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San Joaquin Valley’s CVP allocation likely to increase, officials say

Officials from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation say there’s sufficient snow in the Sierra Nevada and water in the San Luis Reservoir to eventually raise the water allocation to 80 percent or more. More

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California may face ‘significant risk’ from dam

Safety experts warn California would face a “very significant risk” if a damaged spillway is not in working order by fall, the start of... More


Strawberries enter peak season after avoiding major storm damage

The winter’s fierce storms slowed California’s strawberry harvest. More


Changes in proposed pesticide rule don’t mollify growers

California Citrus Mutual still opposes proposed blanket restrictions on pesticide use within a quarter-mile of schools despite the state’s... More


National Guard helps Sierra town remove huge snowpack

Faced with more than 40 feet of snow, the Mono County community declared a state of emergency. More

San Joaquin growers to get 65 percent of requested CVP water

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation announced its remaining allocations of Central Valley Project water, providing 65 percent of requested supplies to growers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. More

1 million chinook salmon rescued during dam crisis released

Almost 1 million spring-run Chinook salmon were released to the Feather River on Monday after they'd been evacuated from a hatchery downstream from a Northern California spillway that started crumbling, officials said More

Snow returns to Sierra; melting may fuel future Nevada floods

As the first wet storm of the spring sweeps into the mountains around Lake Tahoe, wary water managers are watching the sky and already releasing water from swollen reservoirs to guard against flooding across northern Nevada More

Delays in water allocations hinder growers’ planting decisions

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has yet to determine a Central Valley Project water allocation for some parts of California, including the western San Joaquin Valley. More

State expects variety of large, small projects to seek Prop. 1 funds

The California Water Commission will accept applications for $2.7 billion for storage projects in the Proposition 1 water bond through Aug. 14. The panel expects a variety of proposals to seek funds. More

Marketing agreement established gold standard for greens

Created in response to a deadly E. coli outbreak linked to spinach from a California field, the Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement marks its 10-year anniversary this year. It became a model for creating the Produce Safety Rule. More

Wildlife Services says it’s working to avoid future wolf harm

Activists are harshly critical of the M-44 cyanide devices, which they say are extremely dangerous and kill indiscriminately. More

Wheat farmers seek ways to wait out low prices

Pacific Northwest farmers diversify to deal with wheat prices that are a dollar or more below the cost of production. More

Bill would enable California beef research, promotion panel

Legislation would enable California cattle ranchers to vote on whether to set up a state beef promotion and research commission. More

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