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Calif. farms to go without federal water again in 2015

The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation has made its initial allocation of Central Valley Project water for 2015, announcing that agricultural users without senior water rights will likely get no water again this year. Thousands of acres in the San Joaquin Valley were taken out of production last summer... More

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Tehama District Fair considers moving back to summer

The Tehama District Fair in Red Bluff, Calif., may change its dates from September to July. It is the latest of many fairs that have considered or... More


Hives appear OK after quick, robust almond bloom

With the almond blossom in California nearly complete, there have as yet been no reports of widespread bee die-offs, an expert says. More


Company plays key role in shaping timber, citrus industries

The Southern California-based Fruit Growers Supply Co. has played a key role in shaping two industries, as the farmers' cooperative got into the... More


National monument supporters in California get antsy

The designation typically takes lands already owned by the government and walls them off from new mining, roads and power lines. More

Central California farmers anticipate no federal water

Last year farmers in the district left thousands of acres unplanted or irrigated by pumping scarce ground water. More

California issues 110,000 driver’s licenses to immigrants

The state expects to issue 1.4 million driver’s licenses to immigrants. More

Study suggests onion seed producers should limit pesticides

A University of California study has found that insecticide applications too close to the onion bloom appear to repel the honeybees that are crucial to seed production. Farms in the southern Sacramento Valley provide the seed that's used on onion farms worldwide. More

Poll: Californians see drought as serious, more want limits

Half of Californians also said that in dry years, the state should help farmers by easing environmental regulations that protect fish in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, but the survey found 46 percent disagreeing. More

Grape harvest contractor ordered to pay back wages

The contractor was cited for several violations, including not paying employees at least biweekly or semimonthly; not providing wage statements to workers; and not disclosing employment conditions to workers. More

Winter storm brings rain, snow to Southern California

The rain is letting up, but more showers are expected for Monday afternoon. More

2 sides in West Coast ports dispute reach tentative contract

Tentative contract deal reached. More

Ag students ponder opportunities at Chico State career fair

About 300 agriculture students from California State University-Chico and nearby community colleges met with representatives from 38 ag-related companies Feb. 18 at a career and internship fair at the university farm. It was Chico State's 12th annual event. More

Guilty plea entered in California tainted beef case

Prosecutors say that for two years the co-owner of the slaughterhouse instructed employees to process cattle that USDA veterinarians rejected for having cancerous eyes. More

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