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Looming trade issue opens doors for Oregon hazelnuts
Report leads Chinese consul general to invite Oregon hazelnut representatives for meeting.
Snowmelt floods roads, fields in much of northern Montana
High court grills Washington lawyers on tribal treaty rights
Oregon regulators challenge county’s rural housing zone


House panel moves to curb food stamps, renew farm subsidies
In addition to food stamps, the measure would renew farm safety-net programs such as subsidies for...
US sorghum growers fear China tariffs could cost them dearly
Trump tweet appears to back away from rejoining TPP
Deal approves $216 million for Idaho utility’s expenses

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Invasion of the power snatchers
Public utility districts that own five major hydroelectric dams in Washington’s Mid-Columbia...
Snohomish Conservation District honors farmers
OSU names new extension cereals scientist
ODFW shoots two more Pine Creek wolves


Editorial: Trump’s trade tactics a mystery
Trump has long touted his ability to negotiate great deals. We suspect he’s finding...
Editorial: State creates its own elk problem
Letter: Climate assertions questioned
Letter: Master hunters ready to help with elk

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Industry leader sees bright future for hazelnuts
Lance Kirk is a third-generation Oregon hazelnut grower who is seeing the industry blossom.
Vineyards track weather, soil differences
Large Oregon hop grower adds on-farm brewery
Willamette Valley farmers make switch to hazelnuts