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No listing for Sierra sage grouse sends signal across West

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is facing a Sept. 30 deadline for deciding on whether to list the greater sage grouse as protected under the Endangered Species Act. Tuesday's announcement is seen as evidence that grouse can be protected without invoking the ESA. More

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Superior Farms’ lamb sliders a hit at the ballpark

Superior Farms, the nation's largest lamb processor, is raising awareness about the meat by having it featured at San Francisco Giants and Sacramento... More


Farm Bureau chief assails ag water ‘misinformation’

California Farm Bureau Federation president Paul Wenger told a water forum gathering that the notion that farmers use 80 percent of the state's water... More


Observation, timely treatments urged to prevent sticky cotton

Keeping an eye out for whitefly invasions and knowing how and when to use pesticides are keys for growers in combatting sticky cotton, which can... More


California orders no water diversions despite legal rights

The State Water Resources Control Board sent a letter to about 1,600 water right holders, mostly Central Valley farmers in the San Joaquin River watershed, ordering them to stop pumping from streams. More

California government says it’s meeting water-saving goal

Overall, water use fell from 19.4 billion gallons in 2013 to 14.9 billion gallons in 2014. Caltrans accounted for most of the savings. More

Chavez to get Navy funeral honors 22 years after death

The idea for the ceremony came from a current Navy sailor who learned Chavez did not receive the honors at the time of his death. More

New California FFA leaders strive to meet challenges

A new slate of state FFA leaders in California will support agriculture education amid a challenging time for farmers. The officers were elected during the 87th annual state FFA Leadership Conference in Fresno, attended by more than 5,000 high school students. More

Klamath ag businesses brace for drought

With drought expected this season, Klamath Basin ag businesses lament that more hasn't been done to solve the area's water woes. More

Producer-handlers raise concerns over Calif. FMMO

California producer-handlers of milk contend losing their long-time exemption from pooling some of their milk would put their businesess at risk. That risk lies in a proposal by co-ops to establish a federal milk marketing order for California. More

Awards, scholarships given at California FFA conference

Dozens of awards and scholarships were handed out at the 87th annual California FFA Leadership Conference in Fresno. More

FFA students ponder paths at conference career fair

Thousands of FFA students got to ponder their educational and professional paths during a career fair at the annual California FFA Leadership Conference, which was being held April 18-21 in Fresno. More

Almond investors get roasted in debate over California water

The strong Asia market is producing up to 30 percent returns for investors, prompting agri-businesses to expand almond planting in the state by two-thirds in the past decade. More

Forecast bodes well for Southern Idaho

With Idaho irrigators drawing water earlier than ever before, Idaho water managers see hope for relief in a long-term weather forecast that has raised the chances of moisture. More

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