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Cage law blamed for skyrocketing egg prices in Calif.

Egg prices are skyrocketing in California, as a dozen eggs is expected to cost as much as 90 cents more by next week. The new cage requirements of Proposition 2 is seen as the main driver of the increase. More

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Raisin ruling may impact crop volume controls

A farmer's legal challenge to USDA's marketing order for raisins will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court and could have an impact on other volume... More


In search of the perfect sweet potato

University of California Cooperative Extension advisor Scott Stoddard has spent nearly 17 years trying to help develop a sweet potato that is both... More


Calif. ranchers grapple with proposed grazing regs

California ranchers say the State Water Resources Control Board's plan to regulate grazing near streams is unnecessary and that the board hasn't... More


California may dam 3 Delta channels, if drought persists

The Delta provides 25 million people with drinking water and irrigates millions of acres of farmland. More

Water panel begins process of considering bond projects

The California Water Commission is beginning the lengthy process of deciding which projects will be funded under the water storage portion of the $7.5 billion water bond passed by the state's voters in November. More

Bird flu found at Foster Farms turkey ranch in California

Routine food safety screening uncovered the flu outbreak at the Stanislaus County ranch. More

U.S. milk production up, prices down

U.S. milk production continues to increase, and milk prices continue a downward trend from record highs seen this fall. Analysts don't look for rmarket recovery until mid year but are forecasting continued moderate feed costs. More

Calif. strawberry acreage to decline slightly in 2015

Planted acres of strawberries in California are expected to decline again slightly in 2015, as water issues a higher yield-producing new varieties are perhaps contributing to the downward trend. More

Chloropicrin controls will add to growers’ costs, group says

New state restrictions on the use of chloropicrin, a powerful soil fumigant, could add costs to growers, the California Strawberry Commission contends. More

Convicted ‘eco-terrorist’ says female informant ensnared him

The judge ordered McDavid released based on the government’s failure to turn over the evidence, which included emails and a love letter from McDavid to the undercover informant. More

Timber county payments shrink after expiration of subsidy

Forest Service payments to Oregon counties drop from $67.9 million to $5.9 million; California, from $35.6 million to $8.7 million; Idaho, from $28.3 million to $2 million; Washington, from $21.5 million to $2.1 million; and Montana, from $21.3 million to $2 million. More

California DMV will check immigrants’ prior licenses

Applications are being checked against the agency’s databases to prevent duplication and ensure drivers don’t have outstanding traffic tickets. More

Fire damages Central California fruit packing house

It was not immediately known Wednesday morning when the fire would be out. More

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