Industry launches campaign to reconnect with consumers

The campaign aims to remind consumers of all that’s good about dairy, from farm to plate, and build consumer confidence.
Carol Ryan Dumas

Capital Press

Published on May 18, 2017 10:31AM

The Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy — in partnership with U.S. dairy farmers — have launched a multi-year campaign to reintroduce consumers to the undeniable goodness of dairy, from the enjoyment and nutrition dairy products bring to people to the responsible and sustainable way they are produced.

The integrated, multi-media campaign is the first of its kind, designed to bring the entire dairy industry together to “loudly and proudly” engage with consumers to build trust, Beth Engelmann, chief marketing and communications officer for Dairy Management Inc., said.

Unlike the “Got Milk?” campaign, the new “Undeniably Dairy” campaign transcends multiple dairy products to consistently engage with consumers, who want to know where their food comes from, she said.

The campaign is “focused first and foremost on consumers” with a two-way dialogue to engage consumers, meet them where they are and show them the dairy industry is a community committed to making their lives better, she said.

Consumers are three generations removed from the farm and receive confusing information about dairy products, non-dairy alternative products and production practices. The campaign is designed to be nimble and responsive to address consumers’ concerns about such things as food safety, nutrition, animal care and environmental impacts, she said.

It will provide “the right stories in the right places” at the same time consumers are receiving misinformation, she said.

A variety of multi-media content will showcase the undeniably taste and enjoyment that comes from dairy and remind consumers of the starring role dairy plays in special moments. It will also share how the industry continues to evolve through innovation and technology to deliver exceptional animal care and nutrient-rich products and how it supports local communities, according to DMI.

It’s time to “open the barn doors and let people in, said Amber Horn-Leiterman, a Wisconsin dairy farmer and chairman of the National Dairy Promotion and Research Board.

“Consumers have certain needs that need to be satisfied” about how dairy products are produced “and they need to trust us,” she said.

Each state has dairy farmers and they all do things a little differently, which makes it hard to reach consumers with a unified voice. But it all comes down to producing a quality product and “Undeniably Dairy” is putting a name on that,” she said.

“We can be trusted, and they can feel good about how dairy products are produced,” she said.

Dairy families care for their animals and the environment, provide jobs and contribute to their communities, she said.

“We have so much to be proud of, and it’s time we show that,” she said.

The campaign launched on Monday with an online video showcasing the joys of dairy in everyday life and two dozen videos and articles featuring everything from production practices to recipes. The campaign will also coordinate with the Food Network and Cooking Channel and hold national on-farm events during June to celebrate National Dairy Month.


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