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South Dakota spring wheat planting finally getting underway
Planting of spring wheat is finally getting underway in South Dakota

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Vote Expected Soon On Bill To Protect Snake River Dams
Breaching the Lower Snake River dams in southeastern Washington has been a heated debate for decades.
Spring calving in North Dakota is two-thirds complete
Spring calving in North Dakota is two-thirds complete, and death losses remain mostly average to light despite the snowy and cold spring
Gardnerville ranch on National Register of Historic Places
A northern Nevada ranch has been added to the National Register of Historic Places
After brief relief, forecasts indicate drought will continue
The dry spell that began in October is considered “extreme” from southern California to central Kansas.
Americans told to toss romaine lettuce over E. coli fears
The outbreak has infected 53 people in 16 states.
Man thankful after Steamboat rallies to save his family barn
Glenn Arnold thought the old barn in Steamboat Springs where he took care of cows as a child and sought shelter from thunderstorms would just fall down someday and fuel a big bonfire
Passing motorist rescues woman trapped in Montana flood
A witness is recounting the dramatic rescue of a woman trapped on top her vehicle surrounded by rushing floodwaters in northern Montana
Immigration raid: Guatemalan worker arrested on dairy farm
A central New York dairy farmer says seven federal immigration officers came onto his property without permission, arrested a Guatemalan worker without producing a warrant and handcuffed the farmer when he challenged them
Ramaswamy to oversee Northwest colleges, universities
Ramaswamy to oversee Northwest colleges, universities
National Institute of Food and Agriculture director Sonny Ramaswamy’s six-year term ends May 5. He will next be president and CEO of the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities, residing in Seattle.
Wildfire scorches hundreds of acres in eastern California
A wildfire has scorched hundreds of acres in the Owens Valley below the eastern flank of the Sierra Nevada and disrupted traffic on U.S. 395