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Range showdown draws armed supporters to Nevada
The armed campers are still guarding Cliven Bundy’s melon farm and cattle ranch a week after a tense standoff between gun-toting states’ rights advocates and federal Bureau of Land Management police over a roundup of Bundy cattle from...

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Capital Press calendar of events
Selected events that are of interest to Capital Press readers.
NAWG supports GMO labeling proposal
The National Association of Wheat Growers supports the proposed Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act. If passed, the legislation would help provide clarity to the GMO issue, says Will Stafford, director of government affairs for trade, transportation and...
Farming still attracts many despite challenges
Farming still attracts many despite challenges
The 2012 Census of Agriculture showed a sharp decline in the number of small farms nationally and regionally, probably because the recession brought economic reality home to roost. But interest in farming shows no sign of wavering.
Public lands clashes have long history
Public lands clashes have long history
A dispute between federal authorities and a rancher in Nevada is emblematic of historic tensions, experts say.
Disaster assistance available to orchardists, nurseries
The USDA's Farm Service Agency is offering financial assistance to orchardists and nursery operators who have suffered disaster-related losses since October 2011.
Exports of Chile blueberries shrink
Exports of Chile blueberries shrink
Chilean exports of blueberries were reduced by port strikes and frosts, which could impact U.S. producers.
Scotts renews litigation against rival
The Scotts Co. has resumed litigation against rival grass seed firm Pennington over alleged false ads.
Dairy groups welcome voluntary GMO labeling bill
Dairy organizations support a bill requiring FDA to set national standards for voluntray labeling of food and beverages regarding the absence or presence of GMO ingredients.
Country-of-origin label fight rages on
The cattle industry continues to fight against a country-of-origin labeling requirement retained in the new farm bill that livestock leaders consider harmful to agriculture.
Market, specialty crop funding in farm bill
Farm bill foreign market development programs and grants benefit wheat and specialty crops.