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Latest compromise drought relief bill receives praise, opposition

A farm group is praising the latest effort at compromise drought relief legislation in Congress, calling it a step in the right direction. More

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Wage laws will prompt farmers to cut laborers’ hours, survey finds

A survey of produce growers found that many plan to cut labor costs by reducing production in California or turning to mechanization in response to... More


Rebounding California gray wolf holds onto protection

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has published its plan for managing wolves. More


CFBF’s Wenger renews call for political action among growers

California Farm Bureau Federation president Paul Wenger renewed his call for more political action from growers during the organization's 98th annual... More


Judge rules that LA can dump treated human waste on Kern County farm

A Superior Court judge ruled Monday that state law pre-empts a voter-passed county initiative that banned the dumping. More

Appeals court drops California egg rule challenge

A judge correctly dismissed a lawsuit filed by several state governments against California's rules for egg-laying hens. More

Calif. Farm Bureau members receive awards for achievements, leadership

A retired farm manager who has dedicated more than 35 years of service to agriculture was among numerous award recipients at the California Farm Bureau Federation's 98th annual meeting. More

California lawmakers aim to protect immigrants from Trump

Debate was heated over Democrats’ resolutions urging Trump to continue to issue work permits to young immigrants brought to the country as children. More

Group accuses water allocators of depriving farm-dependent species

The Pacific Legal Foundation says federal water allocators deprive nearly a dozen mperiled species of water south of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. More

Northern California’s wet pattern to continue in December

A rainy pattern in Northern California and the Pacific Northwest could continue at least through mid-December, forecasters say. More

California treasurer to study legal marijuana and banking

In general, the state will treat cannabis like alcohol. Taking effect in 2018, the law allows people 21 and older to legally possess up to an ounce of pot and grow six marijuana plants at home. More

California’s new water conservation plan focuses on cities

Diana Brooks, head of water efficiency at the Department of Water Resources, which oversees farm water use, said the proposal would require agricultural water district managers to keep better track of how their water is being used, and better think through possible steps for saving water. More

California strawberry production poised for record despite slow start

Strawberry production in California is on pace to set a record in 2016 despite a slow start caused by last winter's rains. More

Bill would force schools to seek USDA waiver for imported food

A bill by Rep. John Garamendi would require school districts to obtain a USDA waiver before serving imported food in their school meal programs. More

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