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ODFW shoots third Harl Butte wolf for livestock attacks

Ranchers have asked that the entire pack be wiped out, but ODFW is taking what it calls an incremental approach. More

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Washington culvert case seen as Western water issue

Washington attorney general appeals culvert case to U.S. Supreme Court More


Western Innovator: New way to keep produce fresh

James Rogers, 32, came up with the idea of putting a natural protective sheen on produce to keep it fresh. More


Wildfires scorch portions of the West

The Lolo Peak Fire has burned 23.5 square miles of timber. More

The Latest

Organic Valley butter plant opens in W. Oregon

The Organic Valley co-op has opened its first facility outside Wisconsin. More

Wildfire threatens buildings in Central Oregon; shelter opens

More than 200 firefighters were working to establish containment lines near Sisters, Ore. More

Eclipse traffic already heavy in central Oregon

About 1 million people are expected to visit Oregon in the coming days. More

Vegas lawyers confidents laws will follow pot evolution

Experienced license-holders are now looking more for clarification on individual regulations in 2017. More

Final adjudication of Yakima water rights upcoming

A Yakima County court has started the final review process before establishing water rights in the Yakima Basin next year, ending a 40-year-old court case. More

Oregon regulators seek to incentivize water loans

More of Oregon’s water supply development fund would be dedicated to loans under a proposal being considered by regulators. More

Dairy research facility efforts make headway

The research will address exactly the issues of concern to residents, accelerating research on sustainability already being done by the University of Idaho. More

Idaho growers report lower yields in early Norkotah harvest

Idaho growers say yields are down for their early harvest, but they anticipate more average yields at general harvest. More

Idaho dairy industry elevates worker safety, training

Idaho’s dairy industry is taking a unique and proactive approach to improving worker safety with a statewide on-farm training program. More

Idaho proposes wolf baiting; mulls bounty on problem wolves

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has formally proposed to allow sportsmen to use bait when hunting wolves, and a committee formed to oversee wolf depredation control for the state has discussed implementing a bounty on problem wolves with IDFG sportsmen dollars. More

Washington tree fruit group makes case for piece-rate pay

Washington State Tree Fruit Association weighs in on Dovex case, piece rates More

Record cherry crop reaching finish line

Prices dropped from record July volume but rebounded in August as the Northwest approaches the end of a long cherry season. More

Critics claim ruling allows pay-offs for farm impacts

An Oregon Court of Appeals ruling is accused of allowing developers to pay off farmers for disrupting agricultural practices. More

Huge Montana wildlife reserve buys 46,000-acre ranch

A sprawling central Montana nature reserve has purchased a 46,000-acre ranch bordering a federal refuge as it advances toward its goal of establishing a Connecticut-sized park where bison and other wildlife can one day roam freely More

LA confirms cannabis czar to regulate legal pot industry

With recreational marijuana use just months away from being legal in California, Los Angeles has appointed a so-called cannabis czar tasked with regulating the local pot industry More

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