Compact Disc Harrow with In-Depth Effect

Published on June 13, 2014 8:58AM

Already at the Agritechnica 2011, with the ‘concept’ of the Rubin 12, Lemken introduced a compact disc harrow that enables deeper cultivation up to a depth of 8’’. After two years of intensive work and numerous field tests, the Rubin 12 is now ready for series production. The positioning of the discs and the shape of the beam have been optimised. For the mounted models, there is also a completely new support wheel concept.

Two rows of serrated concave discs with a diameter of 29’’ let the Rubin 12 work just as deep as a tined cultivator, but it mixes and crumbles more intensively in the process. The symmetrical arrangement of the discs in each row enables working without lateral pull, even at high driving speeds. The angle of the discs of 20 to the soil and the inclined position to the direction of travel by 16 provide optimum penetration and enable cultivation over the whole width from a working depth of 3’’. The legs are specially curved and coiled, and thus ensure maximum clearance between the discs. This prevents clogging, along with the slight offset of the middle discs. Because of the higher forward speed with lower slipping compared to tined cultivators, the Rubin 12 by Lemken is capable of providing higher acreage performance with lower fuel consumption.

An impact harrow behind the first row of discs provides intensive mixing and crumbling, while a levelling harrow behind the second row ensures optimal soil distribution and perfect levelling. Both harrows have a central depth adjustment with an innovative self-locking mechanism, so that no locking device is required.

In the mounted version, the Rubin 12 can be equipped with a depth and transport wheel, which loads the front tractor axle when the implement is lifted. This makes the machine stable during road transport and easy to manoeuvre at the headlands. Here, a new semi-mounted system is used that lifts the implement without an additional control unit solely through activation of the three-point linkage, and transfers the weight of the roller onto the depth and transport wheel. Therefore, there are no more obstacles for using heavy rollers to achieve better reconsolidation.

The Rubin 12 is suitable both for stubble cultivation and for primary soil tillage, even under the heaviest soil conditions. Also larger amounts of organic matter can be intensively and especially evenly incorporated into the soil. It is available as a mounted rigid version with working widths of 10’ – 13’, and as a hydraulic folding implement in semi-mounted versions with 13’ – 20’ working width.


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