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Temporary rock barrier removed from Delta as winter approaches

State crews are removing a temporary rockl barrier in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta that was installed this summer to prevent saltwater from intruding from San Francisco Bay. More

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Report details how ‘wall of flame’ trapped 4 firefighters

A report by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection credits a division chief and others with responding to the trapped... More


Bumper crop produces record olive oil yields in California

Growers of olives for oil in California are seeing a big crop this year for the alternate-bearing fruit. The California Olive Oil Council expects a... More


Economy, social media push consumers to higher-end wines

A pair of surveys of wine industry insiders by University of California-Davis researchers has found that consumers' tastes are moving toward more... More


Chances growing for wet winter in Northern California

Despite October's warm temperatures and dry weather, chances are growing that El Nino could bring higher-than-average levels of precipitation to Northern California later this winter. More

California oil regulators acknowledge oversight failings

The EPA will consider placing additional requirements on state oil and gas regulators to ensure California, which is the country’s No. 3 oil-producing state, comes into compliance with the U.S. Safe Drinking Water Act and other state and federal standards, More

California governor wants renewable energy for half state’s power by 2030

State regulators say they already hit 25 percent last year, as huge solar farms sprouted in the desert and towering windmills went up along mountain passes. More

$43 million in California fire prevention money goes unspent

Some have suggested the state may have one eye on the courts, where it is fighting a lawsuit filed by critics who contend the fee is an illegal tax. More

Despite El Nino promises, October to be dry in California

Though forecasters say El Nino could bring a wet winter to parts of California, October is looking to be dry throughout the Central Valley. More

Africanized bees found in San Francisco Bay Area for first time

The bees have been known to build their hives in trees, under rocks, within caves and under edges of man-made objects such as sheds or chimneys. More

Fair attractions teach kids, parents about agriculture

Agriculture-themed children's play areas ane entertainment are becoming popular fixtures at local fairs, as companies strive to teach kids about the origin of their food. More

Northern California schools reopen after deadly wildfire

The blaze started Sept. 12, and charred 118 square miles. More

N. California town fights back after devastating wildfire

The unincorporated hamlet bore the brunt of a destructive Northern California wildfire and now faces its greatest test — recovering from the ravenous blaze, which destroyed more than 350 homes in the town of 1,800. More

California regulators to restore emissions-cutting fuel rule

Regulators are expected to vote Friday on the clean fuel standard, which environmentalists and some business groups are hailing as one of California’s most important moves to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More

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