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Washington Legislature passes Hirst bill
Senate and House then pass 'very fragile' Hirst bill
Washington H-2A guestworker use keeps growing
Verne Gingerich wins Nut Grower of the Year
New business lines needed to subsidize Portland container shipping


National wool and sheep review
Slaughter ewes steady to 10.00 higher.
West Coast grain price report
California shell egg price report
Fluid milk and cream review — West

Ag Sectors

National feeder and stocker cattle report
Anecdotes of North Plains feedyards shipping cattle to the South Plains to complete kills for this...
Western hay price report
EPA official: government must plan for climate change
US government proposes new rules for hog slaughter


Letter: And along came the sparred owl
The Barred Owl and the Spotted Owl do breed and they do produce viable offspring called Sparred...
Letter: Regulate climate change hot air
Editorial: Trade a make-or-break issue for Trump
Editorial: A split decision for Idaho’s ‘ag gag’ law