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Featured Stories


Ag Fest this weekend at state fairgrounds
The annual Oregon Ag Fest happens this weekend at the state farigrounds in Salem.
Blueberry growers go extra mile for South Korea customers
Calif. strawberry production stays brisk despite drought
Ag economist helps farmers find their niche


Ag leaders wary of Clean Water Act ‘power grab’
Agricultural leaders are concerned about proposed rules addressing the federal Clean Water Act.
Court sorts out juice labeling laws
Family farm seeking public investors
Little Goose navigation lock reopens ahead of schedule

Ag Sectors

Immigration reform faces difficulty in House
Internal debate in the House has made it difficult to get immigration reform to the floor. A new...
Dairyman at odds with fellow raw milk backers
IDWR to buy trout farm from Parks Dept.
Tillamook taps into market for lactose, whey protein


Changing water laws for people a matter of will
Bruce Colbert writes on California's drought, and why it is occurring.
FAA prevents ag drones from taking off
Why cheese is essential to ag trade growth
Questions remain about GMO science

Special Sections

Couple grows chestnut orchard in retirement years
Chestnuts make a good niche crop for retirees.
Apple chips add to orchard’s offerings
Orchard diversifies into a winery
Orchard thrives for 132 years