Odessa biodiesel equipment up for auction

The Odessa Public Development Authority is auctioning equipment inside its biodiesel facility. The agency hopes to turn the building into a “blank slate” for a future tenant, manager Stacey Rasmussen said.
Matthew Weaver

Capital Press

Published on October 27, 2017 8:48AM

The Odessa Public Development Authority will auction biodiesel equipment to repay its loan to the state Department of Agriculture.

The online-only auction closes Nov. 14.

Proceeds from the auction will go directly to the state to repay a $3.3 million loan balance, said Stacey Rasmussen, manager of the agency.

Rasmussen said she’s not certain how much money the equipment in the Odessa, Wash., facility will bring. The auction has 397 lots for sale. Items include a seed cleaner, seed storage bins, grain hopper, cold presses, augers and an extruder.

“It’s such unique equipment, it’s very specific to the biodiesel industry,” Rasmussen said. “Some of the specialized equipment, it just depends on who’s out there bidding and how badly they want it.”

The PDA sent word of the auction to more than 4,000 companies that may be interested in the equipment.

The plant last operated in 2014.

The board tried to find a long-term tenant for the building as is, but interested parties didn’t have adequate capital or biodiesel markets were down, Rasmussen said.

“We hope we can retrofit the building into a purpose for someone else to use to bring jobs to Odessa, (which) was the original goal in building the biodiesel plant,” she said. “It will basically be a blank slate we can start over with a new project on. At this point, we have a very open mind about what that building could be used for.”




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