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Monsanto protest includes Hawaiian group
The Maui group was joined by Neil Young, who performed a song from his upcoming album called “The Monsanto Years.”

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Hispanic ranchers cite discrimination in grazing suit
The lawsuit centers on a 2010 decision to cut grazing by 18 percent on the Jarita Mesa and Alamosa grazing allotments.
Counties try local approach to resolving water runoff fight
In Otter Tail County, Minn., officials are taking an analytical approach and reaching out to landowners with customized guidance on how to meet the local ordinance.
Wildlife habitat conservation program reaches million acres
The SAFE program pays landowners to idle land for 10-15 years and offers financial help with creating or improving wildlife habitat.
Bird flu crisis slows in Minnesota, focus now on recovery
new cases have fallen off sharply and the focus is turning toward getting poultry farms back into production.
Obama’s Senate allies hope to endorse his trade bill Friday
Many senators will press leaders and colleagues to wrap things up in time to start the weeklong Memorial Day recess on Saturday.
White House bee report resembles state findings
White House bee report resembles state findings
Key elements of White House's plan to promote honeybee health mirrors recommendations by a Washington state study group.
Obama’s trade agenda clears key Senate hurdle
The Senate has topped the 60 votes needed to begin substantive action on Obama’s bid for “fast track” negotiating authority.
Former anti-GMO crusader speaks about his conversion
Former anti-GMO crusader speaks about his conversion
Several hundred people attended a presentation in Boise to hear how a former anti-GMO activist changed his mind and now supports the use of genetically engineered crops.
China’s impact looms large as U.S. debates its own trade deals
China’s impact is partly shaping the U.S. debate over whether Congress should grant Obama greater trade-negotiation authority.
House panel votes to repeal country-of-origin meat labeling law
The House Agriculture Committee voted 38-6 to repeal a “country-of-origin” labeling law for meat on Wednesday.