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DOL says it can’t return all the ‘hot goods’ money
The U.S. Department of Labor claims it can't come up with the cash to fully reimburse Oregon...
Researchers find Septoria resistance to some fungicides
Russian cattle producers tour Idaho
Mill worker killed when wood press activates


Intermountain grain & livestock report
Idaho Farm Bureau Intermountain Grain and Livestock Report for Thursday, Sept. 18.
Jury won’t consider deaths in salmonella trial
U.S. to train veterans to install solar panels
Native Americans getting final settlement payments

Ag Sectors

Steam being used to kill deadly citrus bacteria
The steam heat kills the bacteria, and while it doesn’t cure the tree entirely of the...
Ag-based economies help small Oregon counties thrive
Water will flow until October in Treasure Valley
GMOs face the test in Hawaii


Farmers follow their instincts
Innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit serve farmers well as they look for new markets and...
Optics of an ‘ag gag’ prosecution should give industry pause
Beware of Trojan Horse labeled ‘COOL reform’
Questions we have about wolves

Special Sections

Firesteed Winery fills marketing niche
Firesteed was started in 1993 when Howard Rossbach, a wine distributor at the time, noticed a...
Partners plan several wine-related businesses in downtown Roseburg
Winery owner takes road less traveled
Carmela Vineyards owners keep it in the family