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Groups argue proposal would rescind water rights

Farm groups say a proposal to send more water down the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers to help fish could further deprive farms and ranches of water and lead to legal challenges. More

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Pistachio growers wrap up record harvest

Pistachio growers in the San Joaquin Valley are wrapping up their harvest of an anticipated record crop. More


Walnut harvest resumes after drenching rain

The harvest of walnuts in Northern California is resuming this week after rain stopped work for several days. The shaking and sweeping should be... More


Western Innovator: Big pumpkins, big business

The winning pumpkins are getting bigger, along with the crowds — and the paychecks. More


Western governors’ initiative seeks to improve forest, rangeland management

A Western Governor's Association initiative brings state, federal, local and industry leaders together to seek solutions to improve forest and rangeland management. More

Winter outlook: Dry in S. California

The state’s winter looks to come up dry, especially in Southern California. More

California’s multi-billion-dollar nut boom keeps going

A price slide for almonds, walnuts and pistachios is the first sign of adversity that California tree nut growers have faced in more than a decade. Has the state reached a ceiling in terms of how many nuts it can produce and maintain profitability? More

Newsom, seeking governor’s office, now backs high-speed rail

Newsom, once an ardent supporter of the project who campaigned for a bond measure on it with then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, said he grew critical of the high-speed rail authority’s ever-changing business plan. Now he supports it again. More

California calls for more water for fish in key river hub

California farm groups adamantly oppose any such water cuts to agriculture. More

Interior secretary supports Klamath dam removal

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell endorsed the plan Monday in a letter sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. More

West Coast braces for big storm

Tillamook, Ore., reported a midday total of 2.05 inches of rain. Shelton, Wash., reported a midday total of 1.74 inches of rain. More

Wind gusts in excess of 100 mph expected over Sierra

Gusts in excess of 100 mph are expected over Sierra ridge tops beginning Thursday night. More

Researchers review alfalfa varieties

Plots of different alfalfa varieties planted side-by-side at the University of California Kearney Agriculture and Research Center allow for comparison over the growing season. More

Evacuation orders lifted in Napa County wildfire

The blaze, which started Monday, is projected to be fully contained by Wednesday night. More

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