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WTO panel rules COOL detrimental to Canada, Mexico
A WTO compliance panel on Monday ruled an amended U.S. country of origin labeling measure has a detrimental impact on imported Canadian and Mexican livestock.

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Onion growers grapple with proposed produce rule
Onion growers grapple with proposed produce rule
Oregon State University researchers have started new trials designed to help onion growers meet minimum standards for bacteria levels in irrigation water contained in the FDA's proposed produce safety rule.
Chipotle backs Colorado, Oregon labeling proposals
The Denver-based chain said in a statement that consumers want to know whether the food they’re eating has been genetically modified. The company has not donated to the Colorado or Oregon labeling campaigns.
Mexican trucking pilot expires
A three-year pilot program of allowing Mexican trucks to deliver goods in the United States has expired and the Department of Transportation has not said what's next.
Hay forecast up in U.S., Northwest
Hay forecast up in U.S., Northwest
USDA forecasts a 9.4 percent increase in all U.S. hay production in 2014. The agency also expects a 9 percent increase in hay production in the Northwest and a 1.8 percent increase in drought-stricken California.
Vermont’s GMO label law faces legal test
A federal judge will hear oral arguments over Vermont's genetically modified organism labeling law in mid-December.
Hawaii GMO case heads for court
Oral arguments over a Hawaiian county's ban on genetically modified organisms will be held on Oct. 23.
EPA extends water rule comment period
EPA extends water rule comment period
The Environmental Protection Agency has extended the comment period on a controversial proposal that would change the definition of "waters of the U.S.," a rule change some say will increase the agency's power over agriculture.
Comments open on protection for fisher
Fishers have virtually disappeared from forests in Washington, Oregon and California because of a variety of threats, including wildfire, certain timber practices and rodenticides associated with illegal marijuana plantations.
Agency: Grazing compatible with protected bird
Agency: Grazing compatible with protected bird
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials say protections for the yellow-billed cuckoo will be compatible with good grazing practices.
2013 aquaculture census captures $1.
Washington led total sales of aquaculture products in 2013, jumping up from fifth ranked in 2005, according to USDA's newest Census of Aquaculture. The state was also tops in mollusk sales and third ranked for food fish.