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Rural California levees besieged by pounding wet winter

Massive flood projects have eased the fear of levee breaks around California's capital and other cities, but government workers are joining farmers with tractors battling round-the-clock to stave off any chain-reaction failure of levees in rural areas More

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Prune producers urged to thin trees for fruit size

Having larger fruit is important in positioning California prunes against foreign competitors. More


Tree mortality epidemic in California forests keeps spreading

A task force set up by Gov. Jerry Brown is seeking solutions as drought, pests and other factors have killed 102 million trees in California forests... More


McClintock: Congress can use funding authority to curb bureaucracy

Rep. Tom McClintock, who chairs the House subcommittee on federal lands, says Congress should use the program reauthorization process to push back... More


New chancellor named at University of California-Davis

Gary May, dean of Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering, will take the top job at UC-Davis, More

California’s water troubles continue

The surge released from Don Pedro Dam into the Tuolumne River in the foothills east of Modesto was expected to reach overtopped levees later in the day. More

Creeks, rivers top banks after latest California storm

Creeks and rivers topped their banks, hundreds of homes were evacuated and several thousand people found themselves trapped in a rural hamlet as Northern California emerged Tuesday from yet another winter storm with the threat of floods and mudslides More

California dairy groups weigh USDA marketing order proposal

Led by the state’s three major dairy co-ops, the initiative came from years of frustration over the price producers receive for milk going into cheese vats. More

Vintners court Mexican buyers as U.S. wine export values soar

As the value of U.S. wine exports reached a record $1.62 billion in 2016, wine industry representatives are working to keep markets open in the wake of global uncertainty over U.S. trade policy. More

California dam lacks adequate escape time, officials say

The state informed federal dam regulators that local emergency officials “do not believe there is enough time to perform evacuations in the communities immediately downstream of the dam during a sudden failure,” according to a Feb. 8, 2011, letter reviewed by The Associated Press. More

New storms test California dam spillway repairs

Officials raced to drain more water from a lake behind battered Oroville Dam as new storms began rolling into Northern California on Wednesday and tested the quick repairs made to damaged spillways that raised flood fears More

Workers rush repairs at dam as storm approaches

The Department of Water Resources wants to drop the reservoir’s level 50 feet overall by Sunday. More

Colorado governor offers pot advice to California

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is telling California lawmakers to set standards for edible marijuana goods and driving under the influence of cannabis as soon as possible to avoid repeating mistakes his state made when it legalized recreational pot More

Crews rush to repair centerpiece of California water system

Gov. Jerry Brown said Monday that he sent a letter to the White House requesting direct federal assistance in the emergency, though some federal agencies have been helping already. More

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