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Board notices signal another year of irrigation shutoffs

Ranchers along the Mill, Deer and Antelope creeks in northern California have been notified they could again receive water-shutoff notices at times this year to accommodate migrating fish. Last year they were among the first of about 10,000 water rights holders to receive stop-diversion orders... More

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Napa winemaker was unraveling before he shot investor, self

Robert Dahl, 47, killed his biggest investor and then killed himself, leaving behind his wife, three children and two decades worth of failed... More


Drought hastens decline of Valencia orange production

Valencia orange producers in California are expecting a 20-million-carton crop this season, as a decline in production since 2000 is being... More


Cattlemen plot strategy to fight Calif. grazing regulations

The California Cattlemen's Association is preparing to fight a proposed set of grazing regulations being developed by the State Water Quality Control... More


California governor proposes $1 billion in drought spending

The legislation includes $128 million to ease dire water shortages in some communities; the financial struggles of unemployed farm workers in the Central Valley; and dry conditions that contribute to wildfires.The remainder comes from bonds already approved by voters. More

Farm groups offer tepid praise to Brown’s drought package

Gov. Jerry Brown and top California lawmakers have proposed a pair of bills accelerating nearly $1 billion in spending for drought relief projects. The proposal was mostly praised by farm groups such as the California Farm Bureau Federation, which used the announcement to renew calls for more... More

California lawmakers to announce drought-relief package

The water in the Sierra Nevada snowpack, California’s largest water source, is far below normal. More

California officials set modest plans for vanishing Salton Sea

The lake must compete with other projects for limited state bond money. More

Water agency seeks input on Calif. groundwater plan

The California Department of Water Resources is taking public comments through June 1 on its strategic plan for implementing a series of bills giving the state more control over groundwater use. More

Winery owner guns down investor in frantic chase through vineyard

After shooting the victim, the 47-year-old vintner returned to his truck and led police on a brief chase.They found him dead in an SUV, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, a sheriff's office captain said. More

More rain needed as rangelands enter peak growing season

More rain in California is needed as forage grasses enter their peak growing season, but federal forecasters predict drier-than-normal conditions over the next few weeks. More

Napa winery loan dispute ends in apparent murder-suicide

Vintner Robert Dahl allegedly shot his former business investor, Emad Tawfilis, in a vineyard, then fled into the wooded hills and shot himself. More

California senators focus on oil industry, aquifers

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, meanwhile, set strict new deadlines for California to start dealing with more than 2,000 oil-and-gas industry injection wells that state regulators had allowed to inject into underground water reserves that are federally protected as current or potential... More

San Francisco floats soda warning labels on advertising

Under the plan, a retailer who allows soda advertising without warning labels in his or her store would have 30 days to remove the ads or face fines. More

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