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Northeast Washigton wolfpack kills second calf

Wolves killed a calf on federal grazing land in Ferry County, the second confirmed depredation of the grazing season.
Don Jenkins

Capital Press

Published on July 15, 2017 1:24PM

Washington wildlife managers have confirmed a second calf has been killed this grazing season by a wolfpack in Ferry County in northeast Washington.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife reported Friday that a range rider found the carcass two days earlier on a Bureau of Land Management grazing allotment.

WDFW had earlier confirmed the Sherman pack killed a calf June 12 in the same area. The department said it was unable to determine whether another calf found dead at approximately the same time and place was killed by wolves because only bones remained.

According to WDFW policy, the department will consider shooting a wolf or two if a pack attacks livestock three times within 30 days or four times within one year and non-lethal deterrence has been ineffective.

The ranch whose calf was found dead July 12 has five contract range riders checking on herds, according to WDFW.

Evidence such as radio-collar data, signs of a struggle and injuries suffered by the calf pointed to an attack by one or more members of the Sherman pack, according to WDFW.


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