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Other wheat yield contest winners

Farmers from Oregon, Minnesota, Kansas and Wyoming ranked highest in the various wheat yield contest classes. The National Association of Wheat Growers measured yields on the percentage increase above county averages.
Matthew Weaver

Capital Press

Published on November 16, 2017 8:29AM

The National Association of Wheat Growers wheat yield contest organizing committee ranked the winners in four other categories based on the percentage yield above the county average.

The measurement inspires growers to compete against others in their county, according to NAWG.

The county average used in the contest was published by the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service in January.

• Spring dryland wheat: Paul Solem of Minnesota took first place, with a yield of 103.42 bushels per acre. Jon Iverson of North Dakota took second with 97.57 bushels per acre; Robert Holzwarth of South Dakota placed third with 102.58 bushels per acre; Doug Stout of Idaho placed fourth with 114.05 bushels per acre; and John Yerger of Montana was fifth with 58.78 bushels per acre.

• Irrigated spring wheat: Dan Mills of Oregon took first place with 137.85 bushels per acre, Terry Wilcox of Idaho placed second with 143.91 bushels per acre; and James Getzinger of Washington placed third with 152.92 bushels per acre.

• Winter dryland wheat: Brandon Friesen of Kansas took first with 115.26 bushels per acre; Everett Tallman of Colorado took second with 72.80 bushels per acre; Matt Schupbach of Oklahoma took third with 94.70 bushels per acre; Mark Knobel of Nebraska took fourth with 119 bushels per acre; and Brian Cochrane of Washington took fifth with 92 bushels per acre.

• Irrigated winter wheat: Ty Anderson of Wyoming took first with a yield of 146.52 bushels per acre; Marc Arnusch of Colorado took second with 162.17 bushels per acre; Nathan Franklin of Kansas took third with 144.07 bushels per acre; Travis Freeburg of Wyoming took fourth with 113.35 bushels per acre; and Nathan Rea of Oregon took fifth with 161.99 bushels per acre.


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