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National wool and sheep review
Domestic wool trading on a clean basis was at a standstill this week.

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National feeder and stocker cattle report
On Wednesday at Bassett, Neb., a load of 719 lb replacement quality heifers sold at 183.50.
Western hay price report
Trade slow this week with moderate to good demand for dairy hay in the Columbia Basin.
Citing impending ‘catastrophe,’ WAWG joins call for Trump to rejoin TPP
Citing impending ‘catastrophe,’ WAWG joins call for Trump to rejoin TPP
The Washington Association of Wheat Growers are urging President Donald Trump to re-enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership, saying the losses without being part of the trade deal would be “catastrophic.”
General Mills gets pet-friendly, buying Blue Buffalo for $8B
General Mills has suffered three consecutive years of declining revenue as it follows customers seeking more fresh food on the dinner table.
Selected western livestock auctions
Very light test of feeder cattle this week at the Woodburn, Ore., Livestock Exchange.
Grocer Albertsons eyes Rite Aid deal in health care push
Grocer starts to strengthen same-day deliveries, a meal-kit business and other products that cater to customers who want fast service.
Selected western livestock auctions
Livestock prices from around the region.
National wool and sheep review
Slaughter lambs were steady to 15.00 higher.
West Coast grain price report
Bids for US 1 Soft White Wheat delivered to Portland in unit trains or barges during February for ordinary protein trended steady to two cents per bushel higher compared to week ago prices for the same delivery period from 5.30-5.52.
California shell egg price report
Asking prices for next week are lower for all sizes of eggs.