storm heads for California

California authorities are urging people living in an area devastated by mudslides to evacuate ahead of a strong Pacific storm More

Company that leases farm land on Navajo agrees to fine

Idaho-based company that leases farm land on Navajo Nation has been fined for failing to post information on pesticides and ensuring workers' protective gear fits properly More

San Francisco could become largest US city to ban fur sales

San Francisco could become the largest US city to ban the sale of fur, meaning no more fur salons at upscale department stores and no more key chains with real rabbit feet More

California city seeks exemption from state sanctuary law

Leaders of a small California city have given preliminary approval to an ordinance that seeks to exempt the city from a state law that limits cooperation between local agencies and federal immigration agents More

Nevada woman sues, fears missing horse could be slaughtered

A Nevada woman who fears her missing horse could end up at the slaughterhouse has joined a lawsuit challenging state plans to transfer ownership of thousands of free-roaming mustangs to private hands More

Wolves stick to northeast Washington

Wolves are more concentrated than ever in northeast Washington More

Oregon water supply in better shape than before 2015 drought

Though Oregon’s water supply outlook isn’t looking bright, the state is in better shape than 2015, when there was a major drought. More

Washington Ecology starts inquiry into best farm practices

Washington Ecology starts meetings on farm BMPs More

State agency wants to boost dam inspection authority

Several changes to Oregon’s dam safety laws are being considered by state regulators. More

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