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Interior still plans to decide on protection for sage grouse
The Interior Department still plans to work with states to develop conservation plans for grouse habitat.

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New York growers eye China apple deal
Washington state exports 40 million bushels of apples a year, which is 10 million more than New York grows.
Milk industry fights back against ‘anti-dairy folks’
The campaign is intended to drown out milk’s detractors with positive posts about the nutritional benefits of milk on Facebook, Twitter and elsewhere.
Fueled by oil, agriculture sector welcomes low diesel prices
Fueled by oil, agriculture sector welcomes low diesel prices
Lower energy prices increase planted acres for most major row crops and drop the price of the commodity, according to an April 2014 federal study on the impact crude oil prices have on agriculture.
Kansas cattle trails closer to national recognition
Kansas is considered the crossroads for many of the historic trails of the Old West. The state already has four national historic trails: the Santa Fe, the Lewis and Clark, the Pony Express and the Oregon.
Idaho has 1,000 wolves, including 22 breeding pairs
Idaho has 1,000 wolves, including 22 breeding pairs
The number of wolves in Idaho increased steadily since their reintroduction in 1995 and peaked in 2009 just before hunting and trapping began.
Yellowstone begins transferring bison for slaughter
Park officials have tried to curb the animals’ winter migration into Montana to guard against potential disease transmission to livestock.
McDonald’s earnings fall; changes afoot to woo customers
Since late 2012, McDonald’s has twice replaced the president of its flagship U.S. division while fighting to hold onto customers.
Longshore workers rally, march in Tacoma
Longshore workers rally, march in Tacoma
A couple hundred dockworkers and supporters took part in the Thursday rally and march.
Bill to allow unregulated food advances in Wyoming
The bill exempts single transactions between a producer and an “informed end consumer.”
Ex-postal worker says he ‘got lazy,’ failed to deliver mail
Court documents say he told investigators that he “just got lazy” and had failed to make his rounds on multiple occasions.