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Oregon wildlife managers consider more cougar control
Some speakers at an ODFW Commission meeting said killing cougars in four geographic target areas is...
Inslee’s chemical hunt won’t target ag, officials say
Washington Supreme Court: Ecology wrong on water right
Satterlee takes over as Idaho Grain Producers Association director


Hmong farmers work to get produce in stores, schools
The institutional customers come through the Hmong American Farmers Association, a 4-year-old...
Ag groups cheer as appeals court puts hold on WOTUS regs
Connecticut poultry owners asked to register flock sites
Commodity groups urge extension of looming rail safety deadline

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Minnesota farmer feeds demand for grass-fed dairy cattle
To meet the organic standards, the farmer grazes his cattle by daily transferring them to different...
Chances growing for wet winter in Northern California
Groups signal plan to sue feds over effort to save bull trout
ZomBee Watch helps scientists track honeybee killer


‘Wolf-friendly beef’ idea patronizing to ranchers
A "wolf friendly" beef marketing label is not a substitute for a viable wolf management plan that...
Impending deadline could stop rail shipments in their tracks
Teenagers harvest an important lesson
Pick for ag board out of step with Oregon agriculture

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Vineyards need to be ‘tucked in’ for winter
The soil is monitored annually and a nutrient balance is achieved by adding recommended amounts of...
Timing important when purchasing equipment
Know your business, have a plan
Fall is best time to get irrigation gear ready for spring