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Forecasters now predict wet winter in California
Ben Margot/The Associated Press
Forecasters now predict wet winter in California
The federal Climate Prediction Center now foresees a wet winter throughout California, particularly in areas south of Sacramento, as a result of a weak El Nino combining with the state's normal wet season. The updated prognosis comes as the U.S. Drought...

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Rice ‘strawlage’ researchers, growers working out the kinks
Rice ‘strawlage’ researchers, growers working out the kinks
Ranchers, rice growers and University of California Cooperative Extension researchers are still fine-tuning their methods for preparing rice straw for use as an affordable cattle feed. The use of "rice strawlage" has been popular this fall as the cost of...
Water dispute nears end between tribes, government
Five San Diego County tribes filed a lawsuit 45 years ago against two California agencies and the U.S. government for diverting most of the water from the San Luis Rey River.
California dam being removed
The built-up sludge behind the dam is going to be left in place, planted with native trees and grasses, and surrounded with a rock berm, which should allow the reservoir to revert to nature once the dam is removed next year.
Federal ruling a win for California’s bullet train
The ruling makes it clear that federal law has precedent over state law as it pertains to construction of the high-speed rail line.
Waterlogged Northern California gets more rain
The storm was expected to drop between an inch and 2 inches of rain throughout the morning in the Bay Area and Sacramento regions before heading to Southern California, National Weather Service forecaster Bob Benjamin said.
Farms weather historic storm’s high winds, big rains
Farms weather historic storm’s high winds, big rains
Farms in California's Central Valley have appeared to make it through one of the most severe storms in years without sustaining damage. No significant toppling of trees were reported despite the high winds, although one farm advisor was concerned about...
California chinchilla farmer who sued PETA dies
Lurlie Adams, 90, had sued PETA and one of its donors for $2.5 million last October, two months after they bought her chinchilla ranch and shut it down.
Northern California braces for powerful storm
This storm is “expected to be one of the strongest storms in terms of wind and rain intensity” since storms in October 2009 and January 2008, respectively, said the National Weather Service in Monterey.
Modoc County rancher named new CCA president
The California Cattlemen's Association recently elected a new slate of officers.
Meeting to discuss cuckoo’s critical habitat
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will hold a public meeting to discuss the critical habitat designation for the yellow-billed cuckoo.