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Inslee urges highway plan, but takes backseat on gas tax

Farm exporters get behind raising Washington's gas tax to fund highway improvements to help goods get to Seattle and Tacoma ports. More

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Navel, Valencia orange harvests promise good summer fruit

Navel orange harvest in California is wrapping up, with fruit expected to appear in stores through the July 4 holiday, while the harvest of Valencies... More


Franklin County irrigators limit boat access over mussels

Two Franklin County, Idaho, canal companies have implemented a multifaceted strategy to keep invasive mussels out of their reservoirs. More


Roza District likely to turn water on again June 1

It looks like Washington's Roza Irrigation District will begin providing water to farmers again on June 1 but a possible May 29 water forecast update... More

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Farmland trails bill dies in committee

A bill that would increase government scrutiny of bike trails on Oregon farmland has died in a Senate committee after previously winning by a strong margin in the House. More

Idaho live animal exports soar during 2015 first quarter

Sudan went on a buying spree of Idaho dairy cattle during the first quarter of 2015, purchasing $5.5 million worth of animals from Idaho producers. More

Washington farmers dump unprofitable apples

The Washington State Tree Fruit Association estimated $95 million in lost sales because of apples that could not ship. More

Feds distribute $20M to Oregon timber counties

The counties once received so much money as a share of logging on the so-called O&C lands that some didn’t have to levy taxes. More

Two wolves poached in southwestern Montana

The penalty for killing a wolf out of season is a citation and $1,000 in restitution. More

All of Idaho in drought conditions

Idaho isn’t in the same shape as California, but unless precipitation picks up this year, Idaho could be in a crisis in 2016. More

Growers cope with Roza shutdown

Growers in the Yakima Valley's Roza Irrigation District deal with a temporary water shutdown intended to save water for July and August. More

California awards $250M to career prep programs

The state distributed nearly $250 million in grants Wednesday to dozens of programs that combine academic and technical coursework at the high school and community college level with hands-on training and work experience supplied by employers. More

Government kills cormorants to protect Columbia River salmon

The goal is to reduce the colony from about 14,000 breeding pairs to 5,600 pairs by 2018. More

Environmental group lauds farms’ water conservation, urges more

Sierra Club California credits agriculture for gains in water efficiency over the past few decades but asserts too many farms are still relying on flood irrigation and that growers should stop fighting groundwater management regulations that could save their crucial water source in the long run. More

Obama immigration action may be dead, labor leader says

A federal appeals court has upheld an injunction against the president's executive action on immigration. A Washington state farm labor leaders says it's probably dead. More

Welcome Idaho rains also raise crop disease risk

A prolonged period of wet weather has raised concerns about disease pressure in Southern Idaho farm fields among some growers and crop experts. More

Iris yellow spot virus detected in volunteer onions

Oregon State University researchers have detected the iris yellow spot virus in volunteer onions in Eastern Oregon. The virus hasn't shown up in this year's crop yet but it's expected to soon. More

Nevada county foots $250,000 legal bill in road fight

Environmental groups say the federal government has no authority to cede control of the road that runs along the Jarbidge River. More

Seattle food truck thief likes chicken

The truck's owner is unsure why anyone would steal her truck since it had the name of the business printed all over it. More

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