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Meeting to teach use of rice straw as cattle feed

A meeting will be held in Willows, Calif., later this month to teach rice growers how to preserve straw from harvest for use as cattle feed.

Published on July 8, 2014 11:07AM

WILLOWS, Calif. — A meeting will be held here July 29 to teach rice growers how to preserve the straw behind their harvesters to be used as cattle feed.

University of California Cooperative Extension research shows that baling the rice straw on the day of harvest greatly increases the ability of cattle to use it.

Making rice strawlage involves baling the straw while it still has half or more of its moisture content and placing it under a tarp cover, a California Cattlemen’s Association newsletter explains.

With limited water expected for rice straw decomposition this fall because of the drought, converting the straw into feed can provide rice growers with a management alternative while providing a feed option for nearby ranches, the newsletter observes.

The 9 a.m. meeting at the Veterans Memorial Hall at 525 West Sycamore St. will be attended by ranchers as well as rice growers. The seminar will include tips on baling, stacking and tarping the moist straw and discuss the costs associated with the process, the CCA explains.

For information, contact Glenn Nader at (530) 882-7515 or ganader@ucanr.edu">ganader@ucanr.edu.


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