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Dairy farmers hold out hope for Trans-Pacific trade deal
Farmers say the opponents of TPP, an agreement with 11 Pacific Rim countries, aren’t considering the agricultural benefits.

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Report: Wisconsin loses almost 400 dairy farms in last year
The number of lost farms this year is low compared to previous years, when annual losses reached as high as 1,000.
Ag groups criticize Dannon’s sustainability pledge
Farm groups send letter of disapproval to Dannon chief over the company's pledge to have its dairy farmers move to GMO-free feed.
State gives What’s Upstream until Dec. 1 to answer new allegation
State gives What’s Upstream until Dec. 1 to answer new allegation
The lead organizer of What's Upstream has until Dec. 1 to respond to complaints that the campaign broke Washington's disclosure law.
EU grab of common cheese names worries U.S. dairy industry
The EU's attempt to extend geographic protections to common cheese names, such as parmesan and feta, is a threat that cannot be allowed in trade neogtiations between the EU and the U.S., according to U.S. dairy industry officials.
Fall dairy product prices going up?
Fall dairy product prices going up?
Columnist Lee Mielke wraps up the week's dairy industry news.
Officials want to hear from N.H. dairy farmers
Lorraine Merrill, state agricultural commissioner, said federal and state officials want to hear from farmers and identify ideas for the next federal farm bill.
Dairies face low prices, more competition
For small farms like Sugar Hill, a first-generation dairy, staying in business means difficult choices.
Former exec gets probation, $5K fine over counterfeit cheese
Prosecutors contend customers were being cheated by paying for more expensive Italian cheese while getting cheaper varieties.
USDA cheese purchase a disappointment
USDA purchase of surplus cheese leaves $13 million on the table.
Farm commodity price drop impacts Idaho GDP
Farm commodity price drop impacts Idaho GDP
Agriculture's contribution to Idaho's gross domestic product has fallen significantly during the last year.