New cloud-based AgBoost® combines cattle productivity and genomic tools

Published on September 7, 2017 9:01AM

Press Release

OKLAHOMA CITY (Sept. 6, 2017) – Cattle producers have a new online tool to manage their herds and make management decisions empowered by beef genomics.

“We are very pleased to announce the commercial launch of AgBoost®,” says Sean Akadiri, president and founder of the company. “AgBoost® is a decision dashboard that combines interactive tools to manage cattle health, genomic-selection and market decisions.”

The powerful, easy-to-use platform was developed and beta-tested with support from cattle producers, research institutions and industry, Akadiri says.

“We developed this solution to help cattle producers obtain, put together and visualize big data for breeding and management decisions,” Akadiri says. “You can use AgBoost® to quickly see patterns and manage information affecting your market and your herd.”

Producers can sign up for a free trial at and can subscribe for various levels of service, based on the functions they need and the number of animals they wish to manage in the software. Producers also can purchase Igenity® genomic tests from AgBoost®.

“For producers interested in genomic-assisted selection and management, AgBoost® is a one-stop shop to get the data and the insight they need for selection, breeding and marketing decisions. They can quickly visualize and easily manage the information to cut costs and increase profit potential,” he said. “Producers also can enter and track herd data on health inputs, weights and gain, and other key factors affecting the value and productivity of their calves. It’s all there for them in the cloud, so that they can access it from anywhere.”

By using the AgBoost® interface with genomic data, producers can:

• Choose high-potential replacement heifers that will pass on desired maternal, production and carcass traits to their offspring.
• Market lower-genetic potential heifers as feeder-cattle, saving the expense of developing them as replacements and boosting revenue.
• Combine preconditioning health records and genomics for improved marketability.
• Use DNA test results to easily identify traits needed from new bulls or other genetics.
• Speed herd improvement by reducing the generational interval.
• Integrate animal health, DNA data and breeding information.

Data on AgBoost® can be accessed in real time from any computing device, anywhere in the world. The platform can be used as a traceability tool for industry. Sign up for free access to AgBoost® at

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