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Utah sues federal government over sage grouse plan
State officials argue that the guidelines announced in September impose unnecessary restrictions for activities on and near sage grouse habitat.

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Review reveals problems protecting workers from pesticides
An Associated Press review of federal and state enforcement data and other records revealed that the pesticide-safety system is riddled with problems.
Utah House measure aims to keep drones away from wildfires
A new proposal in the Utah Legislature creates a possible penalty of jail time for people who fly drones within 3 miles of a wildfire.
Hawaii beekeepers discuss keeping bees healthy at conference
Maui County has not been affected by varroa mites, which made their way to Oahu in 2007 and the Big Island in 2008.
Hearing set for Arizona man arrested in Oregon standoff
Jon Eric Ritzheimer of Peoria, Arizona, has been jailed since the FBI arrested him Jan. 26 after he went to the Peoria Police Department and surrendered.
N.Y. farmers say defeating $15 minimum wage is top priority
Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to phase in the $15 minimum wage over several years and says he’ll offer businesses and farmers tax breaks and other incentives to help ease the transition.
Oregon showdown further polarizes federal land debate
Oregon showdown further polarizes federal land debate
The showndown between armed protesters and federal agents in Southeast Oregon will further polarize the public's view of federal land management.
Wildfire plan seen as biggest land policy change in decades
The order includes plans to fight cheatgrass and restoration work for burned sagebrush areas, and $67 million is being spent to rehabilitate the burned area in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon.
Lawmakers push for industrial hemp production in Hawaii
The bill puts Hawaii in line with more than 30 states that have proposed pro-hemp legislation.
December brings wide swings in U.S. milk production
December brings wide swings in U.S. milk production
U.S. milk production in December was generally up in the North and down in the South, with continued declines in California, New Mexico and Texas.
U.S. official seeks support for European trade deal in Poland
The U.S. and the EU are trying to conclude the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership this year after nearly three years of negotiations.