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Group accuses water allocators of depriving farm-dependent species
The Pacific Legal Foundation says federal water allocators deprive nearly a dozen mperiled species...
Biggest fertilizer distribution plant opening planned
Olmstead named Idaho ag college assistant dean
New 4-H educator seeks to build up Bannock County program


Selected Western hay price reports
Trade slow with light to moderate demand in the Columbia Basin.
Western grain market report
California shell egg price report
Western fluid milk and cream review

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Members of Congress push for more hops research
Resources should be reallocated so that hop research can be expanded into two, full-time USDA-ARS...
Rancher embraces buffaloes’ beauty, but not horns
Battle lines drawn in Washington over new wells
Industry seeks better malting barley varieties


Stand by for What’s Upstream 2.0
Organizers of the suspended What's Upstream campaign say it could be brought back to life.
Our dams support us; it’s time to support them
GMO election fines out of line
Snake River dams remain vital

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Horses mow and bale their own hay
The farm has 25 acres in hay — enough hay to feed the horses and sell a little.
Test your horse IQ with this equine quiz
Cattleman looks for answers to problems
Brothers raise cattle for high desert