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Forecasters now predict wet winter in California
The federal Climate Prediction Center now foresees a wet winter throughout California, particularly...
Lentil industry honors longtime processor
Avian flu found in Southern Oregon
Inslee puts tax breaks for food processors in budget


Pasta organization battles anti-wheat messages
An international pasta organization is combatting anti-wheat messages across the globe, but...
Wheat, other commodities see promise in Cuban trade
Animal rights activists take California rodeo to court
Hawaii County Council decides to appeal GMO ruling

Ag Sectors

Cuba is potential market for PNW fruit
Cuba's economy and middle class need to grow for it to buy Pacific Northest tree fruit, industry...
Group challenges timber producer’s ‘green’ label
United Dairymen of Idaho hires new business development director
Analysis questions organic-conventional yield gap


Christmas tree checkoff saga continues
The Christmas tree checkoff continues to be delayed.
Battle over labeling moves to Washington, D.C.
Rural residents benefit from Affordable Care Act
Farm Bureau needs to unite farmers

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Farmers should insure their income, health
Health and disability insurance can help farmers and ranchers protect their income.
Interest rates likely to stay where they are, experts say
Good financial plans put your money to work
Crop insurance is one tool most farmers should have