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Water districts sue, blast feds over Trinity River releases

Two water agencies in the San Joaquin Valley are suing to stop the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation from releasing additional water into the Trinity River in Northern California to help Chinook salmon that are returning to the Lower Klamath River. More

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UC research leader seeks new ways to expand grower opportunities

Glenda Humiston, the University of California's new vice president in charge of agriculture and natural resources, plans to work on enhancing... More


Washington, California peach crops lighter

Peaches, apricots, nectarines and other soft fruits are much bigger crops in California than in Washington. Crops are earlier and lighter this year... More


Conditions ripe for abundant fresh-market, processing tomato crop

Growers say this summer's conditions have been right for a successful tomato crop in California. More


Mountain lion takes pet poodle from S. California yard

The mountain lion was spotted in the backyard where it took the pet before disappearing into the hills behind the home. More

Judge denies water districts’ motion to halt Trinity releases

A federal judge in Fresno has denied San Joaquin Valley water districts' motion to halt releases of extra water from the Trinity Reservoir in Northern California to aid chinook salmon returning to the Klamath River. More

Despite drought, Fresno County crop values set record

Although the drought has caused one-quarter of Fresno County's farmland to be taken out of production, the county in 2014 set a record for crop values at more than $7.03 billion, according to the county's annual crop report. More

Farm seeks repayment for confiscated raisins

A California farm is seeking repayment from USDA for raisins it turned over under an unconstitutional volume control program. More

Drought-plagued California braces for El Nino storms

While the warming of Pacific Ocean waters tends to bring heavy winter rain to California, the state climatologist noted only half the time when there have been big El Ninos has there been meaningful, heavy rains. More

Poison oak the latest hazard for California firefights

At least 190 firefighters have been treated — but many more likely haven’t reported their itchy, oozing symptoms. More

Consumers shell out more for eggs, prices soar in California

Avian flu, higher chicken feed prices and the rollout of Proposition 2, which requires that all eggs sold in California come from farms that allow chickens to move around freely, have caused prices to soar More

Despite ruling, CFBF still seeking to challenge permit requirements

The California Farm Bureau Federation is still looking for opportunities to challenge a state Department of Fish and Wildlife requirement that some landowners obtain streambed alteration permits for simple diversions from streams that serve as habitat for imperiled fish. More

Pack of gray wolves observed in California’s Siskiyou County

California officials have gained photographic evidence of the first gray wolf pack in decades to roam into the state. Officials have dubbed the five pups and two adults observed in Siskiyou County the Shasta Pack. More

Attorneys urge Calif. landowners to document their water rights

Water attorneys and experts at a University of Caifornia Cooperative Extension-sponsored workshop said landowners should know their water rights and keep documentation handy to present it to state officials who challenge their diversions. More

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