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Calif. extends grant deadline
California agencies have extended the deadline for agricultural operations to apply for water efficiency grants.

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Drought hinders California’s clean energy goals
California is in its third dry year, and officials say many power-generating reservoirs are low. That forces power companies to buy energy from conventional plants that burn natural gas.
Drought reports prompt farm groups to push state for solutions
New reports from Fresno County and the University of California paint a bleak picture of the future of agriculture in the Central Valley, prompting farm groups to call for more solutions from state leaders.
Officials: Complacency drives hike in water use
The increase was driven mainly by the heavily populated Southern California coastal communities that increased water use by 8 percent in May and the rural northeastern area of the state where use jumped 5 percent.
Investor submits signatures to split California
The initiative would divide California into six states called Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California.
California drought threatens to dry up farm wells
The study released by the University of California-Davis Center for Watershed Sciences, used computer modeling, NASA satellite data and estimates provided by state and federal water agencies to examine the impact on California if the next two years...
California seeks to send message to water-wasters
California Water Board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus said the vote is historic not only because the steps are unprecedented in California but because the board is trying to spread the burden of the drought beyond farmers and agencies that are trying to...
Cattlemen offer scholarships
The California Cattlemen's Association is taking applications for its young cattlemen's scholarships.
UC seeks herdsman for research facility
The University of California is seeking a herdsman to manage livestock at its research facility in Browns Valley, Calif.
Researcher to take over for UC bee expert
Researcher to take over for UC bee expert
On Sept. 1, Elina Lastro Nino will step into the shoes of the retiring Eric Mussen, a nearly 38-year extension apiculturist at the University of California-Davis. Nino has her own extensive background in honey bee research.
Giant African snails seized at Los Angeles airport
Giant African snails seized at Los Angeles airport
The snails were confiscated July 1 and a sample was sent the next day to a federal mollusk specialist in Washington, D.C., who identified them as a prohibited species.