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Best wheat crop in years in Oklahoma as harvest begins
The Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association estimates this year’s crop will yield 130.6 million bushels, which would be up from the 98.8 million in 2015.

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Nebraska pig supplier promises to investigate alleged abuses
The undercover investigator documented long stretches of time — up to three days — where pigs received no food, leading them to become agitated and hurting each other and themselves.
Court upholds $3 million judgment against food manufacturer over pay
The justices sided with the workers who said Arkansas’ Minimum Wage Act required the company to compensate them for the activities despite an agreement with the union.
Cargill plans to keep several operations in Wichita
Most of the 900 employees that work in its Wichita-based operations are housed in a 10-story building.
Judge orders rancher to repay USDA $65,000 for loan he misused
Authorities say he received a $76,000 USDA loan administered by the Farm Service Agency to buy sheep and cover expenses for their care. But he sold the sheep without the FSA approval and deposited the proceeds of the sale into his personal bank account...
Senate votes to scrap catfish inspection program
Critics have said the added regulation is wasteful and solely intended to raise a new, higher hurdle for catfish imports from Vietnam and other nations. Besides the new catfish inspections, USDA has traditionally only been responsible for meat, poultry...
Parasitic wasps drafted into battle against ash borer
Four species of parasitic wasps naturally target the larval and egg stages of the ash borer, which has killed an estimated 38 million ash trees in urban and residential areas.
Labor officials hand out back pay to blueberry workers
Earlier this year, some blueberry growers in Walla Walla County admitted in federal court that they violated the rights of their agricultural workers over a period of three years. That includes failing to pay the minimum wage and overtime in the 2011,...
Q&A: How would Bayer’s purchase of Monsanto impact workers, farmers, investors?
Q&A: How would Bayer’s purchase of Monsanto impact workers, farmers, investors?

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — Bayer wants to buy Monsanto for $62 billion, hooking up the German chemical and drug company with the St. Louis-based producer of seeds and weed-killers.

The deal would create a global giant in agriculture...

It’s official: Bayer makes $62 billion bid for Monsanto
It’s official: Bayer makes $62 billion bid for Monsanto

BERLIN (AP) — German drug and chemicals company Bayer AG announced Monday that it has made a $62 billion offer to buy U.S.-based crops and seeds specialist Monsanto.

The proposed combination would create a giant seed and farm chemical...

Conservation groups want to stop Utah lands push

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Leaders of Utah’s nearly $6 billion outdoor recreation industry plan to launch a campaign that criticizes a push by state officials to take control of vast swaths of public land from the federal...