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Warm river water lethal to spawning salmon
Efforts by management teams to cool flows below 70 degrees by releasing cold water from selected reservoirs are continuing in an attempt to prevent similar fish kills among chinook salmon and steelhead, which migrate later in the summer from the Pacific...

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Vermont governor says ‘people’ want GMO labeling
Gov. Peter Shumlin says efforts by the food industry to keep people from knowing what’s in their food only makes them more determined to demand the information.
Wildfire sends campers fleeing Glacier National Park
Wildfire sends campers fleeing Glacier National Park
Wildfires dot the West; fire crews attack flames threatening parts of Glacier National Park in Montana.
Officials say Michigan beef cattle herd has bovine TB
The most recent case is the 62nd cattle herd found to have the infectious bacterial disease in Michigan since 1998 and the second this year.
U.S. House bill would prevent mandatory GMO labeling
The bill scheduled for a vote Thursday is backed by the food industry, which has fought state labeling efforts around the country. So far, Vermont is the only state set to require the labels.
Idaho eyes closing some state forest lands amid fire danger
Consultant Jim Riley told the Idaho Land Board on Tuesday that a million acres of private land has been closed to the public this year due to potential wildfire.
Coca-Cola fetching higher prices with marketing, mini-cans
During the quarter, the company said the volume of mini-cans it sold rose double-digits.
Los Angeles County pushes $15 minimum wage for some workers
The city of Los Angeles raised its minimum wage last month. Seattle and San Francisco are also gradually raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour.
NY board set to back minimum wage hike for fast-food workers
Many fast-food workers say their industry should pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour so workers can afford the high cost of living in New York City and elsewhere.
Santa Barbara to restart desalination plant amid drought
The city council voted Tuesday to restart the facility, which could provide up to 40 percent of Santa Barbara’s water.
First Iowa bird flu victims near restocking time
The bird flu outbreak began in Iowa in mid-April and the last reported case was four weeks ago.