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Regional livestock auctions

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Sheep and wool markets

Wool prices in cents per pound and foreign currency per kilogram, sheep prices in dollars per hundredweight (cwt.) except some replacement animals on per head basis as indicated.


(USDA Market News)


Potato markets
Senate panel approves Massad to head CFTC
The Senate Agriculture Committee voted Tuesday to approve the nomination of Timothy Massad as chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and sent it to the full Senate.
California egg markets
Benchmark prices are steady. Asking prices for next week are 1 cent higher for Large and unchanged on the balance of sizes.
Western hay markets
Demand remains good for higher testing supplies across much of the West.
Selected Western cattle auctions
At Toppenish, Wash., the trade was very active with very good demand. Slaughter cows 41 percent, Slaughter bulls 10 percent, and feeders 49 percent of the supply.
Portland and West Coast grain markets
Bids for US 1 Soft White Wheat, delivered by unit trains and barges to Portland during April ended the reporting week on Thursday, April 3, at $7.46-7.80, mostly $7.6950.
National slaughter, feeder and stocker markets
Record-high price levels continue to be posted daily and each time rationale draws a line in the sand, cash prices in an auction setting cut a trench right through it. First it was 5 weight calves bringing $2 per lb., then it was 6 weight calves yielding...
Western hay markets
Prices were generally steady with the previous week’s offerings for the same quality.
Slaughter, feeder and stocker markets
Slaughter cattle steady to $2 higher in Texas and Kansas this week. Nebraska feedlots steady to $2 higher live and $3 higher for cattle on a dressed basis.