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Students help ag newcomers in animal care workshops
4-H students will help newcomers to agriculture learn to tend to their animals at the WSU Snohomish County Extension May 3-4. The workshops feature demonstrations and hands-on workshops with live animals, including sheep, goats, beef cattle and poultry.

Featured Stories

Officials ready for ranchers seeking federal aid
Tuesday is the first day ranchers can sign up for the Livestock Indemnity Program and the Livestock Forage Disaster Program.
WSU expert helps ranchers avoid pollution problems
WSU expert helps ranchers avoid pollution problems
Washington State University Extension expert Stephen Van Vleet in Colfax, Wash., is working with ranchers concerned about the state Department of Ecology considering them presenting a possible pollution risk. Van Vleet advises farmers, and the agency, to...
Rabobank: Strong beef markets to continue
Rabobank: Strong beef markets to continue
Tight cattle supplies, drought in U.S., Brazil and Australia and extraordinary growth in China's beef imports add up to positive fundamentals in the global beef arena.
Chinese pork giant plans IPO to raise up to $5.3B
The company bought Smithfield Foods Inc., the largest U.S. pork company, less than a year ago for $4.7 billion in cash. WH Group, which changed its name from Shuanghui International Holdings, is the dominant pork producer in China, which accounted for...
Livestock agent hopes to reduce feed costs
Livestock agent hopes to reduce feed costs
Oregon State University's new livestock and rangeland extension agent in Malheur County wants to find ways to help reduce feed costs for area cattle and dairy producers. That will include looking at alternative feeds, including potatoes and barley.
Senator joins critics of federal cattle roundup
Senator joins critics of federal cattle roundup
Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada said he told new U.S. Bureau of Land Management chief Neil Kornze in Washington, D.C., that law-abiding Nevadans shouldn’t be penalized by an “overreaching” agency.
Nevada governor weighs in on BLM-rancher dispute
The governor of Nevada is criticizing tacticts the Bureau of Land Management is employing in a dispute with a rancher it says is trespasing on federal land
Virus outbreak pushes pork prices upward
Scientists think porcine epidemic diarrhea, which does not infect humans or other animals, came from China, but they don’t know how it got into the country or spread to 27 states since last May.
Brewers, ranchers fret over new regs
Brewers, ranchers fret over new regs
Brewers and cattle groups have expressed concerns that a provision in the Food Safety Modernization Act could place spent grains from breweries under the same handling and reporting requirements as other animal feed, even though the grains have been...
Texas producers rehearse livestock disasters
The planning effort involved business leaders, county judges and other emergency management offices such as sheriffs’ departments. They were advised by major livestock producer associations, academics, and state and federal agencies involved in...