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Monsanto fined for not reporting chemical releases
Monsanto noted there were no allegations that the releases exceeded state of federal standards, or that they contributed to any known health concerns in the area.

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N. Idaho county asks Congress to designate wilderness
The county resolution adopted Tuesday states that the area offers outstanding views, recreation opportunities, and contributes to the economic vitality of the region.
Idaho ag groups weigh in on transportation funding plans
Idaho farm groups are being asked to weigh in on the debate about increasing transportation funding, an issue that has recently heated up in the Idaho Legislature.
Bill to help in Wood River Valley call
A bill in the Idaho Legislature would help Big Wood River Valley aquifer groundwater irrigators finance an election to organize a groundwater district and prepare to respond to a water delivery call.
Idaho grain, cattle producers agree on ‘open range’ plan
Groups representing Idaho grain and cattle producers have developed a plan they hope will help settle open range disagreements at the local rather than state level.
Idaho fertilizer plant project still on track
Idaho fertilizer plant project still on track
Cost estimates of a fertilizer plant planned for Idaho's Power County have come down, thanks in part to lower fuel prices.
Hearing on Idaho Ag Security Act lawsuit set for April 28
A hearing on plaintiffs' motion for summary judgement in the federal lawsuit against Idaho's Agricultural Security Act is scheduled for April 28 in Boise.
PCN-affected spud growers plead their case to Idaho lawmakers
Potato growers from East Idaho who are regulated under a federal pale cyst nematode eradication program told lawmakers March 17 they need help dealing with the regulations, which they said are over-reaching and unfair.
Idaho lawmakers OK $200,000 for sheep station
Idaho lawmakers OK $200,000 for sheep station
The USDA's sheep experiment station near Dubois, Idaho, which is targeted for closure, will receive $200,000 in ongoing state funding. Supporters say it's a message to the USDA that Idaho supports the continued operation of the station and "has skin in...
Ag-backed trail bill passes Idaho Legislature
Ag-backed trail bill passes Idaho Legislature
A bill that's received strong support from Idaho's agricultural community seeking to restrict the use of condemnation to complete recreational trails has passed the state Legislature and awaits Gov. Butch Otter's signature.
Bad water situation in Eastern Oregon getting worse
Bad water situation in Eastern Oregon getting worse
The 2015 water supply situation for Eastern Oregon farmers who get their water from the Owyhee Irrigation District could be worse than in 2014, which was one of the worst water supply years in the project's history.