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H-2A visa processing halted for pickers
The U.S. State Department has quit producing visas for pickers to come to Washington state from...
Simplot feedlot fined $24,000 for alleged pollution violation
DOL’s ‘hot goods’ tactics leave reps cold
Grant will fund onion promotion in Mexico, Latin America


House passes Endangered Species Act reform
The House passed a bill that would require the Secretary of the Interior or Secretary of Commerce...
Daily California egg report
Portland Daily Grain report
Family carves out niche for squash seed

Ag Sectors

New California fines for wasting water take effect
The stronger enforcement was triggered in part by a state report that found water consumption has...
Appeals court upholds labels on meat packages
California growers converting rice straw to cattle feed
Class I milk price $4.99 above 2013


Drought fallows cropland, but the lawns are still green
As California farmers face water curtailments and are forced to leave acres fallow, urban residents...
Farmers to feds: ‘Trust, but verify’
Here’s the real reason for high meat prices
Citizens can’t win against federal government