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Selected Western livestock auctions
At Turlock, Calif., there was a strong test on dairy steers and heifers bringing 5-10 cents better compared to a week ago.

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Temp farmworkers who claim they were mistreated leaving US
About two dozen temporary farmworkers who claim they were mistreated by a Washington farm are getting ready to leave for Mexico
Energy Secretary Rick Perry visits Hanford reservation
Hanford for decades made plutonium for nuclear weapons, and now is engaged in a massive cleanup of nuclear wastes.
‘Zero’ chance of Colorado River water shortage in 2018
January water levels at Lake Mead are expected to be 8 feet above the point that triggers a drought-shortage declaration
Hay export facility opens in Pocatello
Hay export facility opens in Pocatello
A new facility in Eastern Idaho will press hay and pack containers bound for overseas.
Proposed copper mine’s permit application is ‘complete’
After three requests for more information, state environmental regulators say Tintina Montana has submitted a complete application for its proposed copper mine near White Sulphur Springs
South Dakota farmers, ranchers get some drought relief
Rain has brought South Dakota farmers and ranchers some relief from the drought
Traps catch destructive female leaf-eating moths
State officials have collected actively reproducing female gypsy moths for the first time in four decades
Fire Protection Association organizes in eastern Idaho
A new Rural Fire Protection Association has formed in the wake of one of the most devastating wildfires to hit eastern Idaho
Timber sale nets Idaho Department of Fish and Game $900,000
The Idaho Department of Fish and Game will receive about $907,000 in a northern Idaho timber sale
Marijuana states try to curb smuggling, avert US crackdown
Tracking legal weed from the fields and greenhouses where it’s grown to the shops where it’s sold is their main protective measure so far.