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Federal Officials Outline New Plan To Lower Wildfire Risk

New strategy would also make use of technological advances, like remote sensing, fire simulation tools and mapping technologies. More

US pledges to work more closely with states vs. wildfires

The Trump administration is pledging to work more closely with state and local officials to prevent wildfires and fight those choking California and other western states More

We’re Putting More Homes On Wild Lands And In The Path Of Wildfires

Wildfire risk is increasing as more people move into places where cul-de-sac meets forest or sagebrush. More

Vital US reservoir OK for now, but shortages are looming

U.S. government water managers say a vital reservoir on the Colorado River will be able to meet the demands of Mexico and U.S. Southwest for the next 13 months, but a looming shortage could trigger cutbacks as soon as the end of 2019 More

GOP’s McCarthy slams California Democrats, faces heckling

McCarthy defended the federal tax overhaul and the escalating tariff feud with China, which is expected to hit American farmers hard. More

Notes of support pour in for 2 who started California blaze

A blaze that destroyed nearly 1,100 homes and killed eight people started with a spark from a vehicle driving on a flat tire. More

Utah firefighter who died in California offered to help

Firefighters from all over the country and some from overseas have been helping California battle a series of deadly and devastating wildfires. More

Firefighting mars the earth. California crews are fixing it

“Suppression repair” begins almost as soon as the fire moves through and the ground cools off. More

Cities warn of unchecked pot deliveries despite sales bans

Some cities and counties embraced the legal cannabis economy while others have limited or outlawed all commercial activity. More

Yosemite park reopens, but fire’s toll on tourism still felt

In Yosemite, the wildfire peaked during the busiest month for tourism. More

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