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USDA disaster-relief application deadlines approach
Programs target losses of livestock, fish, bees and certain trees.

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Ford, Walmart test self-driving grocery delivery service
Ford and Walmart are partnering to test a self-driving grocery delivery service
US consumer prices increased 0.3 percent in October
Food prices slipped as fruits, vegetables, cereals and bakery products became cheaper.
Trump right and wrong on ‘French’ wine tariffs
U.S. President Donald Trump is partly right but far from completely correct when he says that France's "big tariffs" make it hard for American vintners to sell their wines to the French
Gene-edited food is coming, but will shoppers buy?
Gene-edited food is coming, but will shoppers buy?
First foods made from gene-edited plants getting close to the grocery aisles, a different technology than today's GMOs but will shoppers buy?
Utah lawmakers seek valuation of federal lands in state
They seek to find the difference between current payments by the federal government and the actual taxable value of the land.
Tyson: Fiscal 4Q Earnings Snapshot
Tyson: Fiscal 4Q Earnings Snapshot
Zinke ‘100 percent confident’ he’ll be cleared in probes
Democrats plan to launch their own investigations into Zinke in January, when they take the majority in the House.
Petco, others respond to demand for natural pet foods
Nielsen, a data company, said sales of pet food free of genetically modified ingredients jumped 29 percent last year.
Idaho, Washington farmers see above-average year on wheat
Portland Daily Grain Report last week listed soft white wheat prices between $6.20 and $6.35 a bushel.
Drilling overwhelms agency protecting America’s lands
Drilling overwhelms agency protecting America’s lands
The Bureau of Land Management is making it easier to produce oil and gas on federal acreage. In southeastern New Mexico, it can't even keep up with what's already happening.